Explosive Demolition

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Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI)

Perhaps the best known explosive demolition firm, CDI has been confirmed on these frequencies as far as back as July 2000 and as recently as December 2009.

469.5000  M   331 DPL  KD20622  Ch. 1 Primary
469.5500  M   331 DPL  KD20622  Ch. 2

DH Griffin of Texas

464.6000  M  114.8 PL  Imperial Sugar implosion; Sugar Land, Texas; December 19, 2010

Dykon Explosive Demolition

Despite intense scanning of business itinerants during several Dykon implosions (after the Methodist implosion in Houston), no activity was noted; they may be using Nextel.

151.6250  M   205 DPL  Methodist Hospital professional building implosion; Houston, Texas; June 25, 2006
461.0375  M   023 DPL  Crowne Plaza Medical Center Hotel implosion; Houston, Texas; November 11, 2007
                       (this is likely a Houston 2-Way Radio rental radio)

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