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This article is about Amateur radio, a/k/a ham radio, worldwide, not just US and Canada.

US/Canadian VHF/UHF Calling Frequencies

Frequency  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
29.60000  BM  10m FM Simplx 10m FM Simplex  FM  Ham 
50.12500  BM  6m SSB Call 6m SSB Calling  USB  Ham 
52.52500  BM  6m FM Call Pri 6m FM Primary Calling  FM  Ham 
52.54000  BM  6m FM Call Sec 6m FM Secondary Calling  FM  Ham 
144.20000  BM  2m SSB Call 2m SSB Calling  USB  Ham 
146.52000  BM  2m FM Call 2m FM Simplex Calling  FM  Ham 
432.10000  BM  70cm SSB Call 70cm SSB Calling  USB  Ham 
446.00000  BM  70cm FM Simplx 70cm FM Simplex Calling  FM  Ham 
1294.50000  BM  23cm FM Call 23cm FM Simplex Calling  FM  Ham 
144.39000  BM  APRS Automatic Packet Reporting System  Telm  Ham 
222.10000  BM  1.25m SSB/CW 1.25m SSB & CW Calling  USB  Ham 
902.10000  BM  33cm SSB CW 33cm SSB/CW Calling  USB  Ham 
1296.10000  BM  23cm SSB/CW 23cm SSB/CW Calling  USB  Ham 
2304.10000  BM  13cm SSB/CW 13cm SSB/CW Simplex Calling  USB  Ham 
2305.20000  BM  13cm FM Simplx 13cm FM Simplex Calling  FM  Ham 
223.50000  BM  1.25m FM 1.25m FM Simplex Calling  FM  Ham 
927.50000  BM  33cm FM Call 33cm FM Simplex Calling  FMN  Ham 
144.41000  BM  US SOTA US Summits On The Air (SOTA)  FM  Ham 
146.58000  BM  N Amer Adventure North American Adventure (Alt to 144.410 & 146.520)  FM  Ham 
  • Several regional frequency coordinators recognize 223.5000 as the national 1.25m band FM simplex calling frequency. The ARRL does not list it in their band plan.

Standard Repeater Offsets

Amateur Radio Standard Repeater Offsets
Band Offset MHz
10 m (29 MHz) - 0.1
6 m (50 MHz) - 0.5, - 1.0
2 m (144 MHz) +0.6, - 0.6
1.25 m (222 MHz) - 1.6
70 cm (440 MHz) +5.0, - 5.0
33 cm (902 MHz) - 25.0, - 12.0
23 cm (1.2 GHz) - 20.0
  • These are US/Canadian offests. Other regions and countries may have different offsets on some bands.
  • Some repeaters have non-standard offsets. These are often referred to as odd split repeaters.
  • Some areas may use band plans with different offsets.

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Below are lists containing the regional frequency coordinator web sites, some of which contain public repeater listings or databases. Not all frequency coordinators have web sites.

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