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==Callaway County==
==Callaway County==
'''Callaway County Emergency Operations Center'''
'''Callaway County Emergency Operations Center'''

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Callaway County

Callaway County Emergency Operations Center

  • Website
  • Heard on 155.775: "Calaway" Mokane, Trenton, 420, to State Car "Trenton? 5 to County - running 10-28s" (Trenton is obviously located counties away in Grundy so not sure what I'm hearing - band open on 7/24/05)
  • 10/10* KAH316 modified to change 155.565 BM to a Repeater (unknown input)
  • 7/11 STA WQOA862 for expired KAH316 Sheriff/911
  • 4/12 FCC Application 0005154796 for 155.565 Repeater with mobiles (input) of 156.15, 154.65 (911/Law at Fulton)
  • WQOW831 - STA for 155.565 Base/mobile; 155.565 Repeater with 156.15/154.65 input (11K)

Callaway County (MO) Sheriff Dept.

Callaway County Sheriff Dept. has been heard on MOSWIN talkgroups 25103 which is listed under MOSWIN as Callaway County Sheriff: Dispatch.

Other MOSWIN Talkgroups for Callaway County

Talkgroup 25101 Callaway County: All Talkgroup 25102 Callaway County: Travel

Callaway County Health Department (Fulton)

  • WQNE986 - 155.4975 Base/Mobile - Operations (11K)

Callaway County Public Water District

  • KNBB977 Modifiy 451.075 Repeater from 20K to 6K00F2D only, 456.075 stays 20K


  • WQOK896 Police Mobile Extenders on 155.4375 (11K)

Callaway County Ambulance District

Central Callaway Fire Protection District

  • 153.77 Fire Repeaters to be located at WNPO628 - Fulton, Auxvasse, Millersburg; WQMJ815 - Holts Summit, Portland, Bonnots Mill-OSAGE
  • 3/12 - FCC Modification to WQJR880, adding 151.235 Base/mobile to 155.64 Mobile Extenders (11K)


Holts Summit

Holts Summit Fire Protection District

New Bloomfield

New Bloomfield Fire Protection District

North Callaway Fire Protection District

South Callaway Fire Protection District

Missouri Highway Patrol Substations Located in County

The Missouri Highway Patrol has a substation right off the side of 70 @ the Missouri Fire Fighters Monumental Building in Kingdom City, MO.


Callaway County 911		1036401

Schools and Colleges

Fulton Public Schools

New Bloomfield R3 School District

South Callaway R2 School District

William Woods University (Fulton)


Jefferson City Memorial Airport

Jefferson City Flying Service



  • WQNW308 Brian Shramek Farms 152.975 Base/Mobile (Williamsburg/11K)
  • KJE436 Kingdom Telephone Company 451.4 Repeater (Auxusasse-Callaway; Americus-Montgomery) 7/11K

MCC Missouri LLC (Cable System)

  • KNJF795 462.375 Repeater, 464.0 Repeater
  • KRU593 462.45 Rpeater, 463.9 Repeater

Callaway Raceway


Barrington JC Licensee

  • KSJ704 - 461.575 Base / 466.575 mobiles NFM at New Bloomfield - TV Ops

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