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DaneCom TRS
System Name DaneCom
System Type P25 Linear Modulation
Band VHF
FCC License WQRH305, WQRH500
City Madison
County Dane County
Network Access Code 130
TRBO Color Code
Ownership Public
DaneCom System DB Entry
WQRH500 DaneCom FCC Info
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Welcome to the DaneCom TRS collaboration article, located in Wisconsin . This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for this Trunked Radio System.

The DaneCom system is a 11 site simulcast system running Linear Modulation. The system at this time will have 10 channels, 1 being dedicated as a control channel. The county plans to link some talkgroups to both WISCOM and the Madison TRS for interoperability.

Radio IDs

Dane County has revised the ID plan created by the state and come up with the following ID plan. Users will use the same radio ID on WISCOM that they use on DaneCom

System History and Progress

In the early 2000s Dane County and the City of Madison began developing a plan to replace the various public safety radio systems in the county with a single integrated radio system. In 2008 Dane County issued an RFP, and in 2009 awarded a contract to Motorola for the design and construction of the system. In 2010, after the City of Madison withdrew from the project, Dane County issued a second RFP for a system serving Dane County agencies and the municipalities outside of Madison. A contract was subsequently issued to Harris Corporation in 2011 for the construction of the system.

Initially scheduled for completion in 2013, the Harris-built system incurred several delays, eventually going online in mid-2014. During user testing in 2014 several municipalities voiced concerns about coverage and the capability of the new system. While the county agreed with Harris that the coverage supplied met the contractual requirements, the dissatisfied users threatened to pull support for the system. These issues along with interference concerns forced the system to be shut down late in 2014 while further engineering studies were completed.

In May 2015 Dane County issued a follow-up contract to Harris for upgrades to address the concerns of the system users. The upgrade included four additional tower sites, additional equipment for conventional mutual aid and tactical channels, new P25 Phase II capable hardware, and a realigned frequency plan.

Go Live

As of November 9, 2016 all agencies have transitioned to DaneCom, and county legacy channels have shut down. Harris is providing 24/7 support during the 30 day reliability period.