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Anne Arundel County Police

AAPD District Map (PDF)

Anne Arundel County Police number posts by district-zone-beat. The districts are:

  • 2: Northern
  • 3: Eastern
  • 4: Southern
  • 5: Western

Each districts may have several zones. Special zones not mapped below:

5E#: Arundel Mills/Maryland L!ve Casino, 5E10 is zone Sergeant

Anne Arundel County Fire Department

Anne Arundel County Fire Department is broken up into 8 Battalions (PDF):

  • Battalion 1 (BC1 usually located at Station 33):
    • Station 18, Station 21, Station 26, Station 31, Station 32, Station 33, Station 34
  • Battalion 2 (BC2/SCMD usually located at Station 30):
    • Station 11, Station 12, Station 13, Station 17, Station 19, Station 20, Station 23, Station 30
  • Battalion 3 (BC3 usually located at Station 3):
    • Station 1, Station 2, Station 3, Station 8, Station 9, Station 40, Station 41, Station 42
  • Battalion 4 (BC4 usually located at Station 5):
    • Station 4, Station 5, Station 6, Station 7, Station 27, Station 28, Station 29
  • Battalion 35
    • Station 35, Station 36, Station 38
  • Battalion 43 (BWI Fire/Rescue)
    • Station 43
  • Battalion 45 (Fort Meade)
    • Station 45, Station 45 Substation, Station 45 East
  • Battalion 46 (U.S. Naval Academy)
    • Station 46, Station 47

Each company is responsible for a First Due Area (PDF) in which calls located are served by that station's units. Due to the geography and layout of limited-access highways in the county, the closest station (straight-line) is often not the first due station. Take, for example, an incident occurring at I-97 South at MD 32 East (coordinates: 39.065439609737,-76.640934796134, marked by red diamond in the image).

SB I97 & EB RT3.png

The location is physically closer to Stations 5 (Waugh Chapel), 6 (Herald Harbor), and 28 (Odenton). However, the travel time from each of those three station exceeds that from Station 26 (South Glen Burnie). This box area is designated 2689b.

Fireboxes follow an organized naming scheme in which the first two (with leading zero) numbers correspond to the station which is first due and then a number that generally but not proportionally relates to the temporal distance from the station itself (e.g., Station 23 Jones Station is located in the 2301 box).

  • For the correctional institutes in Jessup, the letter suffixes following 2905 correspond to the facilities:
    • 2905: Maryland Correctional Pre-Release System (MCPRS), 7931 Brock Bridge Rd, Jessup, MD 20794
    • 2905a: Jessup Correctional Institute (JCI), 534 House of Correction Rd, Jessup, MD 20794
    • 2905b: '***CLOSED***
    • 2905c: Brockbridge Correctional Facility (BCF), 7930 Brock Bridge Rd, Jessup, MD 20794
    • 2905d: Maryland Correctional Institute for Women (MCIW), 7943 Brock Bridge Rd, Jessup, MD 20794
    • 2905e: Maryland Correctional Institute - Jessup (MCIJ), 549 House of Correction Rd, Jessup, MD 20794
    • 2905f: Jessup Pre-Release Unit (JPRU) ***CLOSED***, 2000 Toulson Rd, Jessup, MD 20794
    • 2905g: ***CLOSED***
    • 2905h: Dorsey Run Correctional Facility (DRCF), 2020 Toulson Rd, Jessup, MD 20794
    • 2905i: ***CLOSED***
  • For BWI, the 4301 boxes are followed by a letter indicating terminal/concourse:
    • 4301a: Concourse A
    • 4301b: Concourse B
    • 4301c: Concourse C
    • 4301d: Concourse D before the split
    • 4301dx: Concourse D, southern wing
    • 4301dy: Concourse D, northern wing
    • 4301e: Concourse E
    • 4301f: Main Terminal prior to security
  • Boxes 4350 and 4351 encompass all secure aircraft movement and non-movement areas.
  • Fireboxes within a body of water, the third number will be a 6 (e.g., the Severn River between the Severn River Bridge and the Navy Bridge is box 1762).
  • Fireboxes on highways have an 8 as the third number and a letter to follow the last digit (e.g., MD 10 North at Mountain Rd is box 1281b).
  • Fireboxes on railways have a 9 as the third number and a letter to follow the last digit (e.g., Penn Line railroad just south of MD 100 is box 0493b)

Note: even though the Key Bridge passes through the corner of Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City and County handle incidents on the bridge.

Key Bridge.png

Here's one more map: Map (PDF)

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