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County Government


Operates 13 county-wide radio communications networks which support public safety communications for member police and fire agencies. Test page Saturday 10am for Cooksville, Dale Township, Danvers, Downs, Ellsworth, Farmer City, Gridley, Heyworth, Hutson, Leroy, Lexington, McLean, Roanaoke, Saybrook, Stanford, Towanda

Remote Links for paging from 911 to 156.12 Remote Towers - Agencies heard Bloomington Tower - West - 91.5 - McLean County Fire Investigation Team #2, McLean Fire, 3N22 Heyworth EMS, Hudson Fire, 3N60, Downs Tower - South - 82.5 - McLean County Fire Investigation Team #2, Arrowsmith Tower - South East - 67.0 - McLean Co EMA Search Team, McLean County Fire Investigation Team #2, Colfax Ambulance, Colfax Fire, St.... Arrowsmith, Bellflower Fire, Cooksville Fire, Cropsey Fire Lexington Tower (North) - 74.4 - Lexington Fire, McLean County Fire Investigation Team #2, 3N28 EMS

  • Most Fire/EMS agencies are paged on 156.21 and response/dispatch is on 154.19

McLean County EMS System

  • WNBH314 - was 155.22 Base/Mobile - deleted 9/13, add 458.2125 - 8-25 wt Mobiles (NFM)

Outdoor Warning Siren System

  • 856.4875 appears to be like an LTR Passport type system, blips every 10 seconds; CW-ID heard; 811.4875 is CSQ data bursts. (52 FX1s, 3-3wt mobiles)

METCOM: Law Enforcement

The following Police Departments are dispatched on STARCOM21 TG 30358 by METCOM: Unit #'s = "City" + "#" Chenoa, Colfax, Danvers, Downs, Ellsworth, Gridley, Hudson, Heyworth, Leroy, Lexington (Unit #'s are "LX-#", McLean village (Unit #'s are "MC-#), Stanford, Village of Towanda is patrolled by the Sheriff's Department and Hudson Police. The police frequencies listed for each Village are alternates, former dispatch, or car-car. McLean County Sheriff's Dept (covers all other municipalities and unincorporated areas)

453.575/458.575 (PL 103.5) This is a old countywide frequency used in the old days for various county depts ie - coroner, health dept, sheriff dept backup channel etc has now been turned over to our county facility management dept and used by them in the various county buildings here in Bloomington this also used as a countywide disaster channel with our 2 hospitals. it has been renamed sheriff citywide channel.

453.3375 103.5 repeater, still heard in use in downtown area, sounded like Jail, only license still for Bloomington Parks (4/15)

  • 453.17500 458.17500 KVC886 BM 103.5 PL McL Old 3 McLean County - Pagers (NO LONGER USED) FM Deprecated
  • 458.17500 WNHF321 M 103.5 PL McL Old 4 Law and Justice Center (NO LONGER USED) FM Deprecated

McLean County Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

  • 453.675R used by Damage Assessment units after storm ("David-Adam units/unit IDs: 900s) (also used 453.7R)
  • 453.8625 156.7 PL - UTAC-3 used as EMA Ops Team Simplex

McLean County Highway Department

  • 151.01R 141.3 still in use (2/13)

Municipalities and Districts


  • 151.13 D051, possible repeater, heard south of Bloomington, possibly roads (11/13)
  • Arrowsmith Township - - Base/Mobile (NFM) WQRK897
  • Chenoa Township - WQQK344: 155.5725 Base/Mobile (NFM) for roads {{Callsign|
  • Danvers Township - 155.7 Repeater with 150.805 input (NFM for Highway Maintenance) (123.0 is Douglas County) WQII683
  • Lexington Township - - 460.4125 Repeater (NFM/NXDN) WQUD941
  • Martin Towsnhip - - 154.71 8-50wt (NFM at Colfax) [179.9 PL hit Gibson City 4/23/15] WQQU260
  • Randolph Township - 453.3 - 71.9 PL, Repeater? heard in the Le Roy area, north towards Bloomington (10/13)
  • Yates Township? - - 151.3025 6-50 wt for Roads and Bridges WQMP631


Anchor Fire/Octavia Fire



Bellflower Fire


Bloomington Parks Department

  • - 453.625 R Prairie Vista Golf Course, 453.3375 R Operations {{Callsign|WQHD838}
  • 453.3375 Repeater?, 100.0 heard in use in area, could not confirm actual use or area of use (7/13)
  • 453.3375 Repeater, 131.8, heard just south of BMI (6/14)
  • 453.8500 Repeater, 77.0, heard in Farmer City (11/14)

Bloomington Township Fire Protection District

  • Serves outside the limits of Bloomington City Fire Department
  • FCC Modification to KDD349 for 458.3875 Mobile Extenders (7/13)

Connect Transit


Carlock Fire

  • Paged/Tone-Out on 156.21, dispatch on STARCOM
  • - Mobile Extenders on 453.7875, 453.7875, 457.0375 (NFM) KSO911


Chenoa Police

  • 911 documentation shows 859.4875 in use for Radio/MDT (not in database, but is a 'GE' license for Bloomington)

Chenoa Fire


Colfax Police

  • Dispatched on STARCOM21

Colfax Fire/Octavia Fire

Cooksville =

Cooksville Fire


Cropsey Fire

  • Also uses 'EDISPATCH'

Dale Township (Covell/Shirley)

Dale Township Fire Department

  • Paged on 156.21, but follow-up dispatch on STARCOM21
  • 159.135, 453.2375, 453.05 Mobile Extenders to 154.19 BM (Shirley, Bloomington) EXPIRED 2021 WNJF516
  • 159.135 D306 heard in use in Leroy (also tone for Leroy local repeater) (5/13)
  • 154.19 Base/Mobile, 154.265 Base/Mobile; 159.165 Repeater with 155.58 input; 453.05/453.2375 2.5wt/173.2875 2wt Mobile Extenders (NFM) 2/23 Application 0010427587


Danvers Police

  • Police dispatched by METCOM on STARCOM21 TRS talkgroup 30358 (911 documentation shows 856.7625 and 859.4875)

Danvers Community Fire Protection District

  • Mobiles Extenders on 453.5, 458.5, 460.0625, 465.0625 (NFM) {{Callsign|KNIF947))


Downs Community Fire Protection District

  • 453.9625 Mobile Extenders (NFM) (current 155.34 mobiles) WQIJ724


Ellsworth Fire


Gridley Fire Protection District

  • - 151.415 Repeater with 156.0975 (NFM/P25) WQUX442

Gridley EMS

  • Paged on 156.21, Response on 154.19. Secondary paging on 154.815

Heyworth / Randolph Township

Heyworth Police

  • Police dispatched by METCOM on STARCOM21 - Talkgroup 30358 (911 documentation shows 858.4875 with secondary of 155.815/not a valid frequency)
  • Fire/EMS provided by

Randolph Township Fire Protection District

  • Paged on 156.21, response on 156.21 or STARCOM21


Hudson Police

  • Dispatched on STARCOM21 (911 documentation shows 859.4875)

Hudson Fire

Le Roy

  • 451.2375 1600 Fixed Temporary for Water Data WRR914

Leroy Police

  • Dispatched on STARCOM21 (911 documentation shows 858.4875 with secondary of 154.815)

Leroy Community Fire Protection District Leroy Ambulance

  • Serves Leroy, Anchor, Colfax, Cooksville


  • 453.2875 Repeater (NFM/NXDN) for city ops (new 5/14) WQUD203

Lexington Police

  • Dispatched on STARCOM21 (911 documentation shows 860.4875)

Lexington Ambulance Association

  • Uses county frequencies for dispatch / ops

Lexington Community Fire Protection District

  • also 159.36 Base/Mobile (NFM) (**159.36 apparently never added to license; hit on 141.3 in Heyworth 4/23/15) KAZ439
  • also Mobile Extenders on 158,.9625 (added 12/21) KAZ439

McLean (City)

McLean (city) Police

  • Dispatched on STARCOM21

Mount Hope-Funks Grove Fire Protection District/EMS (McLean)

  • Paged on 156.21, response on 154.19 and STARCOM21


Normal Police

  • Units Numbers are ### (usually last 3 digits of badge #) "NL1" is Normal Police front-desk radio identifier
  • Uses Starcom21 TRS for their primary radio communications since 2/21/06. There is currently no activity on 460.025 or 453.950. NPD Beat Map

Normal Fire / EMS

  • Apparatus Listing
  • Dispatch and responses on Starcom21 TG 30372. 153.830 (69.3) (911 documentation shows pager frequency of 860.4875)
  • Fireground Red is used for fireground communications during responses.
  • Unit ID's are in the "10s". Serves 60,000 people with 3 stations and 60 Full Time fire-fighters.

Normal Public Works

  • Maintenance, Public Works, Parks and Rec, Water, and Facilities Management switched from Nextel to Verizon PTT in 2013.

Octivia Fire District

  • Serves Cooksville, Colfax, Anchor and Cropsey (also see EMCAA)


Saybrook/Arrowsmith Fire

Stanford (Village)

Stanford Police

  • Dispatched on STARCOM21 (911 documentation shows 859.4875 with secondary of 154.815)

Allin Township Fire/EMS Actual VHF radio layout:

154.7925 156.1575 WQEG510 RM 131.8 PL Stnf Police Police: Dispatch / ESDA [NEW Repeater 1/06] [F-1] FMN Law Dispatch
154.7925 WQEG510 M 131.8 PL Stnf PD T/A PD/ESDA Talk-Around [F-2] FM Law Tac
154.1900 M 173.8 PL METCOM Fire {Link to} Fire/EMS: Countywide Dispatch (METCOM) [F-3] FM Multi-Dispatch
154.8150 159.0300 RM 173.8 PL METC EMS Dsp EMS: Countywide Dispatch (METCOM) [F-4] FM EMS Dispatch
154.2350 M CSQ METC FD FG-S Fireground: South County Rural [F-5] FM Fire-Tac
155.0550 M CSQ I-REACH Statewide Interagency Mutual Aid [F-6] FM Interop
154.2650 WPIV287 M 210.7 PL IFERN Fire: Statewide Mutual Aid [F-7] FM Fire-Talk
155.0700 158.9700 WPZQ758 RM 131.8 PL Tazw ESDA-N {Link to} Tazewell Co ESDA Repeater [F-8] FM Emergency Ops
153.8300 WPIV287 M 69.3 PL MABAS Red MABAS Red Fireground [F-9] FM Fire-Talk
154.2800 WPIV287 M 74.4 PL MABAS White MABAS White Fireground [F-10] FM Fire-Talk
154.2950 WPIV287 M 85.4 PL MABAS Blue MABAS Blue Fireground [F-11] FM Fire-Talk
154.2500 WPIV287 M 186.2 PL TazC FD 1862 {Link to} Tazewell County Fire [F-12] FM Fire Dispatch
154.3100 WQEV548 M 103.5 PL Arm Fire/Rsq {Link to} Armington Fire/Rescue [F-13] FM Fire Dispatch
155.0250 M CSQ ESMARN EMA: Statewide Highband [F-14] FM Emergency Ops
155.3400 M 210.7 PL MERCI-1 2107 Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms (Statewide Tone) [F-15] FM Hospital
156.2100 KCW420 M 94.8 PL METC 911 PG METCOM: Countwide Fire/EMS Paging(RX Only) [F-16] FM Fire Dispatch
153.8075 WQEG510 M Stnf PD C2C1 Police: Car-to-Car FMN Law Tac
153.7925 WQEG510 M Stnf PD C2C2 Police: Car-to-Car FMN Law Tac


Towanda Fire Protection District

  • Unit #'s are in the "60s" and "600s"
  • 173.3375 50-5W Mobile Extenders (NFM) WRZR818 Issued 12/23

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Advocate BroMenn Medical Center

Old info prior to the DMR Cap+ System

  • Mobiles on 456.1875, 456.6375, 457.4875, 467.4875 (NFM at Normal) WQPQ747
  • 462.75  Base/Pagers (NFM Data) WQQH623

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones


IJIS (pronounced E-jus) - countywide integrated justice information system, a database including information about crimes and criminals in the McLean County area

McLean County EMA personel

EM-## (EM-1 is EMA Director, EM-2 is Deputy Director, etc).
101 Lexington
201 Colfax
301 Leroy
401 Village of McLean
1201 Chenoa
1601 Gridley
2401 Cooksville ESDA
3401 Arrowsmith
3701 Downs?
4301 Heyworth
4601 Stanford
5301 Towanda
7401 Hudson
7601 Danvers
Mac 1, Mac 2, Mac 4, Mac 6 are EMA Operations vehicles. Mac Base is the garage which they are based out of.

Bloomington PD Radio ID's

Adam - Patrol Units
Baker - Secondary/Detailed units
Eagle - Emergency Response/SWAT
Frank - Field Training Officers
Ida - Detectives
K9 - Canine
Lincoln - Lieutenant 
Paul - Proactive Units
Robert - School Resource Officer
Sam - Sergeants
Tom - Traffic
Victor - Vice
Zebra - ?? unknown specialized units
700s - BPD working for the Parks and Rec

IPS - Intensive Probation Services

Rural Fire Departments Unit IDs

Arrowsmith 180s
Bellflower 160s
Bloomington Twp 50s, 500s
Carlock 110s
Chenoa 80s
Colfax 200s
Dale Twp 140s
Danvers 120s, 1200s
Downs 30s, 300s
Ellsworth 190s
Gridley 90s
Hudson 100s
Lexington 70s
Randolph Twp 40s
Towanda 60s, 600s

Bloomington Fire heard on 154.1600
--Engine 7
--Radar 6?

Illinois State University

ISU Radio Codes
106 = ?vehicle unlock
108 - Building checks, unlock building, etc.
110 = Parking tickets, illegally parked vehicle
208 = Meal/break
209 = ?bathroom break
211 - Delivering money from/to bank

ISU PD Terminology

  • "check for affiliation" - see if the subject is a University student

McLean Co EMS Units (Three-Nora)


3N11 Clinton Ambulance (DeWitt County)
3N12 Farmer City (DeWitt County)
3N13 Normal Fire Dept.
3N14 Lifeline
3N15 Clinton Ambulance (DeWitt County)
3N16 Bloomington Fire Dept.
3N17 Bloomington Fire Dept.
3N18 Saybrook Ambulance
3N19 Farmer City (DeWitt County)
3N20 Gridley
3N21 Normal Fire Dept.
3N22 Heyworth
3N23 Normal Fire Dept.
3N25 Chenoa
3N26 Lifeline
3N27 Gridley
3N28 Gridley
3N29 Farmer City (DeWitt County)
3N30 Lexington
3N31 Heyworth
3N32 Clinton (DeWitt County)
3N33 Le Roy
3N34 Le Roy Emergency Ambulance Service
3N35 Lifeline

3N36 Le Roy
3N37 Stanford
3N38 Le Roy Emergency Ambulance Service
3N40 Danvers
3N43 Lifeline
3N44 Colfax
3N48 Lifeline
3N49 Lifeline
3N50 Towanda
3N51 Bloomington Fire
3N53 Bloomington Fire
3N54 Mobile Command Vehicle
3N55 Carlock
3N56 Mobile Command Vehicle
3N60 Downs Ambulance
3N61 Bloomington Township
3N64 Village of McLean Ambulance
3N65 Bloomington Ambulance
3N68 Normal Rescue
3N69 Towanda Ambulance
3N70 Normal Fire "Chase 70"
3N74 Downs Ambulance
3N102 Bloomington Ambulance

Starcom21 in McLean County

  • The majority of the talkgroups listed for McLean County will always be carried on Site 229 so if you are in range of that site, it's the best one to monitor. On the rural sites listed below, you will usually hear the McLean County Sheriff Dispatch TG, but Normal PD/FD, Bloomington PD, and ISU PD are generally only heard on Site 229

Starcom21 - Site 229 (Normal) frequencies:

029 (1D) Normal852.875000 853.400000c 854.287500 856.762500 857.762500c 858.762500 859.762500

Starcom21 - Site 202 (Leroy) frequencies:

002 (2) Dawson Lake (LeRoy)851.350000 851.875000c 854.612500a 858.937500 859.937500

Starcom21 - Site 231 (Congerville) frequencies:

031 (1F) Congerville851.325000 851.850000c 852.900000a 853.452000 854.037500 858.237500 859.237500

Starcom21 - Site 207 (Pontiac) frequencies:

007 (7) Pontiac851.487500 851.962500a 852.325000c 852.850000a 855.712500 856.712500 857.312500 857.712500

McLean County Starcom21 Talkgroups:

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
4025  fb9  ISU Police Disp1  Illinois State University Police: Dispatch (Ch 1) 
4026  fba  ISU Police Alt 2  Illinois State University Police: Alternate/Events (Ch 2) 
4027  fbb  ISU Police Ops 3  Illinois State University Police: Ops 3 
4028  fbc  ISU Police Ops 4  Illinois State University Police: Ops 4 
30350  768e  McL Law Tac 1  Law Tac 1/Patches 
30351  768f  McL Law Tac 2  Law Tac 2/Patches 
30352  7690  McL Law Tac 3  Law Tac 3/Patches 
30353  7691  McL Law Tac 4  Law Tac 4/Patches (Redbird EMS) 
30354  7692  McL Law Tac 5  Law Tac 5/Patches 
30355  7693  McL Law Tac 6  Law Tac 6/Patches 
30356  7694  McL Law Common  Law Enforcement: Common 
30358  7696  McL Law Rural  Sheriff / Rural Municipalities Dispatch 
30359  7697  McL Sheriff 3  Sheriff: Channel 3 
30360  7698  McL Sheriff 4  Sheriff: Channel 4/Courthouse Security 
30361  7699  McL Shrf CID  Sheriff: Criminal Investigation Department (CID) 
30362  769a  McL Shrf c2c5  Sheriff: Channel 5 - Car-to-Car 
30365  769d  METCOM  METCOM Staff/Admin 
30377  76a9  McL Juv Det Cntr  Juvenile Detention Center 


Bloomington Schools

Bloomington School District 87

  • 10/23 add 200-4W portables on 452.4875, 452.8875, 457.8875 (adding to 464.325 25W Repeater) (DMR/NFM) WPKE365
  • 151.775, 151.835, 151.925, 152.885, 152.975 mobiles for School Ops (DMR/NFM)WQKI719

Trinity Lutheran Schools

  • 1102 W Hamilton Road, Bloomington; 462.925 Base/95 pagers, assumed for clocks WRZB539

El Paso-Gridley CUSD #11

  • Buses: 461.275 Repeater at El Paso (Woodford) - confirmed as D364, buses? (heard in Hudson) (10/14) and previously noted as D351 WQSD381

Heyworth Junior/Senior High School

Leroy Schools

  • 156.0825 - 94.8 PL heard in Bloomington (unknown comms 10/14)

Lexington School District 7

  • 461.3875 Repeater (NFM) for Transportation WQYH422

McLean County Unit District 5 (Normal)

  • See STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois - Appears that all schools and administration have talkgroups in use.
  • 155.235 Repeater with 153.74 mobiles 432 DPL School Buses (Ch 1/Ch 2) FMN KNDS656

7/23 VHF networks repeaters/portables (NXDN) have now been licensed WRDH249 to replace STARCOM21

  • 12,500 students, 23 schools, 180 transportation vehicles (buses), multiple SRO (School Resource Officers), 50 Maintenance personnel, large geographic area. Paying $54,000 year for SC21
  • Normal Community High School - 152.3075 Repeater with 157.5675 input; 152.4275 Repeater with 157.6875 input; 400-5W portables on 152.9225, 153.065 DELETE 1-464.6625 40W Repeater
  • Unit 5 Transportation Facility/Normal - 153.6875 Repeater with 158.145 input (400-50W, 20-5W); 152.3375 Repeater with unknown input (not listed on license)
  • Carlock Elementary School - 152.285 Repeater with 157.545 input (400-5W portables)
  • George Evans Junior High School-Bloomington - 152.3525 Repeater with 157.6125 input (400-5W portables); 400-5W portables on 152.39, 157.65, 157.665
  • Normal Community West High School - 152.3225 Repeater with 157.5825 input (400-5W portables); 400-5W portables on 152.3975, 157.6575, 152.3825, 152.285
  • Benjamin Elementary School/Bloomington - 152.3 Repeater with 157.56 input (400-5W portables); 400-5W portables on 157.635

Regional Alternative School

  • 408 W Washington-Bloomington
  • 20-5wt portables on 155.0025, 159.0675 (NFM/DMR) [hit on 123,0 near Gibson City 4/23/15) WQUV459

Stanford-Olympia School District

  • 451.3, 452.8 Fixed, Remote Links NFM WQUV459

Colleges and Universities

Illinois State University

Public Safety

  • 10/06 -- Police now using STARCOM21 talkgroups 4025, 4026 (possibly 4027, 4028) (Police can use on NPD TG 30366) ISU PD units are in the "100's" series.
  • Not dispatched by METCOM. Post is "Illinois". ISU PD dispatch center now monitors Normal FD and Normal PD on Starcom21 Fire response is from Normal Fire Station #2 604 N Adelaide St.
  • Prior to Starcom21, ISU Police used 453.9 103.5 PL

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