Listening to AIRS in Baldwin County

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Law Enforcement

Baldwin County Sheriff Talkgroups

According to RRDB, the Baldwin County Sheriff utilizes TGID 20001 for dispatch and the following as operational channels: 20002; 20003; 20004; 20005; 20006; 20007; 20008; and, 20009. All of these channels are encrypted with TGID 20001 as the most active. For interoperability matters, they may occasionally be heard on the unencrypted BC Law (TGID 22194) as BCSO, Baldwin Central, Central, or Station 5.

Elberta PD Talkgroups

Elberta PD is a small department with less than ten sworn personnel. They do not maintain a dispatch center (which is handled by Summerdale PD) or a jail. Summerdale PD utilizes TGIDs 23402 (dispatch) and 23403 (VHF patch) as operational channels. Neither of these channels are encrypted. According to RRDB, Elberta PD also utilizes TGID 22311 at a Tac channel which is also reported as unencrypted. Additionally, Elberta PD may be heard in a periodic roll call of departments by the Baldwin County Sheriff on BC Law (TGID 22194) as "Elberta, Silverhill, and Summerdale."

Fairhope PD Talkgroups

Gulf Shores PD Talkgroups

Loxley PD Talkgroups

Orange Beach PD Talkgroups

Silverhill PD Talkgroups

Spanish Fort PD Talkgroups

Summerdale PD Talkgroups

Fire Departments

Baldwin County Fire Talkgroups

Emergency Medical Services

Baldwin County EMS Talkgroups

Unknown Talkgroup IDs

If your scanner has the capability to search for new talkgroups, this system occasionally sees new ones which have yet to be confirmed or fully identified. Some are likely to be far from Baldwin County as the radio user may be on official travel or unofficially while on vacation. Thus, there is an opportunity to hear radio traffic from across the state when the radio user affiliates with Baldwin County sites. As of this update, some of the unidentified TGIDs are: 20192; 20195; 20283; 20312; 20344; 20345; 20382; 20385; 20386; 20524; 20583; 20654; 20681 (encrypted); 20721; 21195; 21198; 22197; 22217; 22581 (encrypted); 22582 (encrypted); 22583; 22585; 22688; 22981 (encrypted); 23203 (encrypted); 23205 (encrypted); 24991; 25200; 25211; 25216; 25581; 26202; 26205; 27191; 27273; 27991; 28201; 29901; 32357 (encrypted); and, 6000.

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