Maryland Statewide Trunking Interoperability Radio IDs

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Radio IDs

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Federal Agencies

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Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
1000xxx TSA BWI Airport MAA Plus BWI Communications
1103xxx Pentagon Force Protection Agency JNCR
12060xx Federal Bureau of Investigation
12062xx Federal Bureau of Investigation
12380xx U.S. DHS Federal Protective Service FiRST
21000xx NSWC Indian Head Police JNCR
21101xx Naval District Washington Fire JNCR
21306xx Walter Reed NMMC Police JNCR
2150xxx U.S. Naval Academy (PD/FD) JNCR
21708xx DoD Communications Centers JNCR NAVDIST WASH and USNA
84890xx FBI Baltimore VHF Simplex

State Agencies

Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
215250x MEMA Administration FiRST

Department of the Environment (MDE)

Emergency Response Division
Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
2157000 ERD Communications (Div 4) FiRST At MEMA
2157001 2157017 ERD 4 Mobiles FiRST

Department of General Services (DGS)

Maryland Capitol Police
Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
21540xx MCP Mobiles/Portables FiRST
215410x MCP Communications FiRST
215411x MCP System Patches FiRST

Department of Information Technology (DoIT)

Maryland FiRST Project Management Office
Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
212567x 21257xx PMO System Testing Teams FiRST
219999x PMO System Testing Teams FiRST

Department of Labor, Licensing, and Reform

Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
21650xx DLLR Police FiRST

Military Department / Maryland National Guard

Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
215108x MNG Unknown Users FiRST

Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Natural Resources Police (NRP)
Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
21355xx Natural Resources Police FiRST
21375xx Natural Resources Police FiRST

Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS)

Department of Corrections (DOC)
Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
21495xx 21496xx DOC Correctional Transport Unit FiRST

Department of State Police (MSP)

Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
212467x 212519x MSP Patrol Portables FiRST
21252xx 2125312 MSP Special Units Portables FiRST Encrypted
2125315 212562x MSP Patrol Portables FiRST
212583x MSP Communications FiRST
21270xx 21271xx MSP Communications FiRST Barrack M
2127348 2127386 MSP Communications/Legacy Patches FiRST EA Troop
2128001 2128059 MSP Barrack M Mobiles FiRST
2128076 2128080 MSP Barrack V Mobiles FiRST
2128144 2128167 MSP Barrack S Mobiles FiRST
2128291 2128291 MSP Barrack X Mobile? FiRST
21305xx MSP Aviation FiRST

Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)

Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
21200xx MDOT Administration FiRST
Maryland Aviation Administration
21101xx 21102xx BWI Fire Department MAA AAFD Station 43
21109xx Martin State Airport FBO CMARC Fixed Base Operator
21113xx 21114xx BWI Airport Security MAA
State Highways Administration
21198xx SHA Portables FiRST
21199xx SHA Communications (SOC) FiRST Statewide Operations Center
21211xx SHA Mobiles FiRST
Maryland Port Administration
21205xx Maryland Port Administration FiRST
Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)
2159xxx MTA Unknown Users FiRST
Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA)
21109xx MdTA Police BWI Airport FiRST
21165xx MdTA Communications/Base Stations FiRST
21166xx 21170xx Police Portables FiRST
21171xx 21173xx Miscellaneous and Support Portables FiRST
21174xx Police Commercial Vehicles Unit FiRST
21176xx 21178xx Police Mobiles FiRST
21179xx 21182xx MdTA Maintenance/Support Units FiRST

University System of Maryland

University of Baltimore (UB)
Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
21145xx UB Police FiRST
Towson State University
Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
2114001 2114049 TU Police FiRST


Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
2170000 2179999 State Agency Unallocated Use FiRST

Maryland Counties

Anne Arundel County
Range Start Range End Agency/User System Notes
222xxxx Unspecified Per Region Plan
223xxxx Unspecified Per Region Plan

Baltimore County
Range Start Range End Agency/User System Notes
150xx Communications BCo P25
2243xxx FD Mobiles BCo P25
2247xxx Public Works BCo P25
2250xxx 2251xxx County Police BCo P25
2253xxx FD Portables BCo P25
22560xx Sheriff's Office BCo P25
22562xx 22563xx Detention Center BCo P25

Baltimore City
Range Start Range End Agency/User System Notes
2260xxx Baltimore FD BC P25
2263xxx 2267xxx Baltimore PD BC P25
227xxxx Communications BC P25

Calvert County
Range Start Range End Agency/User System Notes
228xxxx Unspecified Per Region Plan
229xxxx Unspecified Per Region Plan

Caroline County
Range Start Range End Agency/User System Notes
230xxxx Unspecified UNKNOWN

Carroll County
Range Start Range End Agency/User System Notes
232xxxx Unspecified Per Region Plan
2320xxx County FD Unknown

Cecil County
Range Start Range End Agency/User System Notes
2340001 23501xx EMS/Fire/DES FiRST Testing 05/2019
2351001 23543xx Law Enforcement FiRST Testing 05/2019
2354501 23545xx Cecil College FiRST
2356001 23560xx Roads/Landfill FiRST
2356101 235614x Transit FiRST
2356301 235636x Schools FiRST Testing 09/2020
2356981 2356999 Water FiRST
2357001 235711x Health FiRST
2358001 2359999 Dispatch/DES/Misc FiRST Testing with FiRST PMO on FIRST 4 using Harris Unity Radio


  • 236xxxx


  • 238xxxx


  • 240xxxx
  • 241xxxx


  • 242xxxx
  • 243xxxx


  • 244xxxx
  • 245xxxx


  • 246xxxx
  • 247xxxx


  • 2480000-2480550 = Kent County FD
  • 2480551-2480699 = Kent County Sheriffs Office
  • 24807xx = Kent County Public Works
  • 24900xx = Kent County Communications


  • 250xxxx
  • 251xxxx

Prince George's

  • 1000xxx = Prince George's County Communications
  • 252xxxx = Prince George's Fire and Rescue Services
  • 2530xxx-2535xxx = Prince George's County Police Department
  • 2537xxx = MNCPPC
  • 25378xx = Hyattsville Police
  • 25379xx = Greenbelt Police

Queen Anne's

  • 254xxxx
  • 255xxxx


  • 2127388-2117392 = Somerset County Agency Patches (SCSO, PAPD, etc)
  • 256xxxx
  • 257xxxx

St. Mary's

  • 258xxxx (detected on the St. Mary's P25 system - 8/5/13) [Per Region 20 Plan]
  • 259xxxx [Per Region 20 Plan]

Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
260xxxx Unspecified UNKNOWN


  • 262xxxx
  • 263xxxx


  • 264xxxx
  • 265xxxx


  • 2127340-2127347 = Worcester County Agency Patches (WCSO, OPPD, BPD, etc.)
  • 266xxxx
  • 267xxxx

Ocean City

  • 2127345-2127346 = OCPD System Patches
  • 268xxxx
    • 2688xxx Ocean City Police Department
      • 26888xx OCPD Vehicles
  • 269xxxx

Out of State / Other

Express Care
Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
3187309 Express Care 1 7AIR Martin State Airport

State of Pennsylvania

[Note: IDs for fire seem to start with "3" or "4" and the rest of the ID contains some part of the fire company/unit number 9/16/13)

  • 2451xxx = York County FD
  • 3xxxxxx York Fire
  • 4xxxxxx York Fire
  • 5xxxxxx York
  • 6xxxxxx York Police
  • 8xxxxxx York Disptachers

State of Virginia

  • 310xxxx = Alexandria County (seen used in York Fire also)
  • 318xxxx = Fairfax County
  • 319xxxx = Fairfax County
  • 324xxxx = Loudon County
  • 325xxxx = Loudon County
  • 326xxxx = Loudon County

Washington DC

  • 110xxxx = Metropolitan Police Department


  • 1000xxx = Dispatch Consoles (may overlap between systems)
  • 229999x = FiRST Radio Systems Testing

Talkgroup ID Ranges

Just as with the radio indentifier ranges, a pattern is beginning to emerge for a statewide talkgroup identification (TGID) strategy. Clearly, some (Prince George, St. Mary's) will need to change at some point to fit the statewide plan.

Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
1 9003 Prince George County PG Co headed for a change?
1001 6010 St. Mary's County St. Mary's Co headed for a change?
5401 5672 Frederick County Fred Co
7101 8591 State of Maryland FiRST
9001 9323 Baltimore City BC P25
9410 9865 Baltimore County BCo P25
10301 10370 Carroll County Carroll
10501 10858 Harford County CMARC
11301 11339 Queen Anne's County FiRST
11501 11569 Talbot County FiRST
11801 11857 Allegany County FiRST
12001 12027 Caroline County FiRST
12200 12400 Cecil County FiRST
12401 12465 Dorchester County FiRST
12601 12678 Garett County FiRST
12801 12830 Kent County FiRST
13593 13600 Washington County FiRST
13801 14000 Worcester County Wor Co
14001 14200 Ocean City OC
14201 14208 MD DNR FiRST

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