Lee County (IL)

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Lee County Government

Steward and Flag Center Fire both cover parts of Ogle & Lee Counties. 1/09 - Housing Authority appears to be using Wireless Phones now instead of UHF Radios.

Frequencies No Longer in use (Updated 5/23/17)

* Sheriff: Old Car-to-Car; 1- 154.83 167.9 PL; 2- 154.83 156.7 PL
154.83000        M 156.7 PL Lee Shrf c2c  Sheriff: Car-to-Car [Ch 3]  FMN  Deprecated  
154.60000        M 114 DPL Lee Co Maint  County: Court and Jail Maintenance  FMN  Public Works  
453.575   WNXN536 	BM	100.0 PL	Lee County Housing Authority 	FMN 	Deprecated 

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital (Dixon)

Municipalities and Districts

  • Brooklyn Township - WQUK538 159.1425 Base/Mobile (NFM at W Brooklyn) for Roads
  • Reynolds Township for 154.0475 Base/Mobile (NFM at Ashton) WQQC869

TwinComm - Twin Cities Communications

"Twincomm" is an acronym for twin city communications. Formerly known as CGH EMS which covers the cities of Sterling and Rock Falls Il and are directly across the river from each other.


  • Fire - WQQX380 - 151.025 20-2wt Portables (NFM)
  • ESDA - WQUD399 - 154.1075 Repeater with 156.0075 (NFM) [Old freq pair is Expired] (new 6/14)

458.0625 KD29565 M Police: Mobile Extenders (possible use, old Sheriff) FMN Deprecated


Ashton Fire Protection District


Dixon Police Department

Dixon Rural Fire Protection District Dixon Community Fire Protection District of Lee And Ogle Counties

  • Website
  • Serves rural Lee County in and around Dixon; also uses Fire MABAS Red

Franklin Grove

Franklin Grove Fire Protection District


Paw Paw

Paw Paw CFPD

  • 154.190 (CSQ) - KSG568
  • WQVJ232 - 151.3025 Mobile Extenders for PPFPD (NFM)


Woodhaven Association

  • WQLC720 451.6 Fixed - for Water Data


Ashton-Franklin Center CUSD 275

  • WQMF504 - 153.3425 Base/Mobile (was to be RM w/ 158.2275 input) 11K

Dixon Schools

Dixon Public School District 170

  • 8/12 Application 0005356079 for Mobiles/88 pagers on 467.2125, 467.2875 (11K Voice Data at High School)

Mendota High School District 280 (Compton)

  • WPHK390 - also 464.25 Repeater (NFM)

Nelson Elementary School District 8

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