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ProVoice is Harris' implementation of IMBE digital modulation for radio communications. It is not APCO-25 compliant, but does use the same IMBE vocoder.

San Antonio, Texas, and the State of Florida are using or are in the process of building ProVoice EDACS systems with ESK. Cecil County, Maryland utilizes a VHF ProVoice system which does not use ESK, but uses a variant of EDACS that cannot be followed by a consumer scanner, even if it has analog talkgroups.

EDACS ProVoice systems use the MA/Com EDACS control channel.

As of late 2015, only Uniden's BCD436HP and BCD536HP allow users to monitor ProVoice traffic after purchase of a firmware key. ProVoice can also monitored using software (DSD, DSDPlus) .

AEGIS was a predecessor of ProVoice on EDACS Systems.

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