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Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Enforcement Radio ID's

Unit ID User
6100 Dispatch
6101 Sheriff
610x Deputy
611x Deputy
612x Deputy
6123 Deputy Civil/Transport
6230 Detroit Lakes Police Base
6231 Detroit Lakes Police Chief
6232 - 6245 Detroit Lakes Police
6238 Detroit Lakes Police Schools
6301 Frazee Police Chief
630x Frazee Police
6501 Lake Park Police Chief

Fire Departments


Fire Radio ID's

Unit ID User
6250 Detroit Lakes Fire Base
6252 Detroit Lakes Fire
6375 Frazee Fire Base
6376 Frazee Rescue

Emergency Medical Services


EMS Radio ID's

Unit ID User
6290 St. Marys Hospital
6291 St. Marys Ambulance

ARMER Migration


  • Status - Limited Participation. Will go to P25 VHF.
  • Sites and Status:
Site ID Site Name Status Lat. Long.
6-025 Cormorant ARMERCO.jpg 46.43573N 96.01142W
6-065 Becker Forestry ARMERP.jpg 46.54250N 95.47235W
6-066 Detroit Lakes ARMEROA.jpg 46.49217N 955139.0W
6-067 White Earth ARMERIER.jpg 47.05017N 95.49550W
6-068 Wolf Lake ARMEROA.jpg 46.51248N 95.21291W
6-072 Juggler Lake ARMEROA.jpg 47.08410N 95.27100W