FleetNet / Silke Communications

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Fleetnet / Silke Communications TRS
System Name Fleetnet / Silke Communications
System Type NXDN / NEXEDGE
System ID R80
Connect Tone None
Network Access Code None
DMR Color Code {{{CCode}}}
Band UHF
State Ca, Or, Wa
Ownership Private

Fleetnet / Silke Communications System DB Entry
Fleetnet / Silke Communications Site Map from the RRDB

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Welcome to the Fleetnet / Silke Communications TRS collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for this Trunked Radio System.

  • See the Can It Be Decoded section of the NXDN article for compatible receivers and applications

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Site 015: Unknown location; 454.050,454.6125,460.950,464.975
Site 016: Central Oregon - Cinder Butte; 454.050,454.36875,454.5375c
Site 022: Unknown location; 454.4875c
Site 040: Unknown location; 454.25625c,462.0625
Site 045: Unknown location; 451.95625,462.09375,451.990625
Site 046: Unknown location; 463.2875c
Site 047: Unknown location; 451.85625c

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