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Private Trunked Radio System

NameClear Talk -- Illinois Cooperative Association
OwnersIllinois Cooperative Association, Inc. dba Clear Talk, Illinois State, Enerstar Power Company, LaSalle County
Owner TypeOwned Privately, Used Publicly
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeMotorola Type II SmartZone OmniLink
Connect Tone128.57
P25 NACn/a

FCC Callsign(s)
WNMK474, WNMO293, WNNG682, WNQL471, WNRQ863, WNWB448, WPBZ996, WPEN242, WPER444, WPHA781, WPHA785, WPHA805, WPHA808, WPHN431, WPII376, WPJI402, WPJI404, WPJK853, WPLY569, WPLY585, WPLY587, WPLY590, WPLY617, WPMD703, WPMD731, WPMD732, WPMF885, WPMV426, WPPE955, WPPF259, WPRG708, WPRG709, WPRH230, WPRH231, WPRM207, WPRW835, WPSM625, WPSM629, WPSM641, WPSR499, WPST700, WPSU481, WPTA328, WPTB208, WPTF927, WPUI397, WPUK993, WQCT757

Expired/Canceled Callsigns
WNKE945, WNPP523, WNQQ259, WPEN557, WPRY736, WPRY850, WPSW310

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  • The InfoBox previously listed NAC=1C6

ClearTalk is a company formed by 4 Rural Power Cooperatives in central Illinois: Enerstar Power Corp. (AKA Edgar Electric Cooperative), Corn Belt Energy Corp., Shelby Electric Cooperative, Illinois Valley Electric Cooperative

Collectively these Coops are known as the Illinois Cooperative Association (IL CoOp). This association of energy cooperatives have formed a communications service known as ClearTalk. ClearTalk provides SMR style communications services to it's member companies and other customers. ClearTalk has built an extensive Motorola SmartZone system stretching from near the St. Louis area to the fringes of the Chicago area.

ClearTalk is a not-for-profit enterprise and radio equipment and services are sold to it?s members at cost. Users may have mobile or portable radios and group and private call operations are used.

Coles-Moultrie Electric Cooperative (CMEC) has more than 9,500 members and an electrical distribution system stretching more than 1,900 miles, with a net utility plant value of more than $25, 000,000. Members are served in Clark, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Piatt and Shelby Counties in addition to the two original Counties of Moultrie and Coles. We provide electrical service to more than 8,000 residential members, 850 small commercial members, and large commercial members such as Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center, manufacturing facilities such as Mattoon Precision, Inc. and Mid-State Tank Company, plus educational facilities such as Lake Land College and the Arland D. Williams, Jr. School in Mattoon

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