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==General Specifications==
==General Specifications==
* [[Rebanding]] supported? <font color=green> YES </font>
* [[Rebanding]] supported? <font color=green> YES </font>
* Frequency Coverage  
* Frequency Coverage  

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BearTracker Warning System with 800 MHz TrunkTracker III

General Specifications


  • Rebanding supported? YES
  • Frequency Coverage
    • 25-54
    • 108-174
    • 400-512
    • 806-956 (excluding cellular)
  • TrunkTracker III with Control-Channel Only scanning
  • 250 User Programmable Memories in 5 banks of 50 each
  • 100 ch/sec Scan Speed (max)
  • BearTracker Warning System - Alerts you to activity on Highway Patrol link frequencies to let you know if there is activity within about 3 miles of your location.
  • Preprogrammed Highway Patrol Frequencies by State - Helps you to quickly find frequencies likely to be active where you are.
  • 5 scanlist of 10 ID's each per bank
  • 5 Priority channels with Priority Scan
  • Priority IDs
  • Motorola Control Channel only trunking
  • Motorola Status Bits
  • 9 Preprogrammed Service Searchs - Makes finding interesting active frequencies even easier.
  • 13 Search bands
  • Search Lockouts - Lets you lock out frequencies that have continuous or uninteresting communications so that searching is faster.
  • Backlit Display - At the push of a button, our unique luminescent LCD screen is backlit so messages are easily read in low-light situations
  • Data skip
  • PC interface/cloning

RR System Compatibility

This scanner is compatible with the following Trunking System Types and System Voices used in the RadioReference Database, of course you must verify that the scanner will cover the appropriate frequency range:

  • System Types:
    • Motorola Type I
    • Motorola Type II
    • Motorola Type IIi Hybrid
    • Motorola Type II Smartnet
    • Motorola Type II Smartzone
    • Motorola Type II Smartzone Omnilink
    • Motorola Type II VOC
    • EDACS Standard (Wide)
    • EDACS Standard Networked
    • EDACS Narrowband (Narrow)
    • EDACS Narrowband Networked
    • LTR Standard
  • System Voices:
    • Analog

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