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FCC Radio Service Codes

Radio Service Codes are used to abbreviate the names of the various radio services. They are used in the FCC database, database, and on FCC licenses and applications.

FCC Radio Service Codes
Category Code Radio Service Description
Broadcast SupportABAural Microwave Booster
Broadcast SupportAIAural Intercity Relay
Broadcast SupportASAural Studio Transmitter Link (STL)
Broadcast SupportCTLocal Television Transmission
Broadcast SupportLPBroadcast Auxiliary Low Power
Broadcast SupportLVLow Power Wireless Assist Video Devices
Broadcast SupportRPBroadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup
Broadcast SupportTBTV Microwave Booster
Broadcast SupportTCMSS Ancillary Terrestrial Component (ATC) Leasing
Broadcast SupportTITV Intercity Relay
Broadcast SupportTPTV Pickup
Broadcast SupportTSTV Studio Transmitter Link (STL)
Broadcast SupportTTTV Translator Relay
Broadcast SupportUMUnlicensed Wireless Microphone Registration
Broadcast/Mass MediaADAM Digital
Broadcast/Mass MediaAMAM Station
Broadcast/Mass MediaAXInternational Broadcast Station
Broadcast/Mass MediaCAClass A TV Station
Broadcast/Mass MediaDCDigital Class A TV
Broadcast/Mass MediaDMDTV Channel Change
Broadcast/Mass MediaDNNew DTV Allottment
Broadcast/Mass MediaDRDTV Channel Substitution
Broadcast/Mass MediaDSDigital TV STA
Broadcast/Mass MediaDTDigital TV
Broadcast/Mass MediaDXDigital TV Auxiliary Transmitter
Broadcast/Mass MediaFBFM Booster
Broadcast/Mass MediaFDFM Digital
Broadcast/Mass MediaFLLow Power FM
Broadcast/Mass MediaFMFM Station
Broadcast/Mass MediaFSFM Auxiliary Transmitter
Broadcast/Mass MediaFXFM Translator
Broadcast/Mass MediaIHFInternational HF Broadcast
Broadcast/Mass MediaLDDigital Translator or Digital LPTV
Broadcast/Mass MediaNMNTSC Channel Change
Broadcast/Mass MediaTVTelevision
Broadcast/Mass MediaTXTV Translator or LPTV station
Commercial OperatorCMCommercial Operator
Commercial OperatorRRRestricted Operator
Experimental XCExperimental Contract
Experimental XDExperimental Developmental
Experimental XEExperimental Export
Experimental XRExperimental Research
Experimental XTExperimental Testing
Fixed WirelessBA1390-1392 MHz Band, Market Area
Fixed WirelessBB1392-1395 and 1432-1435 MHz Bands, Market Area
Fixed WirelessBC1670-1675 MHz Band, Market Area
Fixed WirelessCEDigital Electronic Message Service - Common Carrier
Fixed WirelessCFCommon Carrier Fixed Point to Point Microwave
Fixed WirelessDVMultichannel Video Distribution AND Data Service
Fixed WirelessLDLocal Multipoint Distribution Service
Fixed WirelessMGMicrowave Industrial/Business Pool
Fixed WirelessMMMillimeter Wave 70/80/90 GHz Service
Fixed WirelessMSMultiple Address Service, Auctioned
Fixed WirelessPEDigital Electronic Message Service - Private
Fixed WirelessTN39 Ghz, Auctioned
Fixed WirelessTZ24 GHz Service
Fixed WirelessVXInstructional Television Fixed Service
Land Mobile RadioGBBusiness, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conventional
Land Mobile RadioGIOther Indust/Land Transp, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Conventional
Land Mobile RadioGJBusiness/Industrial/Land Trans, 809-824/854-869 MHz, Conventinal
Land Mobile RadioGLSMR, 900 MHz, Conventional (SMR, Site-specific)
Land Mobile RadioGMSMR, 800 MHz, Conventional (SMR, Site-specific)
Land Mobile RadioGOOther Indust/Land Transp, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conventional
Land Mobile RadioGRSMR, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Conventional
Land Mobile RadioGUBusiness, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Conventional
Land Mobile RadioGXSMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conventional
Land Mobile RadioIGIndustrial/Business Pool, Conventional
Land Mobile RadioIKIndustrial/Business Pool - Commercial, Conventional
Land Mobile RadioNC220 MHz Nationwide Commercial 5 Channel
Land Mobile RadioQA220-222 MHz Band, Auctioned
Land Mobile RadioQO220 MHz Non-Nationwide Other
Land Mobile RadioQQIntelligent Transportation Service (Non-Public Safety)
Land Mobile RadioQT220 MHz Non-Nationwide 5 Channel Trunked
Land Mobile RadioYBBusiness, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
Land Mobile RadioYCSMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Auctioned
Land Mobile RadioYDSMR, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Auctioned
Land Mobile RadioYGIndustrial/Business Pool, Trunked
Land Mobile RadioYHSMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Auctioned (Rebanded YC license)
Land Mobile RadioYIOther Indust/Land Transp. 896-901/935-940 MHz, Trunked
Land Mobile RadioYJBusiness/Industrial/Land Trans, 809-824/854-869 MHz, Trunked
Land Mobile RadioYKIndustrial/Business Pool - Commercial, Trunked
Land Mobile RadioYLSMR, 900 MHz, Trunked (SMR, Site-specific)
Land Mobile RadioYMSMR, 800 MHz, Trunked (SMR, Site-specific)
Land Mobile RadioYOOther Indust/Land Transp. 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
Land Mobile RadioYSSMR, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Trunked
Land Mobile RadioYUBusiness, 896-901/935-940 MHz, Trunked
Land Mobile RadioYXSMR, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandADAWS-4 (2000-2020 MHz and 2180-2200 MHz)
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandAHAWS-H Block (1915-1920 MHz and 1995-2000 MHz)
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandATAWS-3 (1695-1710 MHz, 1755-1780 MHz, and 2155-2180 MHz)
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandAWAWS (1710-1755 and 2110-2155 MHz)
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandBRBroadband Radio Service
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandCACommercial Air-ground Radiotelephone
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandCGGeneral Aviation Air-ground Radiotelephone
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandCJCommercial Aviation Air-Ground Radiotelephone (800 MHz band)
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandCLCellular
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandCWPCS Broadband
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandCXCellular, Auctioned
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandCY1910-1915/1990-1995 MHz Bands, Market Area
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandEDEducational Broadband Service
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandMDMultipoint Distribution Service (MDS and MMDS)
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandNN3650-3700 MHz
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandWP700 MHz Upper Band (Block D)
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandWSWireless Communications Service
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandWU700 MHz Upper Band (Block C)
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandWX700 MHz Guard Band
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandWY700 MHz Lower Band (Blocks A, B, E)
Mobile/Fixed BroadbandWZ700 MHz Lower Band (Blocks C, D)
Paging and MessagingCBBasic Exchange Telephone Radio Service (BETRS)
Paging and MessagingCDPaging and Radiotelephone
Paging and MessagingCNPCS Narrowband
Paging and MessagingCOOffshore Radiotelephone
Paging and MessagingCPPart 22 VHF/UHF Paging (excluding 931MHz)
Paging and MessagingCRRural Radiotelephone
Paging and MessagingCZPart 22 931 MHZ Paging
Paging and MessagingGC929-931 MHz Band, Auctioned
Paging and MessagingGSPrivate Carrier Paging, 929-930 MHz
Paging and MessagingQD220 MHz Non-Nationwide Data
PersonalHVAmateur Vanity
PersonalZAGeneral Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)
PersonalZV218-219 MHz Service
RadiolocationLN902-928 MHz Location Narrowband (Non-multilateration)
RadiolocationLSLocation and Monitoring Service, Multilateration (LMS)
RadiolocationLW902-928 MHz Location Wideband (Grandfathered AVM)
RadiolocationMRMarine Radiolocation Land
RadiolocationRSLand Mobile Radiolocation
RadiolocationWRMicrowave Radiolocation
Safety of LifeAAAviation Auxiliary Group
Safety of LifeACAircraft
Safety of LifeAFAeronautical and Fixed
Safety of LifeARAviation Radionavigation
Safety of LifeGEPublic Safety/Spec Emerg/PS Natl Plan,806-817/851-862MHz,Conv
Safety of LifeGFPublic Safety National Plan, 821-824/866-869 MHz, Conventional
Safety of LifeGPPublic Safety/Spec Emerg, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conventional
Safety of LifeIQIntelligent Transportation Service (Public Safety)
Safety of LifeMAMarine Auxiliary Group
Safety of LifeMCCoastal Group
Safety of LifeMKAlaska Group
Safety of LifeMWMicrowave Public Safety Pool
Safety of LifePAPublic Safety 4940-4990 MHz Band
Safety of LifePCPublic Coast Stations, Auctioned
Safety of LifePWPublic Safety Pool, Conventional
Safety of LifeQM220 MHz Non-Nationwide Public Safety/Mutual Aid
Safety of LifeSAShip Recreational or Voluntarily Equipped
Safety of LifeSBShip Compulsory Equipped
Safety of LifeSEShip Exemption
Safety of LifeSGPublic Safety 700 MHz Conventional
Safety of LifeSLPublic Safety 700 MHz State License
Safety of LifeSPPublic Safety 700 MHz Broadband Nationwide License
Safety of LifeSYPublic Safety 700 MHz Trunked
Safety of LifeWAMicrowave Aviation
Safety of LifeWMMicrowave Marine
Safety of LifeYEPublic Safety/Spec Emerg/PS Natl Plan,806-817/851-862MHz,Trunked
Safety of LifeYFPublic Safety National Plan, 821-824/866-869 MHz, Trunked
Safety of LifeYPPublic Safety/Spec Emerg, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Trunked
Safety of LifeYWPublic Safety Pool, Trunked
Satellite Earth StationBESBlanket Earth Station
Satellite Earth StationESVEarth Stations on-board Vessels
Satellite Earth StationFESFixed Earth Station
Satellite Earth StationFLEFixed Land Earth Station
Satellite Earth StationHBTTemporary Fixed VSAT Hub Station
Satellite Earth StationHUBVSAT Fixed Hub Station
Satellite Earth StationMESMobile Earth Station
Satellite Earth StationOTH(catch all for anything that doesn't fit our categories)
Satellite Earth StationTFETemporary Fixed Earth Station
Satellite Earth StationVSTVSAT Network
Satellite Space StationSSGGeostationary Space Station
Satellite Space StationSSNNon-Geostationary Space Station

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