First Student - St. Louis (LTR)

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First Student - St.Louis (LTR) TRS
System Name First Student - St.Louis (LTR)
System Type LTR Standard
System ID N/A
Connect Tone N/A
Wide Area Communications Network
Network Access Code N/A
TRBO Color Code
Band UHF
Ownership Private
FCC License WPSJ492
City St.Louis
County St.Louis
State Missouri

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First Student - St.Louis (LTR) FCC Info
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Welcome to the First Student - St.Louis (LTR) collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in St.Louis County, Missouri.
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Monitoring Info

  • 463.675 LCN7, 461.65 LCN15 both active 8/27/20
  • 464.575 traffic about Casey Elementary (9/20)

Additional Callsign(s)

Laidlaw has the following Bus Hubs (Bus parking lots)

  • 2 Union 70 Center (NW Stl City ; Aka, Union Base)
  • 544 Clark Avenue (Kirkwood)
  • 800 Cerre Ave (Downtown Stl City)
  • 1381 Ferguson Ave (Pagedale)
  • 1401 Ferguson Ave (Pagedale)
  • 5300 Hall St (North St Louis City ; Aka, Hall Street Base)
  • 5411 Brown Ave (NW St Louis City ; Aka, Brown Base)
  • 8125 Groby Rd (University City)

Terms used on the LTR TRS and all of its Conventional channels

  • Tier 1 = Pickup/Dropoff from the High Schools
  • Tier 2 = Pickup/Dropoff from the Elementary Schools
  • Tier 3 = Pickup/Dropoff from the Middle Schools
  • CPA-1 is the principal (heard on 0-04-006) (DaVita Green)

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