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The purpose of this section is to gather and group HF Utility Monitoring information in a single location. For information on antennas, please see the Antennas Wiki. Our HF Propagation article has links regarding how HF (and higher) signals travel great differences. It's an important topic to understand if you wish to be successful in this game.

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Aircraft utilize HF communications when VHF (Line of Sight) communications is not sufficient. The primary usage of HF is for Trans-oceanic flights. Trans-oceanic flights communicate with ground stations via HF for position reports and other purposes. Another utilization of HF communications is for HFDL or High Frequency DataLink. Finally Military Aircraft (MILCRAFT) utilize HF for operational and training.

ALE (Automatic Link Establishment)

  • The ALE page has a listing of all the packages that decode ALE.
  • The ALE Networks page consolidates a listing of active ALE networks.

Digital Decoding

Audio Samples of Digital Signals

Hurricane Related Frequency Lists


See our HF Military Communications page for more information about monitoring the military on HF.

MW (AM Band) Rejection Filters

Other Websites



Receiver Modifications

Receiver Reviews and User Opinions

US Federal Goverment

  • ICE - Monitoring U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement HF Operations

Utility Related Clubs and mailing lists

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