FreeScan User Guide

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Welcome to the FreeSCAN user guide. This document is designed to help the newcomer install and navigate FreeSCAN, which is designed to work with the Uniden DMA scanners.

The following scanners are compatible with FreeSCAN:

Getting Started

  • Making the Connection
  • Installing and executing FreeSCAN
    • Under Windows (2000, XP and Vista Supported)
    • Under LINUX (using WINE)

Download Data to FreeSCAN

  • Download Programming

Viewing Data in FreeSCAN

  • The Tools Pulldown
    • System Quick Key Manager
    • Duplicate Channel Finder
    • Lockout all Systems/Sites
    • Unlock all Systems/Sites
    • Group Sort

  • The View Pulldown
    • Highlight
    • Quick Draw Mode
    • Show System Types (F5)
    • Show Quick Keys (F6)
    • System Sort

  • Favourites

Editing Data

  • Create System
  • Create Site
  • Create Group


  • The Print Screen

Exporting Data

  • To a comma seperated value (.csv) file

Controlling the Scanner

Common Questions and Answers

  • The FreeSCAN FAQ
  • Shortcut Keys