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Welcome to the CIS Modes article. This table will list the various digital modes used by the Russians (a.k.a Commonwealth of Independent States) and their member states. While software like Rivet and Sorcerer will decode some of these modes, the traffic is usually heavily encrypted. Deciphering the meaning of this traffic and stations is very much an ongoing process.

This list is very far from complete - Antonio I5-56578's blog and Priyom are two sites that you should visit if you're interested in this phase of DXing. Both of these sites, along with the links for Rivet and Sorcerer, can be found in our HF Appendix

The CIS Mode Waterfalls page has all of these waterfalls (in thumbnail form) for easy reference

Active CIS modes

Mode Name Synonym Notes Waterfall
CIS-12 AT3004D AT3004D Waterfall
Russian 12 Tone Modem
MFSK (various) includes 4,6,8 tone, 40,60, 16X5 and 200-various 2022
OFDM (various) last seen Apr 2022
Perelivt Reported Apr 2022
Rus-Belarus 1200 baud Datalink See Antonio's Blog
Russian 50bd/500 FSK RusIntel 50Baud Waterfall
FSK200 AQUARIUS Hoka's name for 200/1000 ACF 288 FSK200 Waterfalls
T600 BEE BEE Waterfall
CIS 36-50
Russian 50bd Secure
Serdolik CROWD-36 last seen Apr 2022 Serdolik Waterfall
XPA CIS MFSK20 XPA Waterfall
XPA2 NUM13 XPA2 Waterfall

Sporadic CIS modes

Who knows if these will ever return? Included in this list are ones that were rarely noted active, or have since vanished. Possibly this is due to testing a modem or a new path between stations - we may never know. 'Last seen' refers to the last time this mode appeared in the UDXF logs.

Mode Name Synonym Notes Waterfall
CIS-11 TORG 11 last seen Feb 2019 CIS11 Waterfall
CIS-14 AMOR last seen Oct 2020 CIS14 Waterfall
CIS-45 via Antonio I5-56578 Digital Blog-last seen Mar 2019
CIS-60 Seen in Dec 2021
CIS-75 Seen in June 2020
CIS 100 last seen Feb 2019
CIS-112 via Antonio I5-56578 Digital Blog-last seen Feb 2019
CIS-500 1 log in UDXF Mar 2019
CIS-3000 Selcall for MFSK-68/OFDM last seen Dec 2019 CIS3000 Waterfall
CIS-FSK-1000 last seen Mar 2019
FSK 40, 40.5 noted Feb 2021
Mazielka (X06) one log Oct/Nov 2020 Mazielka Waterfalls
Moroz Seen in Apr 2021
RUS-ARQ via Antonio I5-56578 Digital Blog-last seen Feb 2019