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Pro-2096 Front
Pro-2096 Keypad Closeup
Pro-2096 Back Panel

The Pro-2096 was manufactured for Radio Shack by GRE America Inc

The PRO-2096 follows both digital and analog systems, including 9600bps control channel and C-QPSK modulation.

Also see the Pro-96 page. All utilities and links listed there also apply to the PRO-2096.

NOTE Computer Control of GRE/RS radios is not possible due to firmware limitations.

General Specifications

Frequency Coverage

Frequency (MHz)        Step Size Value
25-54                  5 kHz
108-136.9875           12.5 kHz
137-174                5, 6.25, or 7.5 kHz
216.0025-221.9975      5 kHz
222.000-225.000        5 kHz
406-512                6.25 kHz
806-823.9875           6.25 kHz
849-868.9875           6.25 kHz
894-960                6.25 kHz
1240-1300              6.25 kHz

  • Rebanding supported? YES
  • APCO25 Digital Audio decoding
  • Trunktracks Motorola and EDACS systems
  • Virtual Scanner Memory Management system stores 11 memory configurations, each with 500 channels and 1500 talkgroups for a total of 5500 channels and 16,500 talkgroups
  • Preprogrammed for most major metropolitan areas
  • 25-54, 108-174, 216-225, 406-512, 806-960, 1240-1300MHz range
  • 5 ID lists, 30 IDs per list, 150 IDs per bank
  • Scan rate 60 cps
  • 5, 6.25, 7.5, 12.5kHz steps
  • TCXO for frequency stability (?)
  • Digital AGC
  • Adaptive digital tracking (ADT)
  • Digital signal processing (DSP)
  • CTCSS/DCS abilities
  • 12-character alpha-tagging with text entry can show ID code or service name
  • L/O ID in 'open' mode
  • ID delay
  • Motorola control channel only trunking
  • Easy-to-read backlit control and display with backlit keypad
  • 6 search ranges/ 1 user definable search range
  • Search 'seek' feature
  • Tunes virtually all important bands—local marine, fire/police, Ham, CB, VHF-air, racing, weather and more
  • Weather band with SAME Weather Alert and weather priority—access weather channels and alerts with the push of a button
  • 1 Priority channel
  • Zeromatic search tuning
  • Per channel or global attenuator
  • Computer interface and Programming (not computer control)
  • Function key to access special modes and programming options
  • Mobile/base design with DIN-E in-dash mounting (requires separate installation kit for your vehicle)
  • A cloning cable may be fabricated using 2 1/8 inch mono jacks and shielded cable

DSP Upgrade

DSP APP Firmware Version U1.4 provides the following enhancement to your PRO-96/2096 Digital Trunking Scanner:

  • Improved digital decoding:

After upgrading to DSP Application firmware version 1.3 (DSP-APP 1.3), some users reported increased instances of the scanner failing to decode the beginning of digital transmissions on certain systems. DSP-APP 1.4 improves the performance of initial digital voice decoding and should result in fewer instances of undecoded digital noise at the beginning of transmissions. Under certain circumstances, such as when weak or distorted signals are present, the scanner may occasionally fail to decode the beginning of a digital transmission even after upgrading to DSP-APP 1.4.

If a radio consistently fails to reliably decode digital transmissions, users are advised to reposition the radio, utilize antennas designed for the specific band being monitored, such as the Radio Shack 20-283 800 MHz BNC antenna, or take other steps to improve the quality of the received signals.

New in this version DSP APP Firmware Version U1.3 provides the following enhancements to your PRO-96/2096 Digital Trunking Scanner:

  • Improved decoding of digital audio on the Detroit, Michigan Project 25 Trunked Radio System The DSP digital decoder was fine tuned to maximize performance when used on the Detroit, Michigan and similar Project 25 trunked radio system.
  • Improved digital decoding of weak or distorted digital signals The enhancements that were made to the digital decoder to provide improved digital performance on systems like the Detroit Project 25 system also provide noticeable decoding improvement on all supported digital system types in areas with weak digital signals, or digital signals that are distorted due to multipath or simulcast .

  • Verifying the firmware version

You can verify the version of DSP firmware currently active in the PRO-96 by pressing the 3 key during the “Welcome” screen. The scanner will display firmware versions for three separate firmware elements. The second version, “DSP APP”, is the only element that is upgraded.

  • Reverting to the factory DSP firmware version:

If for any reason you decide that you would like to revert to the original factory DSP version (F1.x), you may do so by pressing 0, then CLEAR, then ENT during the “Welcome” screen. The radio will then ask you to power cycle. Note that this will permanently remove the upgrade from the DSP flash memory. You can reload the upgrade as many times as you like using the PRO96U1x.EXE upgrade utility.

Reviews and User Opinions

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Programming Software

  • Win96 -- The best software for programming the Pro-2096

Yahoo Groups and Mailing Lists (software and receiver support)


The GRE Development Team had this to say about the scanner:

Many of your readers have noticed that the FCC has granted Type Acceptance for the new PRO-2096 . We would like to update your readers on the status of the unit and provide the current best estimate for availability.

The PRO-2096 is on schedule and currently store availability is anticipated in January 2005.

We have been testing the PRO-2096 here for a couple of months now in both mobile and base configurations and we are very impressed with this radio! Many users have noticed the similarities between the PRO-96 and the PRO-2096. As we stated in our March update, the PRO-2096 "will be the perfect companion to the PRO-96 handheld unit". Does this mean that it is a "repackaged PRO-96"? Of course not. While the features and user interface are very similar, a total PCB redesign, numerous firmware changes, and a new front panel and case design were needed to make the PRO-2096 a reality. We got a good laugh when we read one user's comments that "this (the PRO-2096) should have only taken a couple of hours (to design)". A tremendous amount of effort went into the PRO-2096 design, with numerous iterations of design review, revisions and testing. These things take time.

For those who were looking for new features, like more channels, talkgroups, I-calls, LTR, etc., you'll have to wait - nothing was done in this model to jeopardize clone compatibility with the PRO-96. What you will get with the PRO-2096 is an excellent base/mobile scanning receiver with all the features of the PRO-96, including the excellent analog and digital performance and the V-Scanner storage system. The keypad and display are fully backlit with a dimmable backlight control. If you mount your PRO-2096 in your dash, you'll be able to clone or program your radio anytime without removing it - the PC/IF connection is located in the front of the radio. So is the earphone jack - so you can listen to your radio without irritating the XYL. Speaking of dash mounting, some users will remember that the PRO-2067 would fit into a DIN dash opening easily, but required special tricks to actually mount it there. The PRO-2096 has true DIN-E compatibility - just install the DIN sleeve in the dash and the radio locks in place. If you choose not to mount in-dash, a sturdy mounting bracket is included that allows for under dash or overhead attachment, or doubles as a desktop stand. The PRO-2096 makes an excellent desktop radio.

We freely admit our bias towards GRE products but as scanner enthusiasts we can safely say that this is one of the BEST base/mobile scanners we have ever seen from any manufacturer. You'll know something is different right away when you remove it from the box - the unit has a "rock solid" feel to it. When you fire it up for the first time, you will think you are listening to a professional grade public safety radio. The audio is very loud and very clear. The high contrast display is easily readable from several feet away. This is a great radio for your car and your shack, and it will be equally at home in professional applications, such as public safety and media.

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