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* [  Grahn GS5 Active Antennas] (in German)
* [  Grahn GS5 Active Antennas] (in German)
* [ MegaActiv MA305FT Active Antenna]
* [ MegaActiv MA305FT Active Antenna]
* [ RF Systems DX-1 Pro Active Antenna]

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No doubt about it, without a good antenna, no matter how good the receiver, you will not hear much of anything. These links should help even a newcomer feel comfortable about selecting and installing a HF antenna. There's several technical links for the experimenters in us, along with several commercial retailers. Warm up those soldering irons and get busy!

If you're a newcomer or old hat, or anywhere in between, when installing antennas, Safety First.
Make this link a must read. Don't become a statistic!

Commercial Retailers

Active Antennas

Other Manufacturers/Suppliers

Homebrew and Technical

Where to start?

What about indoors?

Technical and construction topics

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