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M/A-COM Accessories / Misc Information

  • Price Industries has programming cables and RIB boxes for most MA/COM, Ericsson, and GE Radio Equipment.
  • MA/COM radio features are controlling using feature codes. See this list of features codes to determine what options are installed in your radio(s).
  • KRD Model Number Breakdown for all MA/COM Radios.
  • To determine what version of Programmer your radio was programmed with look in the Revision menu under PRS VER or PERS VER (depending on radio/flash) take that number and subtract 14.
  • A .bin file is straight radio code and a .biz is a compressed form. The .bin you see could have come straight from Macom or it could have been read out of a radio and contain errors. No way to tell. The .biz are straight from Macom and as such are far less likely to contain errors and should be used over the .bin. The code inside for any given version is identical.


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