Christian County (IL)

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Christian County


  • 155.7 - heard key-up on D125 then NAC 127 encyrpted (9/6/17)

Christian County 911 / ETSB

  • OLD - 911 has a full backup station at Pana Police dipatch, its UHF link frequencies are 460.5875, and 465.5875, PL 100.0 Hz which link the Zetron console at Pana PD to the backup transmitter/reciver on 154.145, 450 watts, 300' on a tower at the south edge of Pana, directional antenna favoring the Northwest.

Old VHF Fire

  • 154.14500 KUF669 BM CSQ ChrCo FD/EMS Fire/EMS: Countywide Dispatch - Old
  • 460.58750 F 100.0 PL ChrCo 911*R3 Fire/EMS: Remote Receive Link (Pana 154.145 tower back to 911)
  • 460.61250 KUF669 M ChrCo 911*R1 Fire/EMS: Remote Receive Link (154.145 receiver back to 911) FX1 (Not 67.0)
  • 465.58750 F 100.0 PL ChrCo 911*R4 Fire/EMS: Remote Link (911 to Pana 154.145 back-up tower)
  • 465.61250 M 67.0 PL ChrCo 911*R2 Fire/EMS: Remote Link (Assumption tower? 911 on 154.145 to remote tower) FX2

Dispatches Countywide Fire / EMS including: Assumption Fire, Assumption Ambulance, Dunn EMS, Edinburg Fire, Midland Fire (Kincaid), Mt. Auburn Fire, Moweaqua Fire, Morrisonville Ambulance, Morrisonville-Palmer Fire, Owanaco Fire, Pana Ambulance, Pana Fire, Sutton Ambulance (Taylorville Fire is now on their own local frequency 159.195)

155.9625 Input tones (911 base to remote Towers) [updated 4/15/13]

  • D114 - Pana??: Owaneco Fire, Sutton Ambulance, Dunns Ambulance
  • D125 - Taylorville: (All mobiles to 911 main repeater)
  • D205 - Sharpesburg: Edinburg Fire, Midland Fire
  • D306 - Stonington: Moweaqua Fire, Moweaqua Ambulance, Owanaco Fire, Mt Auburn Fire, Stonington Fire
  • D411 - ?? Valid?: Dunns Ambulance (*misread from D114?)
  • D464 - Pana??: Assumption Ambulance, Pana Ambulance, Pana EMS
  • D506 - Morrisonville?: Morrisonville/Palmer Fire, Morrisonville Ambulance

MABAS Primary Division 50

  • EFPD Edinburg Fire Protection District
  • STON Stonington Fire Protection District
  • MOWE Moweaqua Community Fire Protection District (Shelby)
  • ASPN Assumption Fire Protection District
  • TAFD Taylorville Fire Department
  • PMFD Morrisonville-Palmer Fire Protection District

Municipalities and Districts


  • WQPD714 - 159.105 Fixed for Well Control Data (11K)


  • 154.04000 KVG750 BM Ednbrg Services Services [Expired 7/14] FMN


  • Police dispatched by/on Christian County Sheriff, 155.7R

Midland Fire Protection District (Kincaid)

  • 155.55750 WPWG323 BM Fire: Local [Expired 11/12, poss. 114.8 3/13] FMN


Morrisonville Police Department

  • Uses IWIN for Mobile Data Terminals (151.19 formerly repeated 155.7 127.3 Sheriff before going to NXDN)
  • 151.19000 WQDE366 BM 131 DPL Police: Dispatch (Former repeated Sheriff/D131)

Morrisonville Community Ambulance

  • Basic Life Support BLS Unit's: 3I19, 3I24 (Extender repeats out to selected channel on Kenwood TK-730H mobiles, usually 151.43)
  • WQCJ633 has been terminated by the FCC, construction notice never confirmed. No valid license for repeater. [In use 4/15]

Morrisonville-Palmer Fire Protection District

  • 158.79000 153.77000 WQEU325 RM 306 DPL Fire: Operations [Off air?]
  • 158.85000 151.43000 WQCJ633 RM 411 DPL EMS [Off air?] (was 911 Simulcast) [Terminated 7/06]

Mount Auburn

  • Water Data (was 453.0125 WQBN758 Expired)

Mount Auburn Fire Protection District

  • Fire Unit: 192 EMS responds to calls as ALS, non-transport. (9/30/07 - Heard Mt Auburn Fire to Stonington, 2300N/1400 E)


  • Located in Shelby and Christian Counties

Moweaqua Community Ambulance Service


Taylorville Fire and EMS

  • Staffed 24 hours a day and responds to all medical, fire, and assistance calls. As of 2012, the department has upgraded from a BLS (basic life support) to ALS (advanced life support). With this advancement, they now owns and operate their own ambulance, only when the private ambulance services (Dunns and Sutton) are out of service or a major incident should occur.


  • 1280 Dispatcher (10/20)
  • 5001 ???? (10/20)

Taylorville Police Department

Former Frequencies

154.08500 	151.23500  	WQKX765 	RM	122 DPL	Tayl PD Old	Police: Dispatch [D732 in] 
159.19500 	156.18000  	WQDI539 	RM	546 DPL	Tayl FD/EMS	Fire/EMS: Paging (EMS simulcast on 151.43R) 
453.83750 	   	WPTS351 	F	131.8 PL	Tayl PD RF-C	Police: Remote Link 
453.83750 	   	WPTS351 	F	306 DPL	Tayl PD RF-B	Police: Remote Link 
453.83750 	   	WPTS351 	F	79.7 PL	Tayl PD RF-A	Police: Remote Link 

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Dunn's Ambulance Service (Taylorville)

Dunn's Ambulance is a ALS (advance life support) ambulance service located in Taylorville. Dunn's is dispatched to medical calls in Taylorville and surrounding communities that do not have capabilities of transporting patients or need more than basic life support. All pages are dispatched through Christian County 911.

ALS Taylorville Units: 3I52 (Medic 3), 3I54 (Medic 4)

Sutton Ambulance Service (Taylorville)

9/19/18 - Ending Service 10/1/18

  • It is with great sadness that Sutton Ambulance Service announces that as of October 1, 2018 at 0700, we will officially and permanently be out of service. Due to health concerns and other personal reasons the Sutton family has decided it is time to step out of the business of emergency medical services. The Sutton family wants to thank the many families who allowed them to serve them over the years. We thank all our employees for the devoted and professional services they have provided as representatives of our company. We thank and wish all the people of Christian county health and happiness.

It has been our honor and privilege to serve you.

  • Facebook -
  • ALS serving Taylorville and surrounding communities that do not have capabilities of transporting patients or need more than BLS. All pages are dispatched through Christian County 911.
  • ALS Units: 3I9, 3I10, 3I11, 3I12, 3I13

Taylorville Fire Department Ambulance

3I33(ALS) - Owned and Operated by Taylorville Fire Dept.

Pana Ambulance

3I13 (BLS), 3I14 (ILS), 3I45(ILS) - Owned by Decatur Ambulance Service

Assumption Fire Protection District Ambulance Service

BLS Unit: 3I23

Morrisonville Community Ambulance Inc.

BLS Units: 3I19, 3I24

Taylorville Memorial Hospital

201 East Pleasant Street
Taylorville, IL 62568

9/3/09 - Will expand, see article:

Website Link -

Pana Community Hospital

101 E Ninth Street
Taylorville, IL 62568

Website Link -

Units and Code Lists

Law Enforcement Units

Christian County Sheriff's Department
-11-xx (11-1, 11-12, 11-15 etc.)

Police Departments
Assumption - Adam 1,2,3,4
Edinburg - 25
Harvel - 26-1
Kincaid - 23-1 to 23-5
Morrisonville- 24-1 to 24-3
Mt. Auburn - 22
Stonington - M21 & M21a
Taylorville - Unit 1-16 (Taylorville Unit 2)
Taylorville - K9-1

EMS Agencies

Assumption Ambulance (BLS) - 3I23
Dunn's Ambulance (ALS) - 3I52 (Medic 3), 3I54 (Medic 4)
Morrisonville Ambulance (BLS) - 3I19 3I24
Pana Ambulance Service - 3I13(BLS), 3I14(ILS), 3I45(ILS), 3I39(BLS Non-Transport)
Sutton Ambulance (ALS) - 3I9, 3I10, 3I11, 3I12
Taylorville Ambulance (ALS) - 3I33

''Out of Service''
Pana Ambulance Service - 3I41, 3I42 (10/07)
Kennedy and Son's Ambulance is no longer in business.(10/07)

Fire Departments

Assumption Fire
- Engine 1 .. Engine 3 - Tanker

Edinburg Fire
-3 ida 26(?)

Midland Fire
-Tac 1 - Rescue Squad

Mt. Auburn Fire

Owaneco Fire

Pana Fire
PF-1 - No Longer In Service .. PF-2 - 1984 Sutphen Platform
PF-3 - 2007 Brush Truck .. PF-4 - 2004 E-One Pumper
PF-5 - Equipment Truck .. PF-7 - 1989 E-one Pumper
PF-8 - Tanker Truck
EMS-1 - BLS Non-Transport (MERCI Callsign 3I39)

Stonington Fire
- Engine 93

Taylorville Fire
Squad 1 - 1997 International Navistar Rescue Squad
Squad 2 - Brush Truck
Engine 1 - Pierce Pumper
Engine 2 - 1989 Pierce Dash Pumper
Engine 3 - 2000 Pierce Sabre Pumper
Engine 4 - 1989 Pierce Dash Pumper
Pickup 1 - F-350 Pickup Truck
Tanker 1 - 2001 Danko
Taylorville's ladder truck is no longer in service.


Buses - unidentifed, heard Morrisonville 461.40000 466.40000 WPEJ774 RM 74.4 PL CAS 4614 744 schools buses / Craig Antenna Service (Shelbyville) FM Schools

Meridian CUSD#15

  • 451.025 DMR heard I55 north near Springfield 2/16)
  • WQVZ500 - 451.025 Repeater (NFM) at Blue Mound; 452.2625 Repeater (NFM at Macon)

Central A and M Community Unit District

  • WQRD746 - 464.65 Repeater (Assumption); 463.675 Repeater (Moweaqua)
  • 463.675 in use DMR CC=1 (6/22/16) (has been heard NXDN or TRBO in area 12/12)

Morrisonville Palmer Schools

  • Uses Durham School Buses (2/20)

Vision Way Christian School

  • WQVM479 - Church/School Ops - 15-4wt on 451.2875, 452.0375 (NFM/DMR)

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