Metro Washington Council of Governments

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Metro Washington COG brief back story and origins

Metro Washington Council of Governments Mission

Metro Washington Council of Governments (MW COG) is made up of 22 local governments surrounding the Nation's Capitol. The Metropolitan Washington region covers approximately 3,000 square miles, over 5.2 million people and more than 3.2 million jobs. Originally established in 1957 by local cities & counties to deal w/ regional concerns including growth, housing, the environment, public health & safety, and transportation. COG is an independent, nonprofit association. COG helps the coordination & integration of regional issues among local governments in Maryland, Virginia and the Washington DC.

Number System Origins

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MW COG) jurisdictional numbering system. This system gives individual numeric values based on each major jurisdiction involved in MWCOG. After September 11, 2001 the grander discussion of Mutual Aid in a large scale was discussed, after, several surrounding jurisdiction voluntary showed up to the Pentagon on the day of September 11, 2001, and following days. With this, came many Departments and Companies having the same exact identifiers. This brought to the fore-front the necessity to have each jurisdiction have a pre-fix number(s), not only allowing, CADD based operations fuller flushing out, without additional notes, but allowed spoken word reduction to either 1 to 2 spoken numbers, down from possibly many spoken county/jurisdictional names i.e. MWAA or Metro Washington Airport Authority to just t-h-r-e-e.

Jurisdictional Pre-Fix Number

  • 0 – Washington, DC
  • 1 – Arlington County
  • 2 – City of Alexandria
  • 3 – Metro Washington Airport Authority
  • 4 – Fairfax County
  • 5 – Prince William County
  • 6 – Loudoun County
  • 7 – Montgomery County
  • 8 – Prince George’s County
  • 9 – Frederick County
  • 10 - Charles County

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