Denton City

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameDenton City
OwnerDenton City
Owner TypePublic
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeMotorola Type II
Connect Tone105.88
P25 NAC?

FCC Callsign(s)
WNGC433, WPZZ800

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NOTE: This system has been marked as deprecated in the RRDB.

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UNT Police Talkgroups

All UNT Police operations are carried out on this system. Officers carry a Motorola APX series radio with their choice of hand mic or earpiece, some even opting for a hand mic with earpiece.

UNT Police Codes


  • 10-2: Signal Loud and clear
  • 10-4: Message Received; OK
  • 10-6: Busy
  • 10-8: Clear from call; back in service
  • 10-9: Repeat
  • 10-12: Secure radio for information
  • 10-20: Location
  • 10-22: Disregard
  • 10-23: Arrived on scene
  • 10-27: Driver's License
  • 10-28: Vehicle License Plate
  • 10-29: Check for Warrants
  • 10-33: Emergency
  • 10-41: In Service (For shift)
  • 10-42: Out of Service (For shift)
  • 10-50: Vehicle accident
  • 10-55: Intoxicated driver
  • 10-59: Escort
  • 10-60: In the area
  • 10-76: Enroute
  • 10-95: Subject in custody and enroute to the jail
  • 10-99: Subject wanted

Other Codes

  • 28-License Plate
  • 27-Drivers license info from name/DOB
  • 29-Check for warrants
  • 43-Description (Vehicle/Suspect)

Most of the time a 27 & 29 will be run at the together. this will be transmitted as a 27-29

UNT Campus Services

The UNT E-ride service can be heard on D Tac 2 dispatching ADA acessible vehicles to students on campus. It is unknown if ADA E-ride vehicles are university employees or UNT Police. Parking enforcement and non-police traffic control can sometimes be seen with Motorola XTS 2500 Model II radios, how often these are used is unknown.

Special Events

UNT Police use C Tac 1 for football games. At 3:00PM game day, a dispatcher will exclusively monitor TAC-1 and will handle all PD communications for Apogee Stadium. Any subjects that are run through NCIC will have their information transmitted on B Info to the NCIC dispatcher.

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