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 Trunked Radio System

NameFlagler County
OwnerFlagler County
Owner Type
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase II

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Welcome to the Flagler County collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in Flagler County, Florida.
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  • Some talkgroups on this system may be using P25 Phase II TDMA modulation, which can only be monitored using a P25 Phase II capable scanner or receiver.
  • Click HERE for a list of scanners capable of monitoring those talkgroups.

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"The $15.2 million system augments the coverage of the previous 800 MHz system with six towers – Old Dixie Park, County Road 304 and State Road 11, County Road 305 and State Road, Matanzas Parkway near the high school, at the Government Services Complex, and the Jail complex – as well as repeaters.

“This is all brand new – sites, towers, equipment,” Shupe said. “The towers are hurricane rated to withstand 160 mph winds, and there are multiple redundancies. This is a Phase II system, which means there are 18 talk paths instead of just nine, which increases our capacity.”

The system has interoperability with the neighboring St. Johns County, and the tower at Old Dixie Park is located for shared use and future interoperability with Volusia County. There are future plans for interoperability with Putnam County as well. It increases the security and safety of the end users." - source Flagler County's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony announcement which is linked below.


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