Hamilton County-Cincinnati Public Safety

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Deprecated Multi-State
Public Trunked Radio System

NameHamilton County-Cincinnati Public Safety
OwnerHamilton County
Owner TypePublic
StatesOhio, Kentucky
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase I

FCC Callsign(s)
WPFS987, WQAF265, WQAF267

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NOTE: This system has been marked as deprecated in the RRDB.

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System Information

Radio sites are located at:

  • Indian Hill (Indian Hill)
  • Broadwell (Anderson Twp)
  • Deerfield Rd. (Blue Ash)
  • Mt. Washington (Cincinnati)
  • French Park (Amberley Village)
  • County Engineers (Cincinnati)
  • Comm Center
  • Mt. Airy (Cincinnati)
  • Calhoun Hall (Cincinnati)
  • Thompson Rd. (Colerain Twp)
  • Miami/Whitewater Forest
  • Rittenhouse Rd. (Miami Twp)
  • Miami Heights
  • Mount Saint Joseph College (Delhi)
  • Eden Park (Cincinnati)

Conventional Channels

Fire paging is done on:

  • 460.3000 FIRE WEST
  • 460.5000 FIRE EAST

Decommissioned Sites

Site 002 - Cincinnati Simulcast
851.1875	851.215a	851.4625a	851.5625	851.5875
851.6875	851.8375	852.0875	852.1125	852.3125
852.3375	852.6125	852.6625	853.6375	853.7875

See the Hamilton County page for conventional 800 MHz channels.

Radio Templates

Cincinnati PD Zones and Channels in use on the system:


  • [1] The cells highlighted in orange indicate a talkgroup which is encrypted.
  • [2] The talkgroups in Zone N are most likely all encrypted.
  • [3] Channel 11-A (SORTA) is a talkgroup on the Sorta system.

System Upgrades

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