Great Plains Energy (Kansas City Metro Area)

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Deprecated Multi-State
Utility Trunked Radio System

NameGreat Plains Energy (Kansas City Metro Area)
OwnerGreat Plains Energy
Owner TypeUtility
StatesMissouri, Kansas
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band900 Mhz
TypeMotorola Type II
Connect Tone90.00
P25 NAC?

FCC Callsign(s)
WPIT599, WPIT622, WPIT626

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NOTE: This system has been marked as deprecated in the RRDB.

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NOTE: This system has been marked as deprecated in the RRDB.

New Systems

  • New VHF and 900 DMR systems replace the Smartnet system?
  • WQOJ720 - 11/13 modify input 158.25 to 158.3775 (was Williamsburg KS Franklin)
L1  Evergy VHF DMR Tier III System L1, KS/MO - Updated 02/21
1.5			152.1725c0	19/20
1.7 Denver/Worth MO	153.1025 DCC0		
1.8			152.0225c0	5/6 25/26 35/36 47/48 57/58	WPVM853?
2.4 Fayette/Howard??? Or Oregon/Holt???	153.065c0 (153.2525 153.5975)	WQSX903
2.6			152.0825c0
2.7 Arkoe/Nodaway MO ?	153.1775c0					WQOJ781
3.2			152.0675c0	11/12 55/56
3.5			152.1275c0
3.7  Williamsburg/Franklin KS	153.320c0d (153.560 153.695)		WQOJ720
3.8			152.0525c0

H3 Evergy 900 DMR Tier III System H3, NE Kansas (MOT RAS) - Updated 02/21
4	935.3125?53d
10	1
12 Eskridge/Wabaunsee? Arkansas City/Cowley??	935.5375c14d-89 935.7375c14-121?	NL 10 20 24 29 40
13	935.7625c15-125d	NL 4 24 27 43 44
14	935.3625c15-61d		NL 16 17 27 31
16	1
17	935.800?131d
20	1
24	935.325c15-55d		NL 10 12 13 44 91		5 bars by Emporia
25	936.0875?177d
27	935.5375c13-89		NL 4 14 35 42
31	1
35	935.625?103d
39	1
40	935.400c9-51d ??	NL 12 20 25
42	1
43	935.8375?137d
44	1
S10 Evergy 900 DMR Tier III System S10?, NE Kansas
Site 1	935.200c0	KNNQ318 Evergy @ Burlington/Coffey (?)  heard between Wichita & Topeka
Site 2	935.8125c0 voice ch? TG 141 – 2057 9001


KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company FRN 0002506053 Page 1 of 2 REQUEST FOR EXTENDED IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD Pursuant to the provisions of section 90.629 of the Federal Communications Commission’s Rules, KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company hereby requests approval of an extended implementation period to allow adequate time to complete construction of the subject licensed facilities that will be part of a wide-area trunked private land mobile radio system. As explained herein, KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company is requesting until December 31, 2014, to complete construction of the planned system. A. Background Great Plains Energy Incorporated is the holding company of Kansas City Power & Light Company and KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company (KCP&L-GMO). The utilities operate under the brand name KCP&L and serve over 826,000 customers in 47 counties in Missouri and Kansas – a service territory of approximately 18,000 square miles. KCPL today is the product of the consolidation of several different electric utility companies and their respective radio systems. Each radio system operates in a different band of frequencies and some portions of the system are operating with aging technology, difficult to maintain. In addition, operations in three different radio bands restrict interoperability and impede communications between field personnel operating in hazardous environments. B. KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company’s New Digital Radio System To support its safe and reliable provision of electric service to the public, KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company has obtained funding and commenced construction of a multisite, VHF digital trunked radio system. This system is part of the larger, Great Plains Energy system. This system will utilize both Part 90 and Part 22 spectrum already acquired by GPE.

C. Construction Schedule GPE is already well along in the implementation of this project. Part 22 spectrum has already been acquired and supplemental Part 90 spectrum, including the subject licenses here, will complete the system. Funding has been approved and some construction and test operation on Part 22 channels has already been completed. The initial project schedule called for a four year deployment. Recent funding and progress as allowed for the implementation to be shortened, allowing for the operational benefits to be realized sooner. Construction has been scheduled in three phases. Phase I – Conversion of systems in the central areas including areas utilizing Part 22 spectrum - completion by the end of the third quarter of 2013. (Some of these areas will have Part 22 spectrum operational early next year.) In addition to approximately 40 base stations (repeaters), this phase will also include installation of all the new radio dispatch.

consoles and network control and monitoring computers at main and back-up dispatch centers. Phase II – Will include build out of systems in areas previously part of the Missouri Public Service territory legacy radio system. This will include approximately 30 base stations at ten sites and all the back haul network connections. This phase is scheduled for completion by the second quarter of 2014. Phase III – This phase will include more of the outlying areas and northern areas of the GPE service territories (now part of KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company). It will involve addressing collocation issues; more infrastructure and completion of some back haul communication links and will be completed by the fourth quarter of 2014. This phase will include 20 base stations at eight sites along with full operation of the subject Part 90 licenses addressed in this application for extended implementation. D. Justification for Extended Implementation Period

The KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company (and GPE systems) digital VHF trunked radio system will support more than one thousand mobile and portable radio units operating over an 18,000 square mile area. For a system this large, there are numerous physical construction and network complexities that require additional time to fully implement. These include completion of the digital back haul network to all the sites, and the installation, testing and cut over of two large dispatch centers and all central control and monitoring equipment. This work must be completed first (Phase I) and the central operations completed and cutover (Phase II) before the last stage of the project, involving the subject licenses, are made fully operational. While the build out of the new VHF digital radio system will utilize a great deal of existing infrastructure, including private microwave towers and fiber communication back-haul links, some new facilities will be needed. In outlying areas of the system, including licenses subject to this request, additional infrastructure will need to be rebuilt or added, including work at sites requiring collocation and agreements with other entities. Because of the multiple entities involved, and in some cases a requirement for new or modified facilities, completion of this infrastructure will take additional time, estimated in our schedule above to be two years. E. Conclusion Due to the size, complexity and other factors, as described above, operation of the subject licenses within the allowed 12 month construction period associated with a Part 90 license, as required by section 90.155, would not be reasonable.

For all the foregoing reasons, KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company hereby requests approval of the above proposed extended implementation plan, allowing the construction dead line of these licenses to be authorized as December 31, 2014.

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