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General Info

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), is operated by Canadian Pacific Railway Limited. Its rail network stretches from Vancouver to Montreal, and also serves major cities in the United States such as Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York City. Its headquarters is in Calgary, Alberta. It owns approximately 14,000 route miles of track all across Canada and into the United States, stretching from Montreal to Vancouver, as far north as Edmonton.

The company acquired two American lines in 2009: the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad and the Iowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad. The trackage of the ICE was at one time a part of CP subsidiary Soo Line and predecessor line The Milwaukee Road. The combined DME/ICE system spanned North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Iowa, as well as two short stretches into two other states which included a line to Kansas City, Missouri and a line to Chicago, Illinois. It was Canada's first transcontinental railway. Now primarily a freight railway, the CPR was for decades the only practical means of long distance passenger transport in most regions of Canada, and was instrumental in the settlement and development of Western Canada

Almost all scanners on the market can receive the railroad band, some have search bands dedicated to the railroad monitoring and will identify frequency by it's AAR channel number.


Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
160.84500 BM CSQ CP Police FM Railroad
161.47500 BM CSQ CP001 Standby - Mainline 1 FM Railroad
161.11500 BM CSQ CP004 Standby - Mainline 2 FM Railroad
161.32500 BM CSQ CP005 Standby - Mainline 3 FM Railroad
161.53500 BM CSQ CP007 Standby - Mainline 4 FM Railroad
160.84500 160.33500 RM CSQ CP012 Utility 1 FM Railroad
161.17500 160.33500 RM CSQ CP014 Utility 2 FM Railroad
160.84500 160.24500 RM CSQ CP015 Utility 3 FM Railroad
161.26500 160.42500 RM CSQ CP017 Utility 4 FM Railroad
161.17500 160.63500 RM CSQ CP018 Utility 5 FM Railroad
161.50500 160.63500 RM CSQ CP020 Utility 6 FM Railroad
161.26500 160.60500 RM CSQ CP021 Utility 7 FM Railroad
161.50500 160.60500 RM CSQ CP022 Utility 8 FM Railroad
160.81500 BM CSQ CP082 Standby - Mainline 5 FM Railroad
161.07000 BM CSQ CP090 CP 90 Utility FM Railroad
161.14500 BM CSQ CP093 CP 93 Utility FM Railroad
161.35500 BM CSQ CP099 CP 99 Yard FM Railroad
160.81500 160.42500 RM CSQ CP107 CP 107 Utility FM Railroad
161.14500 160.87500 RM CSQ CP145 CP 145 Utility FM Railroad
160.86000 BM CSQ CP159 CP 159 Utility FM Railroad
160.80000 BM CSQ CP176 CP 176 Utility FM Railroad
161.58000 BM CSQ CP197 CP 197 Standby FM Railroad
161.53500 161.58000 RM CSQ CP198 CP 198 RTC Call In FM Railroad

Hump Yard

CPR Toronto Yard is a facility located in northeast Toronto, Ontario often incorrectly referred to as Agincourt Yard because it is located in Agincourt, a neighbourhood of Scarborough.

One of the largest marshalling yards in Canada, the Toronto Yard is used to switch freight cars.

Opened in April 1964, the facility was designed as a hump yard, and is bounded by Sheppard Avenue to the south, McCowan Road to the west, Markham Road to the east and Finch Avenue to the north.

This yard replaced the old CPR Lambton Yard and West Toronto Yard as the main freight marshalling yard. The yard can be accessed from Markham and McCowan Roads.

Railway repair equipment is stored along the east side of the facility.

Hump Yard Frequencies

  • 158.8500
  • 159.9300
  • 160.0500
  • 452.4125
  • 452.7000

from code plug

  • 161.475 161.475 CP 01
  • 161.475 161.535 CP 02
  • 161.475 160.425 CP 03
  • 161.115 161.115 CP 04
  • 161.325 161.325 CP 05
  • 161.325 160.425 CP 06
  • 161.535 161.535 CP 07
  • 161.535 160.425 CP 08
  • 161.115 160.425 CP 09
  • 160.725 160.425 CP 10
  • 160.845 160.845 CP 11
  • 160.845 160.245 CP 15
  • 160.185 160.185 CP 56
  • 160.725 160.725 CP 78
  • 160.875 160.875 CP 83

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