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==Proposed Categories-Tree Structure Changes==
==Proposed Categories-Tree Structure Changes==
*[[Collaboration Categories]]
*Aviation (new super category to include the following)
**Aircraft Monitoring
**Air National Guard
**Air Shows
**Air Show Frequencies
**Air Traffic Cntrol
**Air Traffic Control Frequencies
**Milcom Frequencies
===Amateur Radio Frequencies===
*Amateur Radio Frequencies
**Amateur Radio Repeaters
**Business Frequencies
**CSX Transportion
**Fast Food Frequencies
**Motor Freight
**Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies
**Air National Guard Frequencies
**Air Shows (Air Show Frequencies?)
**Air Traffic Control Frequencies
**Aircraft Monitoring
**Army National Guard Frequencies
**Milcom Frequencies
**US Civil Air Patrol Frequencies
**US Defense
**United States Air Force Frequencies
**United States Army Frequencies
**United States Coast Guard Frequencies
**United States Navy Frequencies
===Miscellaneous Categories===
* Miscellaneous (dummy tag only)
**Business Frequencies
**Fast Food Frequencies
**Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies
===Scanner Information===
* Scanner Data (dummy tag)
**Regional Programming
**RID/UID Lists
**Statewide Public Safety Systems
**Travel Scanning
**Trunked Radio Systems
**Trunking Information
===Special Events===
* Special Events
**Air Shows (Air Show Frequencies)
**Major Events and Disasters
**Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies
* Transportation
**Business Frequencies
**CSX Transportation
**Motor Freight
**Travel Scanning
===US Federal Government===
*US Federal Government
**US and Canadian Common Frequencies
**US Federal Government Frequencies
**US Federal Prisons Frequencies
**US Fish and Wildlife
**US Forest Service Frequencies
**US Indian Affairs
**US Land Management
**US National Parks Frequencies
**US Reclamation (rename to US Bureau of Reclamation for clarity)
===US Regions===
*US Regions (dummy)
**Great Plains
**Mid Atlantic
**New England

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Existing Categories

Sorted Alphabetically

(Later, this list might be placed into a "sortable" table.)

Existing Tree Structure

Orphaned (Uncategorized) Categories

Top Node: Collaboration

Second Node: Aircraft Monitoring
Second Node: Businesses
Second Node: Education
Second Node: Medical
Second Node: Milcom
Second Node: Motor Freight
Second Node: Railroads
Second Node: Satellites
Second Node: Special Events
Second Node: Sports Events and Organizations
Second Node: Transportation
Second Node: Travel Scanning
Second Node: US Federal Government
Second Node: Utilities

Top Node: Wiki Frequencies

Proposed Categories-Tree Structure Changes