North Carolina VIPER Counties Verified

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NC Counties VIPER Status Page


County Notes
Alamance All PD, FD, and EMS with exception of Burlington PD and FD (Guilford System)
Alleghany Part time (?) VHF patch of Sheriff to VIPER
Anson EMS and Sheriff on VIPER
Ashe Sheriff and Fire VHF patched to VIPER. Fire patch back up as of October 2021.
Avery Beech Mtn police and fire special ops use. Possible county fire VHF patch to VHF (?). Some sheriff shifts heard on VIPER as of summer 2021.
Bertie Sheriff and Windsor PD using VIPER
Bladen 100% VIPER
Brunswick All agencies on VIPER
Buncombe VIPER is used as backup to the county system. EOC also has patch capabilities.
Burke EMS 100% (VHF paging), Sheriff 100%, Morganton PD/Fire 100%, County Fire VHF paging with MotoBridge Patch to VHF
Cabarrus Cabarrus SO and Concord PD use Viper for drug surveillance
Caldwell All LEO on VIPER. EMS and Fire still paged on VHF.
Camden Sheriff on VIPER.
Carteret Some LE0 and EMS on VIPER, Atlantic Beach PD on VIPER 100%.
Caswell Emergency Services and EMS on VIPER.
Catawba EMS and Sheriff's Office is VIPER, Co Fire, Rescue, and Hickory Fire has capability, usage is mixed VHF/VIPER via patch
Chatham Fire patched to VIPER.
Cherokee Sheriff
Cherokee Tribal Indian Reservation Uses VIPER as backup. Primary for hospital calling.
Chowan Edenton PD, Sheriff and EMS using VIPER but not FD
Cleveland own system but all radios have VIPER.
Craven Sheriff and FD have VIPER capabilities.
Cumberland 100% VIPER, although Fayetteville is still on their stand alone system.
Currituck not on VIPER
Dare Has it's own P25 system but is deeply integrated with VIPER (including patched talkgroups); all radios have access. Dare MedFlight uses VIPER TG 14502 ( Dare EMS ). 14502 is patched to TG 14618 on Dare's P25 system
Davidson In the process of switching to VIPER. Denton and Lexington PD, FD are full-time VIPER. Thomasville is on the Guilford County TRS. Fire is patched to VIPER from VHF.
Davie Fire and EMS/Rescue patch VHF dispatch channels to VIPER. EMS nearly all direct on VIPER. Fire on both VIPER and VHF. Davie SO on VIPER... UHF no longer used.
Duplin Sheriff and EMS, some fire on VIPER. Fire Dispatch TG patched to 154.145 VHF. Sheriff Dispatch TG patched to 155.625 VHF
Durham Standalone system to many units have VIPER to be able to talk to Wake, Granville and Orange units
Edgecombe FIRE,EMS,SO and EM are all Operating on VIPER but still being dispatched off of VHF.
Forsyth Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Motorola SmartZone trunking system. Not using VIPER. 911 center does have a VIPER HT out on one of the desks.
Franklin EMS has equipped all ambulances with VIPER radios, Sheriff on VIPER.
Gaston All of Gaston (Excluding Mount Holly and City of Gastonia) on VIPER.
Gates Sheriff and EMS using VIPER (being patched to their old freqs)
Granville Sheriff,PD,FD,EMS using Viper
Greene All VIPER.
Guilford Not using VIPER. Using the Greensboro/Guilford County trunked system. High Point on own stand-alone system
Harnett Sheriff, EMS, FD, Lillington PD all on Viper
Haywood EMS uses VIPER. Other agencies use VIPER for mutual aid purposes/interoperability
Henderson VIPER used for interoperability, not used regularly.
Hoke Fire and EMS on Viper, almost all on VIPER
Hyde All VIPER
Iredell Sheriff And Fire Simulcasted To VIPER (All Radios Have Access). Iredell EMS / Rescue - Full VIPER Use (VHF Paging) Troutman PD - Full Viper Use. Backup for Statesville / Mooresville (Have Own Trunked System).
Jackson Not used regularly. Cherokee Tribal does use it as a backup.
Johnston Has their own stand-alone P25 TRS
Lee Using VHF/UHF and a NXDN TRS. Some communications also patched to VIPER such as EMS.
Lincoln Switching some comms to VIPER
Macon used by MAMA2 (helo), All agencies have capability.
Madison EMS uses VIPER after dispatch
Martin LE on VIPER
McDowell EMS, EM, Fire Chiefs and ARES have radios for backup & special ops. Some Lake James SP rangers have radios
Mecklenburg EOC has VIPER patch capabilities. CMC on VIPER
Mitchell Law enforcement fully VIPER, EMS patched to VIPER, Fire/Rescue VHF Dispatch and TAC channels patched into VIPER at E911 center.
Montgomery EMS, LEO active on Viper
Moore Viper used
Nash Sheriffs Office, Nashville PD, Rocky Mount PD has VIPER Capabilities
New Hanover
Orange All Viper
Pamlico Sheriff on Viper
Pasquotank Eliz City Animal Control only using VIPER
Pender all VIPER
Perquimans Sheriff on VIPER
Pitt All LEO and all Greenville PD and FD (except FD paging on 154.355)
Polk TGs assigned, Pub. Safety Agcys have W/Ts (1 per), not in use as of 8/11.Sheriff Department has been using Viper occasionally.
Randolph All on VIPER, Fire & Ems paging on 154.415, Rand Fire 1 TG linked to 155.895
Richmond Sheriff
Robeson Most Fire units and all Sheriff/EMS have VIPER.
Rockingham All VIPER; EMS, Rescue and Fire simulcasted on VHF/UHF. Low band still simulcasted for Fire.
Rowan Not on VIPER... uses their own stand-alone TRS. Does have VIPER radios for introp purposes.
Rutherford Used by Lake Lure PD/FD
Scotland Fire, Sheriff have radios, not on VIPER. All EMS traffic on VIPER.
Sampson All VIPER. EMS Dispatch TG Patched to 461.000
Stanly EMS and Sheriff
Stokes Fire simulcast VHF dispatch channels to VIPER, LE completely on VIPER
Surry Sheriff and EMS full time VIPER. Fire on both VIPER and VHF
Swain VIPER not used.
Transylvania EM on occasion
Tyrrell Sheriff on VIPER
Vance most fire, EMS, Sheriff and Henderson PD/FD
Wake Sheriff on patch to VIPER/WAKE simulcast, Cary City excluded, Holly Springs PD, Wake EMS uses both Wake TRS (dispatch and county ops) and Viper (to hospital), RPD not heard on Viper. Raleigh FD Dispatch Only still simulcast on 154.37, 151.115 and 159.000.
Warren EMS on Viper
Washington Sheriff using VIPER
Watauga Minor EM , Sheriff and Fire ops on VIPER. EMS patient updates on VIPER, paging and regular ops still on VHF. App State Univ Police 100% VIPER. Boone Police using more VIPER as of summer 2021.
Wayne County has thier own P25 system. 911 Center has capabilities to patch into VIPER as needed for interoperability. EMS units have VIPER radios with VMN talkgroups for hospital communications.
Wilkes Minor Sheriff use on VIPER. Fire and EMS patch with VHF, possible rescue squad patch aswell.
Wilson City of Wilson PD and Wilson County EMS on VIPER; all others unknown
Yadkin Nearly all comms on VHF. Some NARC traffic on VIPER.
Yancey EMS uses VIPER after dispatch on VHF.
  • Keep in mind too that EVERY county and the EBCI have a minimum of 20 radios and a control station in the 911 center. They all have at least six talk groups, LE, FD, EMS, EM, Tac and Mutual Aid
  • Note - NCSHP is 100% VIPER
  • Note - NC Forest Service mostly on VHF, has VIPER capabilities

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