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CBP Office of Air and Marine

The CBP Office of Air and Marine (OAM) operates aircraft used for both CBP (including Border Patrol) and ICE operations. CBP aircraft typically identify themselves on both CBP/BP/ICE radios and aviation radios as "Omaha" followed by the last 2-3 characters of their N Number.


Air Branches

  • Alpine, Texas
  • Bellingham, Washington
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Caribbean (Puerto Rico)
  • Cocoa Beach, Florida
    • Unmanned aircraft base
  • Corpus Christi, Texas
    • Unmanned aircraft base
    • Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
  • Del Rio, Texas
  • El Centro, California
  • El Paso, Texas
  • Grand Forks, North Dakota
    • Unmanned aircraft base
  • Great Falls, Montana
  • Great Lakes (Harrison Township, Michigan)
    • Selfridge Air National Guard Base
  • Houlton, Maine
  • Houston, Texas
    • Lone Star Executive Airport (Conroe)
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Marfa, Texas
  • McAllen, Texas
  • Miami, Florida
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • New York, New York
    • MacArthur AP/Ronkonkoma/NY (NY Air Unit)
  • Plattsburgh, New York
  • San Angelo, Texas
  • Sierra Vista, Arizona
    • Unmanned aircraft base
  • Spokane, Washington
  • San Diego, California
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Yuma, Arizona

Identified CBP Aircraft

Military Serial Numbers

Serial Number Type Year Last Heard
21769Bell Huey? helicopter?2012.05.19 on display at the Andrews AFB open house
23010Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk?2017.01 Houston area for Super Bowl
23297Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk?2015.02 seen over Univ of Phoenix Stadium for Super Bowl
23299Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk?2012.08 seen during Borders Wars episode "Hidden Tunnel" operating in Arizona "Omaha 299", seen during Border Wars episode "Teenage Drug Mules"
23320Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk 2018.11 Texas Border Ops
23321Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk?2014.01 seen over MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl, 2017.01 Houston area for Super Bowl
23350Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk?2017.05 photographed in Corona, California on joint training exercise with local police
23423Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk?2017.01 Houston area for Super Bowl, 2018.02 Seen on TV for Super Bowl in Minneapolis
23465Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk?2014.01 seen over MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl
24558Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk?2011.02 seen over Cowboys Stadium for Super Bowl, 2014.02 seen over Univ of Pheonix Stadium for Super Bowl
27171Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk?2017.08 photo posted on CBP Twitter account

N Numbers

N Number Type Year Last Heard
35442Cessna T206H?2011.12.01 Northern New England
Omaha 442
37201Cessna 5501991
37929Hughes OH-6
51216Cessna T206H
51824Cessna T206H20032012.10.19 hitting Net-1 Houston advising en route KJAN to San Antonio
51843Hughes OH-6a 2011.07 Long Island
Omaha 43
51844Hughes OH-6
60838Cessna TU206F1973
65085Cessna U206C19772014.08.01 Houston, TX area
65093Cessna T210M1977
67153Cessna 337
72469Bell UH-1H
72470Beech A200
72472Beech A200 2012.06.15 en route from Houston to RTB San Angelo
72476Beech A200
72760?2017.10 PR/VI - Hurricane Assistance
2019.01.30 Atlanta Super Bowl NSSE
72761Sikorsky UH-602017.10 PRVI - Hurricane Assistance, 2014.12.17 Alabama - Omaha 61
72763?2019.01.30 Atlanta Super Bowl NSSE
72764?2019.01.30 Atlanta Super Bowl NSSE
91244Lockheed P3B1982
91620MD Helicopter 369E19962011.12.03 Southern California
93285Cessna T210L1974
94590Cessna 182Q1978
96474Cessna 182Q1978
100PWBell UH-1H1968
1200NCessna 5501992
1254XCessna 55019842015.03.31 on 136.375 in Houston area
1255KCessna 550 2013.03.04 on 350.025 near Houston
1257BCessna 55019842013.08.01 in Houston area
1260MCessna 182P1975
142CSLockheed P3B
143CSLockheed P3B
144CSLockheed P3B
145CSLockheed P3B19692014.07.31 in Houston area
2014.11 Central FL - Omaha 45CS
2017.08 Hurricane Harvey - Omaha 45
146CBEurocopter EC120B2005
146CSLockheed P3B19682017.10 South Florida
2012.08.06 on Net-3 input in southeast Texas
147CSLockheed P3B 2012.05.19 on display at the Andrews AFB open house
148CSLockheed P3B
149CSLockheed P3B
1650XCessna T210L1975
172AEEurocopter AS 350 B32004
178CBEurocopter EC120B20052014.04.17 Laredo, TX
179CBEurocopter EC120B
192AEurocopter AS 350 B220112013.11.08 Houston, TX
17WW Hughes OH-6A
183AEEurocopter AS 350 B3
183CBEurocopter EC120B2006
186AEEurocopter AS 350 B320042012.07 Southern New England and New York
Omaha 6
187AEEurocopter AS 350 B320042014.05 Northern New England
Omaha 7AE
192BPBell UH-1H
192CBEurocopter EC120B2006
194BPBell UH-1H
194CBEurocopter EC120B
197CBEurocopter EC120B20062012.03.24 Laredo, TX
201TUEurocopter AS 350 B32007
202TUEurocopter AS 350 B32007
203BSBeech 200 2013.08.01 in Houston area, Lima 3BS heard in southeast/northeast Texas 6/15/2011
203TUEurocopter AS 350 B320072011.08.04 Houston, TX
204TUEurocopter AS 350 B32008
205TUEurocopter AS 350 B32008
218QBeech B300C20152019 Great Lakes
2265SCessna T210L1976
2306DCessna T210N1979
230CBEurocopter EC120B2006
2320PLockheed P3B1980
241CBEurocopter EC120B
2423SCessna T210L1976
2431KCessna T210M1977
243DRCessna TU206G1978
2531KCessna 5501989
265CBEurocopter EC120B2006
2663YCessna 5501989
26JKHughes OH-6A1967
269FLSIKORSKY S-76B19872017 Inuagural
2734KCessna 55019892011.05.18 Houston/Galveston, TX
2946FBell 204
311MPBeech A200
3126UBell UH-1M
3262MCessna 55019912017.01 Houston, TX Super Bowl
3538RCessna T206H2001
3543BCessna T206H2001
371HSEurocopter EC120B2007
372HSEurocopter EC120B2007
373HSEurocopter EC120B2007
374HSEurocopter EC120B2007
375HSEurocopter EC120B2007
376HSEurocopter EC120B2008
377HSEurocopter EC120B2008
378HSEurocopter France EC120B2009
3925AEurocopter EC120B20092011.10.04 Crashed in Alamo Texas
3926AEurocopter EC120B2009
3930AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32009
3931AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B320092013.08.14 Houston, Texas area
3933AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32009
3934AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B3 2015.05 FL/GA
3935AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B3 2013.03 seen in Under Siege: America's Northern Border on Discovery Channel operating out of Selfridge Air National Guard Base
3937AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32009
3938AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B3 2014.11 Florida
Omaha 38a
2019.01.30 Atlanta Super Bowl NSSE
3939AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32009
3940AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32009
3944AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B320092013.02 seen in CBS news coverage of Super Bowl security flying over Super Dome in New Orleans
2017.01 Houston for Super Bowl
2019.01.30 Atlanta Super Bowl NSSE
3946AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32009
3947AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32010
3948AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B320102011.12 New England
Omaha 48
3949AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32010
3951AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32010
3953AAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32010
3972AEurocopter AS 350 B320102012.08.28 heard in Houston on 136.375 visiting Houston air branch
403SKLockheed P3B?2017.08 Hurricane Harvey - Omaha 03
4035WEurocopter AS 350 B219962012.07.19 Houston, TX
4043LEurocopter AS 350 B21997
4048LEurocopter AS 350 B21997
4055LEurocopter AS 350 B21996
4059WEurocopter AS 350 B21996
4068WEurocopter AS 350 B21996
423SKLockheed P3B 2012.03 southeast Texas
431SKLockheed P3B
43SA Cessna 5501979
448AEEurocopter AS 350 B21999
4604UCessna TU206G1979
4614NCessna 55019912015.02 working Super Bowl in Phoenix; 2017.01 Houston Super Bowl
4812ECessna 182R1982
4869NCessna 182Q1979
4885NCessna 182Q1979
497PCPilatus20032013 Los Angeles, CA
Omaha 7PC
5185NHughes OH-6
5187YHughes OH-6
5202YEurocopter AS 350 B21998
5204GEurocopter AS 350 B219982012.06.12 Houston, TX
5204JEurocopter AS 350 B21998
5204PEurocopter AS 350 B21998
5204XEurocopter AS 350 B21998
5204YEurocopter AS 350 B21998
5205FEurocopter AS 350 B21998
5219ECessna T206H2003
5247SMD Helicopter 369E
5314JCessna 55019912015.10 SW CT
2011.06 UpState NY/VT
Omaha One Four Juliet
5315XCessna TU206G1980
5408GCessna 5501991
5416UCessna T210N1984
541PBPilatus PC-12/4520042013.04.11 East Coast/Northern FLA
2011.06 UpState NY/VT
Omaha One Papa Bravo
5424XCessna TU206G19782012.03 operating in south Texas
5475AHughes OH-6A
5515YCessna T210N19812017.02.08 heard on 136.375 near Houston
578AEEurocopter AS 350 B32003
593PCPilatus PC-12/452004
6001LCessna 55019802012.09.12 Galveston, TX Net-3
602BPMD Helicopter 600N1998
602MBCessna TU206G1977
603BPMD Helicopter 600N
604BPMD Helicopter 600N1998
605BPMD Helicopter 600N1998
606BPMD Helicopter 600N1998
607BPMD Helicopter 600N1998
6084WEurocopter AS 350 B2 ECUREUIL1992
6087CEurocopter AS 350 B2 ECUREUIL1992
6088BEurocopter AS 350 B2 ECUREUIL1993
608BPMD Helicopter 600N1998
6093KEurocopter AS 350 B2 ECUREUIL1993
6095UEurocopter AS 350 B2 ECUREUIL1993
6098UEurocopter AS 350 B2 ECUREUIL1993
6103XEurocopter AS 350 B2 ECUREUIL
611BPMD Helicopter 600N1998
613BPMD Helicopter 600N1998
613TCEurocopter AS 350B320122017 Inaugural, 2017 Presidential Speech to Joint Session of Congress
614TCEurocopter AS 350B320122016.07 New England, 2017.08 Southern New England, 2018.08 Maine
6188CHughes OH-6A
6188DHughes OH-6A
6188HHughes OH-6A
6229FCessna 182P1975
6241L??2013.06 West Coast
Omaha 41 / Omaha 41L
6265BCessna U206C19782013.11.08 Houston, TX
6298ECessna 182R1983
6506RCessna U206C 2012.03.25 operating off-shore in the vicinity of Port Mansfield, Texas
6506VCessna T210M1976
6507BBeech 2001978
6508UHughes Helicopters 369E1984
6509FBeech 200 2012.12.11 hitting Houston, TX Net-1 repeater advising RTB to X-ray 8300
6621ACessna T210N1979
6637GCessna 5501991
6637NHughes OH-6A
6639WHughes OH-6A
6640KHughes OH-6A
674TCCessna T206H2003
6763LCessna 5501991
6775CCessna 55019912014.01 staged at the New York National Guard Hanger on Long Island, NY for Super Bowl
2015.02 working Super Bowl in Phoenix
6776TCessna 5501992
6971AEurocopter AS 35020122015.07
6974AEurocopter AS 350B320122017 Inaugural, 2017 Presidential Speech to Joint Session of Congress
6977AEurocopter AS 350B320122017 Inaugural, 2017 Presidential Speech to Joint Session of Congress
6981AEurocopter AS 350B320122017 Inaugural
6982AEurocopter AS 350?2016.01
6987A 2017 Inaugural
7069ABeech A200
7074GBeech A200 2013.11.18 on DNet-201 Stafford, Texas with Charlie-100
7166MHughes Helicopters 369E
7247CBell UH-1H
7247JBell UH-1H
7247RBell UH-1H
7247YBeech A200
7253NBell UH-1H
732JFCessna T210L1976
732XECessna T210M1977
741SKLockheed P3B 2017.10 South Florida
748AMAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32009
751AMEurocopter AS 350 B320082016.01 New England
Omaha 1AM
752AMEurocopter AS 350 B32008
752CCCessna 55019782015.01.14 ICE Houston HOU1 repeater
753AMEurocopter AS 350 B32008
753CCCessna 550
754AMAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32009
755AMEurocopter AS 350 B32008
759AMAmerican Eurocopter AS350B32009
7681UCessna T210R
769SKLockheed P3B
783MCBeech A200 2013.03.13 on Net-1 Houston repeater advising departing Lake Charles en route Oklahoma City
785MCBeech A200C
796AMEurocopter AS 350 B32008
797CWCessna 5501981
801MRBombardier DHC-8-2022004
802MRBombardier DHC-8-2022005
803MRBombardier DHC-8-2022006
805MRBombardier DHC-8-2022008
806MRBombardier Dash 8-Q3152009seen in Border Wars episode "Cocaine Paradise" operating in Puerto Rico
807AMEurocopter AS 350 B320082015.02 working Super Bowl in Phoenix
807MRBombardier DHC-8-31520092011.12 Miami and Bahamas
Omaha 7MR
808MRBombardier DHC-8-3152009
810AMAmerican Eurocopter AS350B320092012.03.05 Houston, TX; 2017.01 Houston, TX
8142GCessna 210K19712014.05.27 Houston, TX; 2013.07.31 Houston, TX; 2015.08.18 Houston, TX
837DRBell 4072000
8388FHughes 369HS
839SACessna T206H2003
841BPAerospatiale AS350 B2 ECUREUIL1987
842BPAerospatiale AS350 B2 ECUREUIL1987
843BPAerospatiale AS350 B2 ECUREUIL1987
844BPEurocopter AS 350 B32001
845BPEurocopter AS 350 B32001
846BPEurocopter AS 350 B32002
847BPEurocopter AS 350 B32002
848BPEurocopter AS 350 B3
849BPEurocopter AS 350 B32002
850BPEurocopter AS 350 B32002
852BPEurocopter AS 350 B32002
853BPEurocopter AS 350 B32002
854BPEurocopter AS 350 B32002
855BPEurocopter AS 350 B32002
856BPEurocopter AS 350 B32002
896WDEurocopter AS 350 B21996seen on "Border Wars" TV show episode "Bullets Over the Border"
9085UPiper PA-42-720R1986
9091JPiper PA-42-720R1986
9116QPiper PA-42-720R1986
9140YMD Helicopter 369E1996
9142BPiper PA-42-720R1986
917AKing Air 35020102014.06.08 Houston, TX; previously registered as N80243
9204UMD Helicopter 369E
9204YMD Helicopter 369E1996
9215ZBell UH-1H
9279APiper PA-42-720R1986
9403YCessna T210N1981
969M Martin 4041952
9724PLockheed P3B1975
9769NCessna U206A1966

Other Callsigns

  • Omaha 10 used by 810AM in Houston - heard calling "surveillance" on Net-1 Houston 165.2375 7/18/2012, heard working surveillance in Houston on 168.5875 1/16/2014 and on 136.375 with Longhorn

Unidentified CBP Aircraft

  • Omaha 02 - heard on Coast Guard CG113 advising Corpus Christi of his ETA, 3/16/2015
  • Omaha 03 - heard calling "42" (unit ID possibly cut-off) hitting Net-1 in Houston 10/18/2012
  • Omaha 11 - heard on 350.025 in Florida, 4/2013
  • Omaha 13 [Drone] - need Tail # - heard on AM Air channels off FLA Coast 12/19/2011
  • Omaha 21 - talking with Mike-1800 on Net-2 in south Texas 8/9/2012, calling X-Ray 950 on D-Net 203 Houston on 8/14/2014
  • 32A - heard in southeast/northeast Texas 6/15/2011, heard 9/9/2011 in Houston, Texas area
  • 548 - UH-60 helicopter working Super Bowl in Phoenix February 2015 (possible military serial number)
  • 549 - heard in southeast Texas 12/19/2011 on 350.025
  • 58 - heard in southeast Texas 10/23/2011 en route to Corpus Christi
  • Omaha 61V - FLA 2014.12
  • Omaha 161V - FLA 2015.05

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