A-Beep / Sears2 - UHF (Chicago)

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A-Beep / Sears2 - UHF (Chicago) TRS
System Name A-Beep / Sears2 - UHF (Chicago)
System Type LTR Standard
System ID ?
Connect Tone ?
Network Access Code ?
DMR Color Code ?
Band UHF
State Illinois & Indiana
Ownership Private

A-Beep / Sears2 - UHF (Chicago) System DB Entry
A-Beep / Sears2 - UHF (Chicago) Site Map from the RRDB

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Unidentified Hits

  • 471.475 0-03-154
  • 471.475 0-03-068 talk about "have a couple jobs for you"

It appears that Superior Amubulance and Illinois Medicar have switched to the A-Beep digital NXDN trunked system. (9/2015)

Site 9 Lockport

This site is under license WPUN789. All of the frequencies have emission designations for narrow FM and NXDN. Most all frequencies have either been implemented in A Beep's DigiTalk or are unused.

LCN 12, 461.550 -- frequency is also licensed to Valley View School under WQWZ578 with designator for DMR. DMR traffic heard here. A Beep license does not have a designator for DMR. Considering the distance between them is only 6.5 miles it would seem this frequency would not be in use for A Beep.

LCN 08, 464.300 is still in use (2018). LTR analyzer always shows all trunks busy, no free channels. It appears this is the only frequency left in this system as LTR.

unknown talkgroups

  • 0-08-022 unknown, landscaping or construction? (active 2018)
  • 0-08-030 truck shop?
  • 0-08-060 an unknown towing company (active 2018)
  • 0-08-094 appears to be a construction or paving company, working around New Lenox (active 2018)
  • 0-08-125

verified active groups

  • 0-08-010 Lifestar Helicopter (active 2018)
  • 0-08-100 Heartbreak Towing (active 2018)

Unknown or Incorrect Sites

Site 6 Aurora has some problems and has very out of date information shown in the database. This site in the database currently (2016-Aug) has 3 license shown WPLV257, WPLE964, and WPUB775.

WPLV257 has repeater location at 311 S. Wacker in Chicago, not Aurora. Coordinates on the license are wrong putting the location 2 blocks East. It has four frequencies with emission designators for NXDN. This license cannot be associated with the LTR system at the Aurora site.





WPUB775 has only one frequency 463.600 only for narrow FM at 1950 Bilter Rd. in Aurora. It has listed associated licenses WPKK310, WPMA602, WPMA603 (all terminated), and WPKK348 (no FCC record).

WPLE964 has a trunk repeater transmitter site at 31 W 478 Diehl Rd. in Naperville in DuPage County. It indicates numerous frequencies all with emission designators for narrow FM, NXDN, and DMR also in use at other locations listed in this system (database as of 2016-Aug).

461.050 - at site 3, 6

461.125 - at site 6

461.525 - at site 1, 6, 11

463.575 - at site 6

464.225 - at site 6

464.850 - at site 6 and also on license WPUN789 for Lockport

464.950 - at site 6

Should a new Naperville site be created if using LTR?