Hollywood Casino St Louis (Motorola)

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Private Trunked Radio System

NameHollywood Casino St Louis (Motorola)
OwnerSaint Louis Gaming Ventures LLC dba Hollywood Casino Saint Louis
Owner TypePrivate
CityMaryland Heights
CountySt. Louis
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band900 MHz
TypeMotorola Type II Smartnet
Connect Tone90.0
P25 NACn/a

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Welcome to the Hollywood Casino St Louis (Motorola) collaboration article, a Private Trunked Radio System located in St. Louis County, Missouri, United States.
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  • Website Also see Conventional Frequencies
  • Sold Fall 2012 - formerly Harrah's St. Louis Casino & Hotel (Maryland Heights)
  • Hotel uses this system mostly for Casino operations & slot maintenance.
  • Casino Areas
    • -Hotel - 455 Beds, 47 luxury suites (Island Tower?)
    • -Slots - The Island and Mardi Gras
    • -Rapid Roulette, Table Games and Poker
  • Areas heard to "respond to" for their "next call" (said like "Papa-Alpa 6")
    • TG 00112 - Dispatch, 7 Diamond, BE?, CE3, NK9, 0D9, PA6, QB2, NE7, QM6, RH?, JB2, KF7, KR2, NR5, QH6, QI8 final, SF127star
    • TG 00176 - (3 Card Poker on Easy Street Side; B Side; Express) AA8, AS2, BL9, CB6, CE8, CH2, CH3, CH7, DG22, EB7, IP5, IK2, GK5, IC7, JD5/JI5?, IH3, FL5, GI6, HL6, KF8, KR5, FB2
    • TG 00400 - JF21, IH9
    • All phonetics such as papa alpha 6, romeo alpha 1 etc... are slot machine or table game locations. The cocktail waitresses will also call out drinks over walkies to the same locations.
  • Response Reasons
    • --Escorts?: Diamond Express, Golden Express, Papa Express
    • --Jackpot, Tilts, Jams, "Have a taxable", "Officer Verifying"
  • Code 6 - means that guest is intoxicated. Security is called and surveillance is taping the interaction between the guest and security and or missouri gaming officer.
  • Code 8 - (heard 00048 security unit to MO Gaming Officer, "Code 8 Employee Refusal of Service - Went home)
  • 10-14 TG0048 (heard "10-14 complete")
  • Sky 1 - Surveillance
  • GSO - Guest Safety Officer
  • EMT - Emergency Medical Tech
  • EVS - Janitorial Staff (TG00368)
  • Missouri Gaming or Gaming Officer or Gaming Offical - Missouri Gaming Officer.
  • Some of the active voice channels heard: 937.15, 939.75
  • 00048 heard "10-14 complete", "table 14"
  • 00176 most active
  • 00336 "error on machine" "20 dollars in"
  • 00368 "plunger to Range Kitchen"
  • 00400 "Control room" "13 service bar doing boards"
  • 00528 heard "Call me at 8119" "going 3 ???"
  • 469.5 Beverages? heard JA7, OH3 Romeo Section, RC1 Juliet Section
  • 11/5/08 From inside the building, it may only be the BCD-396T, but there is sometimes data noise heard on some frequencies. Sometimes it seems the interference will overpower the voice operations on some TGs. It seems that setting the ATTenuator on either the TG and/or frequency/system may allow it to receive better. It may also be interference from a portable radio that is close to you.

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