Allen County (IN)

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Allen County and Surrounding Areas with Major Routes

Trunked Radio System

Allen County makes minimal use of SAFE-T in all respects as it maintains its own trunked radio system, Allen County Public Safety. SAFE-T is the tertiary system to fall back to if both ACPS and the Allen County Government Services TRS are out of service. The Three Rivers Ambulance Authority (TRAA) makes use of SAFE-T when patient transports require it to go out of range of ACPS.

As of February 2, 2014, most agencies have been migrated to a new APCO-25 system in which most or all Talk Groups are operating with encryption.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Allen County emergency responders(2001).
  1. Allen County Sheriff's Office (ACPD)
  2. Fort Wayne Police Department (FWPD)
  3. Indiana State Police (District 22)
  4. New Haven Police (NHPD)
  5. Woodburn Police
  6. FW International Airport Public Safety (Airport PSD)
  7. Purdue Fort Wayne Police
  8. [Parkview Hospital Police]

Signal Codes

ACPD and FWPD share a common set of radio signals. Most communication with ACFD and FWFD use plain English with a mix of specific signals still in use.

1Meet or "eyeball"
3Telephone (TX)
4ACity/County Building
4BByron Station (ACPD Offices)
4CAnimal Control Shelter
5ACar Wash
5GGas Pumps
6RRadio Shop
7Out of Service
8In Service
9On Scene
11Pick Up Prisoner
12County Jail
14Warrant Check
14SServing Warrant
15Assist Party
16Pick Up Items
17Read Motor Number
18Work Traffic
20Unknown Problem
22IJuvenile Investigation
22CNChild Neglect
24Missing Person
25Vehicle Accident
25HSHit Skip
26Vehicle Accident w/ Injuries
26HSHit Skip
27Reckless Driving
29Special Event
30Traffic Stop
32Death Investigation
32ADeath Notification
33Disabled Vehicle
33JJuvenile Locked Inside
34Traffic Hazard
35Parked Vehicle - Unoccupied
36Occupied Vehicle
37Parking Violation
38Lost or Stolen License Plate
38ALost Article
39Stolen Vehicle
39UUnauthorized Use of Vehicle
40AAudible Alarm
40ATMATM Alarm
40BBank Alarm
40FFire Alarm
40HHold Up Alarm
40LListening Alarm (has microphone)
40PPanic Alarm
41Person Down
42Intoxicated Person
44LMLoud Music
44LPLoud Party
45Neighborhood Disturbance
46Domestic Disturbance
47Removal of Articles
48Suspicious Person
51ATheft - Attempted
51IPTheft - In Progress
51JOTheft - Just Occurred
53Armed Robbery
57Strong-arm Robbery
62Person with Weapon
63Attempt to Contact
63ZZachary Offender Check
64Unable to Locate Person
65ASuicide Attempt
65TSuicide Threat
66Mental Case
66VMental Violent
67Indecent Exposure
68Protect Evidence
69Wires Down
72Failure to Pay
73Walk Away
74Unruly Crowd
76Road Block
77Labor Dispute
78Communicable Disease
79Confidential Information
80Civil Investigation
80PServe Protective Order
81Change Channels
82Improper Procedure
84Urgent - Lights & Sirens
85At Once - Lights Only
86City/County Property Involved
87Begin Tour of Duty
88End Tour of Duty
89E.O.D. (Explosive Ordinance Device)
91Blood Run
93Aircraft Accident
94Out of Jurisdiction
95In Jurisdiction
97Found Items
98Vice Investigation
100Emergency Traffic Only
101Open Door
103Unwanted Party
105Officer Welfare Check
106Officer Okay
107On the Air
108Follow Up
109Illegal Dumping
110Known Burglar
111Animal Investigation
111PDeer Kill Permit
113Shots Fired
114Hunter Investigation
125Tower Lights at Hillegas
126Tower Lights at 4B
127Jail Escape
129COPS (Community Oriented Policing)
130Community Corrections (Home Detention)
131Community Service
134County Highway
154Officer Needs Help1

1 154 is the badge number of the late Patrolman Kenneth Stiverson of FWPD, who was fatally shot in the line of duty while negotiating with an escaped mental patient.


ACPD's First Dodge Charger

The Allen County Sheriff's Office (known as ACPD) has serviced the Allen County area since the first sheriff took office in 1824 and has had 51 sheriffs take office since then (including the current sheriff, David J. Gladieux).

ACPD is known for having a very strong K9 training program and provides such training for neighboring agencies, the Indiana State Police (which now has its own training program), as well as agencies from distant counties and states. ACPD was the second agency in the State of Indiana to have a SWAT/ERT team.

Unit Numbers

ACPD officers use their three digit badge numbers as their unit identifiers on the air. Occasionally, a unit will identify itself by its car number. Warrants units almost exclusively identify by their commission number and not their unit number. Some Fort Wayne units have unit numbers in these ranges, so mutual aid traffic may get confusing sometimes.

Known Unit Prefixes

  • 100-300 - Officers
  • 600-700 - Reserve Officers
  • 800-900 - Marshall
  • AC# - Animal Control/Field Service
  • C### - Confinement Officer. Often, a jail van.
  • CAR# - Commission (Typically Warrants Division)
  • EH## - Extra Help (Not Reserves)


FWPD Impala

FWPD units are designated with an alpha prefix that may denote what sector that that unit is assigned to and then a three digit number, possibly corresponding to a badge number. When addressed, the phonetic for the sector prefix is used (e.g. "BAKER ONE-THIRTEEN"). So far, alpha prefixes are known to go as high as "O - Ocean".

Fire and Rescue Agencies

Allen County is served by a mix of career, volunteer and hybrid fire departments, including two city fire departments (the career Fort Wayne Fire Department (FWFD) and the city of New Haven & Woodburn (now known as East Central Fire & EMS) and several township and "fire district" departments. Each department is independent of the others. As such, there is no Allen County Fire Department, per se. FWFD & all Allen County stations are dispatched on the city/county 800 MHz trunked radio system and Allen County stations are also simulcast on a VHF frequency (154.010 MHz) primarily for paging. 122nd National Air Guard is a full time department that often provides mutual aid to incidents nearby.

Nearly all departments have abandoned VHF entirely including the use of their tactical channels and nearly all departments use their 800MHz tac channels for inner department operations.

In 2018 St. Joseph Township Fire was disbanded. Fire service is currently contracted out to FWFD and EMS is contracted out to TRAA. Their tanker went to FWFD and the rest of the apparatus was sold off. The building is still partially occupied by the township trustee and the old fire station portion currently houses FWPD specialty vehicles.

As of Jan 1, 2022 the New Haven/Adams Township and the Woodburn Fire Department stations are merged into one. The new East Central Fire & EMS will be a combination department servicing the City's of Woodburn & New Haven, and the unincorporated areas of Adams, Jefferson, Milan, and Maumee Townships out of a total of 5 stations.

Staging Levels

All Allen County departments, including FWFD, use standard staging levels & codes or plain English for emergency response situations.

  • Level 1 - Lead pump to scene. All other units stage one block away
  • Level 2 - All units stage at designated staging area
  • Level 3 - Lead engine to scene. All other units stage near current location
  • Level 4 - Task Force on station (1 engine, 1 tanker, 6-8 firefighters)
  • Level 5 - Ambulance crew on station
  • Level 6 - Lead engine to scene (lights & siren). All other units proceed quietly

Signal Codes

  • 700 Evacuate Structure
  • 701 Single Unit Can Handle
  • 702 Two Units Can Handle
  • 703 Three Units Can Handle
  • 704 Working Fire
  • 705 Send Unit (specify)
  • 706 Second Alarm
  • 707 Board Up requested
  • 708 Request Arson Investigators
  • 709 Request Knox Box Key Release


Each fire station that is dispatched on the Allen County fire dispatch is assigned a "base" number.

Base Locations

Service Availability

Most Allen County fire departments now operate combination, with paid staff and volunteers. If a station cannot be successfully raised via fire dispatch after four minutes, the next closest/available station is dispatched (referred to as the "four minute protocol").

As of 2021, the majority of the Allen County ambulances provide ALS Paramedic care.

County Paramedic Units Medic 45,Medic 95,Medic 115,Medic 125,Medic 145,Medic 165,Medic 175,Medic 185,Medic 195, Medic 225,Medic 245,Medic 265,Medic 285, Engine 11 (Non-Transport Engine), DC11(Non-Transport SUV),F181(Non-Transport SUV)

County BLS Ambulances Emergency 35,Emergency 55,Emergency 105, Emergency 135,Emergency 155,Emergency 255,Emergency 355

Fort Wayne Fire Department

  • Sta. #1 (HQ) - 419 E. Main St. @ Lafayette St. (aka US-27),Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #2 - 2023 Taylor St. between Bevel Ave. & Brooklyn Ave.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #3 - (Defunct) 226 W. Washington Blvd. between Webster St. & Harrison St.,Ft. Wayne (This retired station currently houses the Ft. Wayne Firefighters Museum)
  • Sta. #4 - 4130 Lahmeyer Rd. between Trotters Chase Ln. & Becky Ln.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #5 - 5801 Bluffton Rd. across from Old Trail Rd.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #6 - 1500 W. Coliseum Blvd. (aka State Route 930) between Executive Blvd. & Newaygo Rd.,Ft. Wayne (The rear of the Sta. has access off of Directors Row)
    • Former Sta. - 1441 (N.) Wells St. @ W. 4th St.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #7 - 1602 Lindenwood Ave. @ Spring St.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #8 - 6035 Rothman Rd. between Sunderland Dr. & Maplecrest Rd.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #9 - 2530 E. Pontiac St. @ Fruehauf Dr.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #10 -
    • Current Sta. - 3200 N. Anthony Blvd. @ Crescent Ave.,Ft. Wayne
    • Former Sta. - 1245 E. State Blvd. across from California Ave.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #11 - 405 E. Rudisill Blvd. @ Lafayette St. (aka US-27),Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #12 - 6901 S. Anthony Blvd. between Seddlemeyer Ave. & Gardendale Ave.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #13 - 6727 N. Clinton St. across from Foxchase Run,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #14 - 3400 Reed Rd. between Fairlawn Pass & Vance Ave.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #15 - 1415 Northland Blvd. between Lima Rd. (aka State Route 3) & Polo Run,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #16 - 11330 Coldwater Rd. between Badiac Rd. & Valley O' Pines Pkwy.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #17 - 1910 Getz Rd. @ Constitution Dr.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #18 - 10805 Liberty Mills Rd. @ Homestead Rd.,Ft. Wayne
  • Sta. #19 - 10116 Covington Rd. @ S. Scott Rd.,Ft. Wayne

Three Rivers Ambulance Authority

TRAA currently holds the contract with the City of Fort Wayne / Allen County for emergency medical services. TRAA will also provide ALS assists outside of the city limits along with county BLS EMS units to provide a paramedic or transfer a patient to an ALS ambulance, as a portion of county ambulances lack ALS service.

TRAA also holds contracts to certain areas of the county that do not have any other ambulance service, including portions of unincorporated St. Joseph Township and Lake Township.

  • 525 Hayden St. between S. Monroe St. & Clay St.,Ft. Wayne (WNAH566)


Allen County Townships

ACPD has enforcement power within the entire county, though the patrol division is assigned outside of the city limits; despite this, many enforcement activities are performed by ACPD within the city. FWPD officers are firmly limited in jurisdiction to the city limits. FWPD is empowered by the Allen County Sheriff and maintains its power of enforcement at his/her discretion. ACPD has divided the county into districts which are identified alphabetically (A through F).

Town Marshals

The State of Indiana empowers these marshals, and Allen County has several outlying towns that employ/facilitate one or more marshals:

  1. Monroeville Monroeville PD (Unit 809)
  2. Woodburn PD (Formerly 812-#, now identify as WOODBURN #)
  3. Zanesville PD (Allen & Wells Counties) Unit 810
  4. Churubusco PD (Whitley County, but maintains radio contact on ACPS TRS using Unit 836)

There are other unit numbers believed to be town marshals but have not been associated with a particular locality:

  1. 808

New Haven

Despite appearing to be conjoined with Fort Wayne, New Haven maintains its own police agency and has several fire houses under the control of the Allen County Fire Department, Adams Township. NHPD relies mostly on marked Ford Police Utility Interceptors, though is known to have unmarked SUVs, and marked Dodge Chargers.