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Customs and Border Protection is part of the Department of Homeland Security. Its primary law enforcement role focuses on ports of entry and border protection. CBP includes the former U.S. Border Patrol, much of the former U.S. Customs Service, the former Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (U.S. Department of Agriculture), and the some of the former U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service ("INS"). Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) took the investigative roles of the former U.S. Customs Service and INS.

Customs Border Protection Sector Map

  • The COTHEN Network - This page lists each of the frequencies in use for the HF CBP Over-the-Horizon Enforcement Network. Also listed here are additional resources and information regarding the COTHEN Network.
  • It has been found that CBP (CBP / BP / ICE) use many NAC's - Most Common are 001, 301 and 325, others can be found at Federal NAC Codes

CBP Nets

The Link above CBP Nets is a work in progress, for confirmed information relative to CBP Nets across the Country.
Please submit your confirmed regional information TO THE ABOVE LINK

"Air" Channels

168.8375  293 NAC  Air 1
168.9625  293 NAC  Air 2 
169.2625  293 NAC  Air 3 
169.1625  293 NAC  Air 4
169.3875  293 NAC  Air 5
163.4500  293 NAC  Air 6
166.8875  293 NAC  Air 7
166.7875  293 NAC  Air 8
163.4750  293 NAC  Air 9

CBP Office of Air and Marine

Identifier Codes

Alpha Investigations (ICE)
Bravo Border Patrol
Charlie Communications Division
Charlie-100 NLECC Orlando, FL (nationwide communications center)
Charlie Golf US Coast Guard
Charlie Golf Alpha ? (running a license plate with Charlie-100 on Net-1 in Houston)
Charlie X-Ray NOAA NMF
Delta Port Headquarters
Delta Oscar Lima Department of Labor Office of Inspector General?
Foxtrot Papa Sierra Federal Protective Service
Golf ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO)
India CBP Field Operations
Kilo K-9 Enforcement
Liberty National Guard helicopters in Texas
Lima Aviation Personnel
Mike Marine Operations
November Golf National Guard helicopters in Texas
Omaha Aircraft (Retired 2021)
Papa IRS CID (self-identified on Net-1 in Houston)
Quebec ?
Romeo CBP Field Offices
Romeo Romeo Bravo Railroad Retirement Board Office of Inspector General? (heard on CBP Nets in Houston)
Sierra Internal Affairs
Tango ICE Task Force
Troy Aircraft (Began 2021)
Whiskey Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives?
X-Ray Air Support
Zulu Special assignments

Border Patrol Unit IDs

Romeo Rapid Response Team (in use Rio Grande City)
Whiskey Hotel Wackenhut Contract Guards (in use near El Paso)
X-Ray Border Patrol Agents (in use in San Antonio)
Zulu BORTAC units

Vehicle Identifier Codes

Charlie Ford Freestyle
Echo Dodge Charger, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
Foxtrot Dodge Magnum
Hotel Armored GMC Yukon, Armored Ford Bronco, Jeep Rubicon
Kilo Chevy 2500 Truck (Railroad truck), Chevy 1500, Ford F250
Mike Chevy Tahoe, Hummer H1 & H2, Ford Excursion, Jeep Rubicon
Papa Ford Minivan, Chevy 2500 Van, Dodge 3500 Van
Uniform 15 Passenger Van
Victor ATV
Zulu Dune Buggy
Mike-Romeo Mobile Radio Portable Unit (X-Ray Vehicles)

Sector IDs?

1st digit = Sector [Users are now using the STATE Name vs the Sector #, however you will still find some ole' timers]
1 Boston			
2 NYC				
3 Baltimore 			
4 Miami 			
5 New Orleans 			
6 Houston			
7 Los Angeles 			
8 Chicago			
M Boat
N Aircraft
R Special Enforcement
S Internal Affairs
T Tactical Enforcement
X Joint Task Force

State Data

New York

Buffalo base = "680"  KAD680
Buffalo cars = 418,419,421

Thanks to for the NY data and sector codes

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