Outagamie County Airport (ATW) Outagamie County (WI)

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Outagamie County Airport (ATW)
City: Appleton
County: Outagamie
State: Wisconsin
TRACON: Green Bay
ARTCC: Minneapolis

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Welcome to the Outagamie County Airport (ATW) aviation article, the airport located in Outagamie County, Wisconsin.
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Unconfirmed frequencies

  • KBC6 131.975 Aviation Spectrum Resources Inc.
  • WPXX366 131.725 Aviation Spectrum Resources Inc.
  • WQQC745 130.300 Aviation Spectrum Resources Inc.
  • WQZQ883 131.6 Aviation Spectrum Resources Inc.
  • WQNH276 462.3500 Delta Air Lines Inc.
  • KB73795 461.1125, 466.1125 Federal Express Corporation
  • WQLV584 462.2625, 462.2875, 462.3125, 462.3375, 462.3625, 467.2625, 467.2875, 467.3125, 467.3375, 467.3625 Frontier Airlines, Inc.