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Images and Maps


News Updates

  • ISP Strategic Plan FY2023-FY2025 Link
  • Illinois APCO - Statewide Interoperability Template (draft 2021) Link
  • Illinois Tactical Communications Plan (TICP) from January 2017 Link (PDF)

Communications / Radio Usage

  • IREACH - 155.055 - See the plan
  • ISPERN - 155.475 -
  • HF-4 - 155.46 CSQ HF4 - Channel 7 / to Ambulances on 155.34 KA5825

Codes / Unit Designators (IDs)

Interoperability Repeaters

Repeaters located at the following locations

  • Taylorville/Christian - 8CAL90, 8TAC93 (for ISP at Taylorville Prison/DOC)
  • Mason/Effingham - 8CAL90, 8TAC93 (for ISP)
  • Bloomington/McLean - 8CAL90, 8TAC93 (for ISP District 6)
  • Springfield/Sangamon - 8CAL90, 8TAC93, 8TAC91 (for ISP District 9)
  • St Louis/St Clair Co - All 5 repeaters (For St Louis City Police)
  • Pekin/TAZCOM - All 5 repeaters

STARCOM21 - State Radio Communications for the 21st Century


Illinois State Police Conventional Channels

  • Note: Frequencies in the 758-768 MHz range are now part of the FirstNet block and are reportedly no longer available for conventional public safety use. (10/21) WPTZ798
Frequency  Input      Type Tone     Alpha Tag 	 Description 	                        Mode  Tag 
764.16875 	      M	   67.0 PL  ISP CONVDIR1 Zone 8 - F11  	                        FMN   Law Tac 
764.19375 	      M	   67.0 PL  ISP CONVDIR2 Zone 8 - F12  	                        FMN   Law Tac 
764.21875 	      M	   67.0 PL  ISP CONVDIR3 Zone 8 - F13  	                        FMN   Law Tac 
764.14375  794.14375  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC58	 Zone 11/12 - F8 (F1 7TAC58D) 	        P25   Law Tac 
764.64375  794.65375  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC62	 Zone 11/12 - F9 7TAC62 (F2 7TAC62D) 	P25   Law Tac 
765.14375  795.14375  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC66	 Zone 11/12 - F10 7TAC66 (F3 7TAC66D) 	P25   Law Tac 
765.39375  795.39375  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7LAW68	 Zone 11/12 - F11 7LAW68 (F4 7LAW68D) 	P25   Law Tac 
765.49375  795.49375  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7LAW69	 Zone 11/12 - F12 7LAW69 (F5 7LAW69D) 	P25   Law Tac 
765.64375  795.64375  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC70	 Zone 11/12 - F13 7TAC70 (F6 7TAC70D) 	P25   Law Tac 
765.89375  795.89375  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7MOB72	 Zone 11/12 - F14 7MOB72 (F7 7MOB72D) 	P25   Law Tac 
774.10625  804.10625  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC74	 Zone 13M - F8 7TAC74 (F1 7TAC74D) 	P25   Law Tac 
774.60625  804.60625  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC78	 Zone 13M - F9 7TAC78 (F2 7TAC78D) 	P25   Law Tac 
775.10625  805.10625  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC82	 Zone 13M - F10 7TAC82 (F3 7TAC82D) 	P25   Law Tac 
775.00625  805.00625  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7LAW84	 Zone 13M - F11 7LAW84 (F4 7LAW84D) 	P25   Law Tac 
775.30625  805.30625  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7LAW85	 Zone 13M - F12 7LAW85 (F5 7LAW85D) 	P25   Law Tac 
775.60625  805.60625  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC86	 Zone 13M - F13 7TAC86 (F6 7TAC86D) 	P25   Law Tac 
775.50625  805.50625  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7MOB88	 Zone 13M - F14 7MOB88 (F7 7MOB88D) 	P25   Law Tac 
764.24375  794.24375  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7CAL59	 Zone 13N - F9 7CAL59 (F1 7CAL59D) 	P25   Law Tac 
764.73750  794.73750  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC64	 Zone 13N - F10 7TAC64 (F2 7TAC63D) 	P25   Law Tac 
765.99375  795.99375  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC73	 Zone 13N - F12 7TAC73 (F4 7TAC73D) 	P25   Law Tac 
774.25625  804.25625  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7CAL75	 Zone 13N - F13 7CAL75 (F5 7CAL75D) 	P25   Law Tac 
774.75625  804.75625  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC79	 Zone 13N - F14 7TAC79 (F6 7TAC79D) 	P25   Law Tac 
775.25625  805.25625  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC83	 Zone 13N - F15 7TAC83 (F7 7TAC83D) 	P25   Law Tac 
775.85625  805.85625  RM   156 NAC  ISP 7TAC89	 Zone 13N - F16 7TAC89 (F8 7TAC89D) 	P25   Law Tac 

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS)

  • WRVM269 - Communications Team, ILEAS (Urbana): GMRS license
  • 700 MHz portable repeaters and mobile extenders WQZX653

New Troop Assignments

2023 Reorganization Facts
  • 2023 Communication Center Map
  • 6 communications centers throughout the state – Sterling Communications Center, which serves Troops 1 and 2; Chicago Communications Center, which serves Troop 3; Pontiac Communications Center, which serves Troops 4, 5 and 7; Springfield Communications Center, which serves Troop 6 and the Springfield Command Center; Collinsville Communications Center, which serves Troop 8; and DuQuoin Communications Center, which serves Troops 9 and 10.

Division of Patrol (DOP)

  • Provides uniformed patrol of Illinois roadways. Officers proactively enforce criminal and traffic laws. Uniformed officers, strategically assigned statewide, work to provide comprehensive law enforcement services to the public as well as to fellow county, municipal, and federal law enforcement agencies.
  • Patrol Trooper: General patrol functions including enforcement of laws, responding to calls for service, and providing safety-related education
  • Canine Officer: Criminal apprehension, narcotic enforcement, crime enforcement, general patrol, crowd control, and safety education.
  • CRIME Patrol Officer: Responsible for the interception of crime from Illinois roadways as well as the training and mentoring of ISP troopers
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Officer: Responsible for the enforcement of commercial motor vehicle laws and hazardous materials compliance.
  • Vehicle Identification Officer: Responsible for vehicle identification and ownership-related investigations pertaining to motor vehicles.
  • Evidence Officer: Responsible for maintaining evidentiary processes and coordinating with applicable court systems for prosecution.
  • Court Officer: Responsible for coordinating prosecution-related efforts between Troops and applicable court systems.
  • Crowd Control Team: Responsible for responding to and providing public safety during civil disorders and large gatherings.
  • Protective Services Unit Officer: Uniformed and administrative personnel responsible for providing security to State of Illinois buildings and government officials located in the city of Chicago. PSU Webpage

Troop 1 - Rockford

  • Troop Webpage Troop Facebook Page [ Troop Map]
  • Former D1-Carroll, Ogle, Whiteside, Lee; D16-Jo Daviess, Stephenson, Winnebago.
  • Located in northwest Illinois and encompasses Carroll, Jo Daviess, Lee, Ogle, Stephenson, Whiteside, and Winnebago counties. Headquarters are located in Sterling and Pecatonica. Troopers in Troop 1 patrol interstates I-39, I-88, and I-90, as well as U.S. Route 20
  • The primary talkgroup for Troop 1 will be District 1A (TG 9000).
  • The secondary talkgroup for Troop 1 will be District 16A (TG 9017).
  • The Sterling Communication Center will be the primary center.

Troop 2 - Moline

  • Troop Webpage Troop Facebook Page [ Troop Map]
  • Former D7-Rock Island, Mercer, Henry; D17-Bureau, Putnam, LaSalle.
  • Includes Bureau, Henry, LaSalle, Mercer, Putnam, and Rock Island counties. Headquarters are located in La Salle and East Moline. Troopers in Troop 2 patrol interstates I-39, I-74, I-80, I-88, I-180, and I-280.
  • The primary talkgroup for Troop 2 will be District 7A (TG 9015).
  • The secondary talkgroup for Troop 2 is apparently District 17-B (TG 9020).
  • KThe secondary talkgroup for Troop 2 will be District 17-A (TG 9019). Does not appear to be in use
  • The Sterling Communication Center will be the primary center.

Troop 3 - Chicago

  • Former District Chicago-Cook; D2-McHenry, Lake, DeKalb, Kane, DuPage; D5-Kendall, Will, Grundy.
  • Includes Boone, Cook, DeKalb, Grundy, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will counties. Headquarters are located in Des Plaines, Elgin, and Joliet. The primary function of Troopers in Troop 3 is to patrol interstates I-55, I-80, I-57, I-355, I-290, IL-53, and many rural/unincorporated areas throughout the counties.
  • 1/24 - ISP announced that Troop 15 Facebook page has been merged with Troop 3 (see above) Discussion
  • Troop 3 will be divided into four (4) quadrants:
  • North (Yellow)
   N1 - Kennedy; I-90 I-290 to Addison Street
   N2 - Kennedy; I-90 Hamlin Avenue to O'Hare
   N3 - I-94 Edens; Wilson Avenue to Dundee Road
   N4 - I-355 North of Army Trail to I-290; I-290 North of St. Charles Road to Thorndale Avenue
   N5 - I-290 North of Devon Avenue to I-90
   N6 - Route IL-53 North to Lake-Cook Road

Primary talkgroup – 2A (TG 9002)

  • Middle (Blue)
   M1 - I-290; East Congress to Kostner Avenue
   M2 - I-290; West Cicero Avenue to 17th Avenue
   M3 - I-290; South of St. Charles Road to 17th Avenue
   M4 - I-55; Cicero Avenue to Lake Shore Drive
   M5 - I-55; I-55; Cicero Avenue to LaGrange Road
   M6 - I-55; I-355 to LaGrange Road

Primary talk-group – DC-C (TG 9007)

  • South (Red)
   S1 - Dan Ryan; Roosevelt Road to 31st Street, Express Lanes: 31st Street to 67th Street
   S2 - Dan Ryan; Roosevelt Road to 43rd Street
   S3 - Dan Ryan; 43rd Street to 87th Street
   S4 - Dan Ryan/I-57; 87th Street to 119th Street
   S5 - Bishop Ford/I-94; 103rd Street to Dolton Avenue
   S6 - Bishop Ford/I-94; I-80 to 119th Street; Route 394 South of I-80
   S7 - I-57 North of I-80 to 119th Street; I-80 East of Harlem Avenue to Route 394
   S8 - I-57 South of I-80 to Will/Kankakee County Line; Route 394/Route 1

Primary talkgroup – DC-D (TG 9008)

  • Southwest (Green)
   S9 - I-80 West of I-55 to Grundy/LaSalle County Line; I-55 South of I-80 to Grundy/Livingston County Line
   S10 - I-55 North of I-80 to I-355
   S11 - I-80 East of I-55 to Harlem Avenue
   S12 - I-80 Ridge Road to I-355
   S13 - I-55 Route 6 to IL-53

Primary talkgroup – 5A (TG 9013)

  • Troop 3 Administrative Units, Outside State Agencies, Statewide Anti-Violence Enforcement (SAVE), HIT
   Primary talkgroup – DC-A (TG 9005)

Troop 4 - Peoria

  • Troop Webpage Troop Facebook Page [ Troop Map]
  • Former D7-Knox; D8-Stark, Marshall, Peoria, Woodford, Tazewell; D14-Henderson, Warren, Hancock, McDonough, Fulton.
  • Includes Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, Knox, Marshall, McDonough, Peoria, Stark, Tazewell, Warren, and Woodford counties. Headquarters are located in Macomb and Metamora. Troopers in Troop 4 patrol interstates I-39, I-74, I-155, and I-474, as well as all the State and U.S. highways within the 11 counties.
  • The primary talkgroup for Troop 4 will be District 8A (TG 13002).
  • The secondary talkgroup for Troop 4 will be District 14A (TG 13009).
  • The Pontiac Communication Center will be the primary center.

Troop 5 - Bloomington

  • Troop Webpage Troop Facebook Page [ Troop Map]
  • Former D6-Livingston, McLean, Dewitt; D21-Kankakee, Ford, Iroquois.
  • Includes DeWitt, Ford, Iroquois, Kankakee, Livingston, and McLean counties. Headquarters are located in Ashkum and Pontiac. Troopers in Troop 5 patrol interstates I-55, I-57, I-74, and I-39, as well as all State and U.S. highways within the six counties
  • The primary talkgroup for Troop 5 will be District 6A (TG 13000).
  • The secondary talkgroup for Troop 5 will be District 21A (TG 9021).
  • The Pontiac Communication Center will be the primary center.

Troop 6 - Springfield

  • Troop Webpage Troop Facebook Page [ Troop Map]
  • Former D9-Mason, Logan, Cass, Menard, Morgan, Sangamon, Christian; D20-Adams, Schuyler, Brown, Pike, Scott.
  • Includes Adams, Brown, Cass, Christian, Logan, Mason, Menard, Morgan, Pike, Sangamon, Schuyler, and Scott counties. Headquarters are located in Pittsfield and Springfield. Troopers in Troop 6 patrol interstates I-55, I-72, I-155, I-172, as well as all the State and U.S. highways within the 12 counties
  • The primary talkgroup for Troop 6 will be District 9A (TG 13004).
  • The secondary talkgroup for Troop 6 will be District 20A (TG 13011).
  • The Springfield Communication Center will be the primary center.

Troop 7 - Champaign

  • Troop Webpage Troop Facebook Page [ Troop Map]
  • Former D10-Macon, Piatt, Champaign, Vermillion, Shelby, Moultrie, Douglas, Coles, Edgar.
  • Includes Champaign, Coles, Douglas, Edgar, Macon, Moultrie, Piatt, Shelby, and Vermillion counties. Troop 7 headquarters is located in Pesotum. Troopers in Troop 7 patrol interstates I-57, I-72, I-74, as well as all the State and U.S. highways within the nine counties.
  • The primary talkgroup for Troop 7 will be District 10A (TG 13007).
  • Troop 7 will not have a secondary talkgroup. When an additional talkgroup is required the “B” talkgroups will be utilized and patched (until radio configurations are completed).
  • The Pontiac Communication Center will be the primary center.

Troop 8 - Collinsville (Metro East)

ISP Troop Map 2023
  • Troop Webpage Troop Facebook Page Broadcastify Live Scanner
  • Former D11-Madison, Bond, St. Clair, Clinton, Monroe; D13-Washington; D18-Calhoun, Greene, Jersey, Macoupin, Montgomery.
  • Including Bond, Clinton, Calhoun, Greene, Jersey, Macoupin, Madison, Montgomery, Monroe, St. Clair, and Washington counties. Headquarters are located in Collinsville and Litchfield. The primary function of Troopers in Troop 8 is to patrol interstates I-55, I-64, I-255, and I-270, and many rural/unincorporated areas throughout the counties.
  • The primary talkgroup for Troop 8 will be District 11A (TG 17000).
  • The secondary talkgroup for Troop 8 will be District 18A (TG 17009).
  • The Collinsville Communication Center will be the primary center (until the new East St Louis center is built)

New Combined Metro-East Facility $55,000,000

  • Planning, site acquisition, and construction of a new facility to accommodate in excess of 180 ISP personnel and include the following ISP work units: Troop 8 (D11) Patrol Headquarters, Communications Service Bureau, Zone 6 Investigations, Division of Internal Investigations, Illinois Gaming Board, Medicaid Fraud Control Bureau, and South SWAT. All of these work units currently are located in the Regional State

building in Collinsville (shared with IDOT), with the exception of South SWAT. The Regional State building work units occupy approximately 50,000 square feet of space. In addition to this space, South SWAT would require approximately 2,500 square feet of office space and 12,500 square feet of storage space. Relocating South SWAT to the Metro-East area in a new facility would provide adequate storage for specialty equipment and would provide for better response times in an area of the state with a growing significance for SWAT services. Relocating investigations and patrol will also have force-multiplying effects in reducing violent crime and improving traffic safety enforcement in high-crime, low-resource areas that are increasingly reliant upon the ISP for public safety services. This new facility should include a new firing range and training room which is critical to maintaining standards and improving safety outcomes in high risk situations. A combined facility would also enhance operational efficiencies for these work units. Finally, construction of a new facility will allow the ISP to combine several work locations reducing yearly repair and maintenance costs and eliminate the need to lease specialty space for SWAT.

Patrol Areas

  • Metro
  • 55 North (along I-55 though Madison, Macoupin, Montgomery Counties)

Troop 9 - Effingham

  • Troop Webpage Troop Facebook Page [ Troop Map]
  • Former D12-Cumberland, Clark, Fayette, Effingham, Jasper, Crawford, Marion, Clay, Richland, Lawrence; D19-Wayne, Edwards, Wabash, Hamilton, White.
  • Includes Clark, Clay, Crawford, Cumberland, Edwards, Effingham, Fayette, Hamilton, Jasper, Lawrence, Marion, Richland, Wabash, Wayne, and White counties. Headquarters are located in Effingham and Carmi. The primary function of Troopers in Troop 9 is to patrol interstates I-57 and I-70, and many rural/unincorporated developments throughout the counties.
  • The primary talkgroup for Troop 9 will be District 12A (TG 17003).
  • The secondary talkgroup for Troop 9 will be District 19A (TG 17011).
  • The DuQuoin Communication Center will be the primary center.

Troop 10 - Carbondale

  • Troop Webpage Troop Facebook Page [ Troop Map]
  • Former D13-Jefferson, Randolph, Perry, Franklin, Jackson, Williamson; D19-Saline, Gallatin; D22-Union, Johnson, Pope, Hardin, Alexander, Pulaski, Massac.
  • Includes Alexander, Franklin, Gallatin, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Massac, Perry, Pope, Pulaski, Randolph, Saline, Union, and Williamson counties. Headquarters are located in DuQuoin and Ullin. The primary function of Troopers in Troop 10 is to patrol interstates I-64, I-57, I-24, and many rural/unincorporated areas throughout the counties.
  • The primary talk-group for Troop 10 will be District 13A (TG 17006).
  • The secondary talk-group for Troop 10 will be District 22A (TG 17014) .
  • The DuQuoin Communication Center will be the primary center.

Troop 15 - Tollway (Downers Grove)

Patrols the following roadways and facilities, which encompass 294 miles and span 12 counties in the greater Chicagoland region:

  • Tri-State Tollway/I-94, I-294, and I-80
  • Reagan Memorial Tollway/I-88
  • Jane Addams Memorial Tollway/I-90
  • Veterans Memorial Tollway/I-355
  • Illinois Route 390 Tollway
  • 5 Oases
  • 30 Mainline Toll Plazas
  • 57 Ramp Plazas
  • 47 Unattended Plazas

ISP Air Operations

  • Paul 5 (N551SP) - Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport - Springfield (D 6,9,10,14,18,20)
  • Paul 6 (N661SP) - Whiteside County Airport - Rock Falls (D 1,7,8,16,17)
  • Paul 7 (N771SP) - Scott/MidAmerica Airport - Mascoutah (D 11,12,13,19,22)
  • Paul 8 (N881SP) - DuPage Airport - West Chicago (D 2,Chicago,5,15,21)

Support Centers

  • Northern Investigative Support Center
  • Elgin Criminal Intelligence Bureau
  • Field Support Unit
  • Springfield Gateway Information Sharing Center

Collinsville Crime Scene Services Command

Has 61 employees assigned to offices around the state. They perform such tasks as crime scene processing, photograph imaging, two- and three-dimensional diagrams and animations of crash and crime scenes.

Criminal Patrol (CRIMPAT)

  • Need additional information

Former District Assignments

  • Districts moved to Troops in 2023, however some of the information below may still apply to certain operations.

District 1 - Sterling

HQ located at 3107 E. Lincolnway - IL-2 on east side of town.

Patrols: 1 Whiteside County, 2 Lee County, 3 Carroll County, 4 Ogle County, 5 Dixon, Sterling, Rock Falls overlap patrol with emphasis on Ill Rt. 2 and US Rt. 30 (Lee and Whiteside Counties), 8 Route 88 in Whiteside County, 9 Interstate 39

District 2 - Elgin

IL-ISP D2map.gif
Serves counties of: McHenry, Lake, DeKalb, Kane, DuPage
Located at 777 S. State - on IL-31 across from Elgin State Hospital

District Chicago

IL-ISP dchimap.gif IL-ISP Dchi-2.gif

Cook County, 9511 W Harrison - Des Plaines - in Maine North Complex

  • Marine license for 156.45, 156.475, 156.8 WHG594

(Former Info) HF-2 - 154.935 - is in use as an alternate / backup to the GE-EDACS trunked system and for special details. This is the old district 3 HF-2. District 4's old HF- - 154.680, is thought to be totally out of service. HF-4 - 155.460 is used frequently as a contact channel to District 15 (tollways) and as a VHF car to car.

District 5

IL-ISP D5map.gif
16658 Broadway - Romeoville/Lockport - next to Statesville Prison

District 6

IL-ISP D6map.gif
Migrated to StarCom21 8/14/2007 - Located US Highway 66 West - South of town on old US-66

District 7 - East Moline

IL-ISP D07map.gif
HQ Located at 800 Hillcrest Road - "Rock Island" on State Hospital grounds.

Note: the interchange of I-74 and I-80 in Henry County is known as "the Big X".

Patrol Areas below are as assigned in the past. There may be changes in the Galesburg area and the Quad-Cities metro area. Shift announcements generally heard at about 0700, 0800, 1600, 1700 & 2200.

    1. I-80 & I-88 Northern Rock Island County
    2. I-74 & I-280 Central Rock Island County
    3. (3) I-80 Henry County
    4. (4) unknown or not in use
    5. (5) I-74 Henry County
    6. (6) I-80 Knox County
      • (A) North Northern Rock Island County above I74
      • (A) South Southern Rock Island County below I74
      • (B) Mercer County
      • (C) Henry County
      • (D) Knox County

District 8 - Metamora

IL-ISP D08map.gif

HQ Located at IL-116 East - Metamora

Patrol Zones may be divided as East and West with the river as the dividing point.

District 9 - Springfield

IL-ISP D09map.gif District Map IL-ispd9v1dot1jcat79.gif Patrol Areas Migrated to StarCom21 8/2/07 -- HQ Located south of Springfield on I-55

Patrol Areas: (Zone 1) Christian County (Zone 2) Sangamon County, East of I-55 (Zone 3) Sangamon County, West of I-55 (Zone 4) Logan County (Zone 5) Mason County (Zone 6) Menard County (Zone 7) Cass County (Zone 8) Morgan County

District 9 - Springfield - Illinois State Fairgrounds

  • UPDATE 8/10/07*

13063 3307 D ISP SpEvnt 2A Illinois State Police: Special Event - Zone 2A / State Fair 2007 13064 3308 D ISP SpEvnt Z2B Illinois State Police: Special Event - Zone 2B / State Fair 2007

State Fair is 2nd or 3rd week of August in Springfield (155.46 is formerly the active dispatch; heard "Fairgrounds" to "Walking xx" xx=units heard A,B,C,D,F,G,H,29, ALL other units go by their regular district number) Also Tac 1, 2, 3, 4 -- "Backstage Unit" Will call "Springfield" if calling ISP District 9 Dispatch.

Fairgrounds dispatch appears to have a city TRS radio in the center as they were heard on Fire-1 talkgroup. America may also have a portable on 155.46 to respond to EMS calls.

District 10 - Pesotum (Champaign)

IL-ISP D10map.gif

Migrated to StarCom21 8/9/07 -- HQ located at US-45 South, at I-57

"X-Ray" Units - Designated as "X" because "10" would sound like 10 codes

East Central Illinois (Drug) Task Force Made up of at least one officer each from Mattoon, Charleston, EIU Police, Coles County Sheriff, Moultrie County Sheriff, Shelby County Sheriff, Arcola. Serves entire counties of Douglas, Coles, Moultrie, and Shelby. Investigates cases of narcotics and money laundering, as well as assists agencies in investigating other major crimes. Oficers assigned to the force are commissioned as Illinois State Police Investigators and can even work for the DEA. Units on 154.695 are "5-Ida".

District 10 is probably divided up into zones then into patrol areas. Please updated this information here if known.

District 11 - Collinsville

IL-ISP D11map.gif (Future) Metro East Regional Headquarters

  • HQ Located near I-55/64/70 at I-255 in western Collinsville
  • Covers 2,700 square miles and the region maintains 1,700 miles of state road
  • 9/22 - HQ will move to East St Louis New Link
  • New $55 million, 62,000-square-foot facility with a 21,000-square-foot warehouse; should be completed around 2026-2027


  • Post 1 = D11 HQ in Collinsville
  • MLK = Martin Luther King Bridge off of 55/64/70 @ Mississippi River
  • 4 I's = Intersection of I-55, I-270 and I-70 near Troy/Glen Carbon
  • MEGSI - Drug Investigation Team comprised of officers & deputies from agencies with-in the district

Air Operations Center

  • Located at Mid-America Airport in Mascoutah. 2 ISP officers use a Cessna 182 equipped with FLIR heat seeking system, which can be used to search for missing persons, surveillence, etc.

Community Patrol Team (COMPAT)

  • pursuing endeavors to collaborate with community and law enforcement partners while providing law enforcement services focused on violent crime in the Metro-East communities of East St. Louis and Washington Park. The COMPAT is comprised of specialty trained officers assigned to conduct overt and covert criminal enforcement operations in high crime areas. Despite the challenges faced by COVID-19, COMPAT continues to be the proactive and has a visible presence in the Metro-East with focus not only on enforcement but assisting other agencies andengaging with the community. Ideally, as staffing increases and the ability to staff COMPAT in the Metro-East footprint on closer to a 24/7 basis, the community will become familiar with the professional ISP officers and increased community trust will occur.

District 12 - Effingham

IL-ISP D12map.gif Migrated to StarCom21 7/27/07 -- HQ Located at

South Central IL Drug Task Force

District 13 - Du Quoin

IL-ISP D13map.gif HQ Located at across from State Fairground, Called "Du Quoin State"

  • Patrol Areas: 1-6, F4

District 14


District 15


District 16 - Rockford

ISP-D16map.gif HQ Located at just north of US-52 in Pecotonica in western Winnebago County.

District 15 covers the Northwest Tollway that takes in Interstate 90 which enters southern Boone County before entering eastern Winnebago County and turns north to the Wisconsin State line.

Patrol Areas: (11) Northside of Boone County (12) Southside of Boone County (21) Northeast Winnebago County (22) Southeast Winnebago County (23) Southwest Winnebago County (3) Stephenson County (4) Jo Daviess County

District 17 - LaSalle

IL-ISP-D17map.gif Patrol Areas: (1) Interstate 80 in LaSalle County (2) Interstate 80 and Interstate180 in Bureau County (3) Northern LaSalle County (4) Southern LaSalle County (5) Southern Bureau County (6) Route 88 in Whiteside County (7) Putnam County (8) Interstate 39 north of Interstate 80 in LaSalle County (9) Interstate 39 South of Interstate 80 in LaSalle County

District 18 - Litchfield

Image-IL-ISP-D18map.gif Migrated to StarCom21 7/31/07 -- HQ located on IL-16, just west of I-55 in Litchfield. Patrol Zones: East Patrol - Macoupin, Montgomery West Patrol - Calhoun, Greene, Jersey (may also be county specific zones)

District 19 - Carmi


District 20 - Pittsfield


District 21 - Ashkum


District 22 - Ullin

1d22map.gif Patrol Areas: (1) Union County (2) Pulaski County (3) Alexander County (4) Johnson County (5)Massac County (6) Pope County (7) Hardin County

Illinois State Police Academy

  • Webpage Facebook Page
  • Located south of Springfield at the former ISP District 9 Headquarters on I-55

Division of Criminal Investigations (DCI)

  • DCI Webpage
  • Plainclothes officers in 8 investigative zones work to provide comprehensive law enforcement services to the public and many county, municipal and federal law enforcement agencies. Detectives, known as "Special Agents," use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to investigate such crimes as homicide, sexual assault, vehicle theft, fraud, and forgery. ISP Agents, cooperating with federal and local police agencies, have helped crack international narcotics rings, solve mass murders, and apprehend international terrorists.

• Twenty-two Metropolitan Enforcement Groups (MEGs) and Task Forces operate throughout the state. • Approximately 150 DCI Special Agents/Supervisors and Local Officer/Inspectors comprise this effort.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Four ISP SWAT teams serve throughout Illinois, addressing a wide range of threats and emergencies. The teams use extensive training in dealing with many complex threats to public safety and emergency incidents, ranging from searches for missing persons to dealing with armed threats. Also narcotics trafficking, searches for missing persons, and hostage situations.

Air Operations Bureau (AOB) Oversees aircraft and flight crews, which are based regionally, to respond to emergencies in a timely fashion. Highly trained expert pilots respond to manhunts and searches for missing persons, conduct air speed details, provide surveillance support, and serve several other high threat or high value asset missions in fixed wing aircraft. Also provides air operations support to search for missing persons, recover fugitives, and spot illicitly grown marijuana.

Statewide Terrorism & Intelligence Center (STIC) - Opened in 2003 and seeks to improve information sharing with and between public safety officials. As a member of the National Network of Fusion Centers, STIC personnel have the ability to quickly obtain and share information with partners regarding national trends and critical incidents. The Center’s all-crimes and all-hazards approach has led to the development of public safety outreach programs, benefitting the lives of the citizens of Illinois.

Intelligence Support Unit (ISU) and Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) Specialized technical, intelligence, and investigative forensic expertise to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) A statewide unit within the DCI Intelligence Command, within which ISP attaches Special Agents to FBI Chicago and Springfield offices. Members of the JTTF partner with the FBI, as well as local, state, and other federal law enforcement personnel, to investigate both international and domestic terrorism incidents and individuals.

Statewide Gaming Enforcement DCI personnel are detailed to the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) to ensure the integrity of gaming within the State of Illinois. Special Agents assigned to IGB’s Investigations Division conduct background investigations on owner’s licensees, supplier licensees, occupational licensees, and key persons. Special Agents work to identify hidden owners of video gaming locations and interdict illegal gambling devices. The Gaming Command works in cooperation with other DCI efforts as well as other local, State, and federal agencies.

Medicaid Fraud Control Bureau (MFCB) - Work with local, State, and federal agencies to combat criminal efforts that seek to defraud the Illinois Medicaid system.

  • Through training and aggressive Medicaid fraud investigations, identify offenders, reduce the occurrence of fraud, and assist in the recovery of funds.

Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Seasoned agents who have statewide jurisdiction and handle a wide range of criminal investigations, including allegations of criminal wrongdoing by elected officials, or criminal acts perpetrated by appointees of a government body at the State and local levels. Works proactively with state, local, and federal law enforcement partners to investigate online child predators and child pornographers who use the Internet and computers to victimize children.

Southern Illinois Drug Task Force (SIDTF)

Former VHF Frequencies

151.16000 	   	 	M	146.2 PL	ISP DCI MX-2	DCI Mobile Extenders
151.16000 	   	 	M	110.9 PL	ISP DCI MX-1	DCI Mobile Extenders (not Southern IL)
154.65000 	   	 	M		ISP DCI 5465	D15/DCI Local/SOS Car-toCar (HF-7) 
154.69500 	  KWK444 	M		ISP D8 PMRS	District 8 PMRS 	
154.71000 	  KA5825 	M	67.0 PL	ISP DCI 4.71	DCI? Mobile units  	
154.90500 	  KA5825 	M	110.9 PL	ISP DCI HF-2	DCI Zone Offices - Statewide (PL on mobile only) (HF-2)
154.90500 	   	KWK444 	M	CSQ	ISP DCI HF-2	District 8 PMRS 	Deprecated 
154.92000 	   	KA5825 	M	CSQ	ISP DCI 5492	DCI Local (PL on some)  
154.92000 	   	KA5825 	M	110.9 PL	ISP DCI 4.92	DCI: Car-to-Car/Surveillence
154.92000 	   	 	M		ISP D8 MCEG1	Multi-County Enforcement Group
154.95000 	   	KA5825 	M	CSQ	ISP DCI HF-3	DCI Surveillance/Tactical (Car/Car) [HF-3]
154.95000 	   	KA5825 	M	110.9 PL	ISP DCI 4.95	DCI: Car-to-Car/Surveillence 
155.44500 	   	 	M		ISP D8 MCEG2	Multi-County Enforcement Group 
155.46000 	   	KWK444 	M	CSQ	ISP S/W HF-4	District 8 PMRS 	
156.00000 	   	KA5825 	M	110.9 PL	ISP DCI 1560	DCI Local Enforcement/METRO 
159.03000 	   	 	M		ISP DCI 9030	DCI Local (reported in central IL)
163.65000 	   	 	M	CSQ	ISP DCI WMic	DCI Wireless Mikes 
165.28750 	   	 	M	100.0 PL	MEG Ops	Metropolitan Enforcement Group (Chi?)
166.53750 	   	 	M	100.0 PL	MEG Ops F2	Metropolitan Enforcement Group F-2? (Chi?)

Division of Forensic Services

  • Improves the effectiveness of the criminal justice community and enhance public safety by delivering accurate, complete, and timely crime scene evidence collection and forensic laboratory analysis. These services are provided at no cost to state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois.

Division of Statewide 9-1-1

  • Webpage 911 Bureau Webpage Illinois 911 Status Map
  • Responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing a uniform statewide 9-1-1 system for all areas of the State outside of municipalities having a population over 500,000. Further, the Administrator is responsible for developing a plan to ensure 9-1-1 systems are consolidated and a Statewide Next Generation 9-1-1 Network is implemented.
  • Responsible for the technical review of consolidation, modification, and waiver applications and disbursement of surcharge to Local 9-1-1 Systems and 9-1-1 system providers. The ISP has oversight authority of 9-1-1 systems and provides administrative support to the Statewide 9-1-1 Advisory Board.

The Telecommunications Services Bureau Webpage and Radio Network Services Bureau are responsible for providing reliable routine and emergency communication capabilities for state law enforcement agencies, and to federal, county, and municipal agency partners through the use of shared resources and interoperability protocols.

  • 6 communications centers throughout the state – Sterling Communications Center, which serves Troops 1 and 2; Chicago Communications Center, which serves Troop 3; Pontiac Communications Center, which serves Troops 4, 5 and 7; Springfield Communications Center, which serves Troop 6 and the Springfield Command Center; Collinsville Communications Center, which serves Troop 8; and DuQuoin Communications Center, which serves Troops 9 and 10.
  • Committed to providing reliable customer service, a premier dispatching and call-taking training program, progressive in-service training, and upward mobility opportunities.

Radio Network Services Bureau (RNSB) provides appropriate emergency radio equipment within vehicles, as well as communications systems and facilities, to improve the delivery of criminal and traffic offense information via radio to law enforcement statewide. The Illinois State Police Emergency Radio Network (ISPERN) provides wide area radio dissemination of criminal or traffic offense information to multiple law enforcement agency mobile units, allowing for coordinated operations between these agencies. ISPERN control points in Illinois are limited to ISP Dispatch Centers, Cook County Sheriff's Police Department, Lake County Sheriff's Department, and Chicago Police Department. The RNSB has been working on a multi-year project to replace all mobile radios and video units in squad cars to improve interoperability and efficiencies for our officers, as well as the purchase of a radio management system to assist with the increasingly complex and time consuming business of managing code plugs, templates, and radio software/firmware upgrades.

The Fleet Services Bureau (FSB) provides vehicles fully equipped with appropriate emergency safety equipment throughout the Department to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our public safety efforts. Accountable for vehicle maintenance, vehicle crashes, and all related record keeping Department-wide.

Secretary of State Police (SOS)

10 Codes, Maps and Pager Tones

Paging Tones

ISP Alert Tone 2468.2/2137 (2155.6?)
ISPERN District 11 Tone 1049.9
ISP District 11/18 Weather Tone 2401.0/1781.5
Weather Alert Tone (42.5) 2440.0/1780.0
Situation Alert 2440.0/2840

10-Codes Used by most Illinois Agencies

10-1-Unable to Copy- Change Location 
10-2-Signal Good 
10-3-Stop Transmitting 
10-6-Busy(Unless Urgent) 
10-7-Out of Service 
10-8-In Service 
10-10-Fight in Progress 
10-11-Dog Case 
10-12-Stand By 
10-13-Weather(Road Report) 
10-14-Prowler Report 
10-15-Civil Disturbance 
10-16-Domestic Problem 
10-17-Meet Complainant 
10-19-Return To... 
10-21-Call(By Telephone) 
10-23-Arrive At Scene 
10-24-Assignment Completed 
10-25-Report in Person(Meet) 
10-26-Detaining Subject 
10-27-Drivers License Info 
10-28-Vehicle Registration Info 
10-29-Check for Wanted 
10-30-Unnecessary Use of Radio 
10-31-Crime in Progress 
10-32-Subject with a Gun 
10-35-Major Crime Alert 
10-36-Correct Time 
10-37-Suspicious Vehicle 
10-38-Stopping Suspicious Vehicle 
10-39-Urgent(Use Lights & Sirens) 
10-40-Silent Run 
10-41-Beginning Duty 
10-42-Ending Duty 
10-44-Permission to Leave 
10-45-Animal Carcass at...... 
10-46-Assist Motorist 
10-47-Need Road Repair At... 
10-48-Traffic Standard Repair 
10-49-Traffic Light Out At... 
10-51-Wrecker Needed 
10-52-Ambulance Needed 
10-53-Road Block At 
10-54-Livestock On Highway 
10-55-Intoxicated Driver 
10-56-Intoxicated Pedestrian 
10-58-Direct Traffic 
10-59-Convoy or Escort 
10-60-Squad in Vicinity 
10-61-Isolate Self for Message 
10-62-Reply to Message 
10-63-Prepare Written Copy 
10-64-Message for Local Delivery 
10-65-Net Message Assignment 
10-66-Message Cancellation 
10-67-Clear for Message 
10-68-Dispatch Information 
10-69-Message Received 
10-70-Fire Alarm 
10-71-Advise Nature of Fire 
10-72-Report Progress of Fire 
10-73-Smoke Report 
10-75-In Contact With 
10-76-En Route 
10-77-Estimated Time of Arrival(E.T.A.) 
10-78-Need Assistance 
10-79-Notify Coroner 
10-80-Chase in Progress 
10-81-Breatherlizer Report 
10-82-Reserve Lodging 
10-83-Work School Crossing 
10-84-Meeting Advice 
10-85-Delayed Due To... 
10-86-Officer/Operator on Duty 
10-87-Pick Up Checks 
10-88-Telephone Number of... 
10-89-Bomb Threat 
10-90-Bank Alarm At... 
10-91-Pick Up Prisoner/Subject 
10-92-Improperly Parked Vehicle 
10-94-Drag Racing 
10-95-Prisoner/Subject in Custody 
10-96-Mental Subject 
10-97-Check Signal(Test) 
10-98-Prison/Jail Break 
10-99-Wanted/Stolen Indicated