Phillips 66 Refineries

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Phillips 66 Refineries TRS
System Name Phillips 66 Refineries
System Type Project 25 Phase II
System ID 581
Connect Tone ?
Network Access Code {{{NAC}}}
DMR Color Code N/A
Band 800 / 900
State Ca, Il, La,NJ,Ok, Tx
Ownership Private

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  • The website with all refinery locations can be found here

Alliance Refinery

Bayway Refinery

Billings Refinery

Borger Refinery


Lake Charles Refinery

Los Angeles Refinery

MiRO Refinery

Ponca City Refinery

San Francisco Refinery

Sweeny Refinery

Wood River Refinery

  • RIDs 16xxx, 17xxx
  • Located in Roxana, Illinois, and jointly owned by Phillips 66 and Cenovus Energy through the WRB Refining partnership, the Wood River Refinery is operated by Phillips 66. The refinery processes a mix of light, low-sulfur; heavy, high-sulfur; and high-acid crude oils. Wood River receives Canadian and domestic crude oils, including from U.S.- advantaged sources, and other foreign crude oil. The refinery produces a high percentage of transportation fuels, such as gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels. Other products include petrochemical feedstocks, asphalt and coke.

Its operations consist of two fluid catalytic cracking units, alkylation, hydrocracking, two delayed coking units, naphtha reforming, hydro-treating and sulfur recovery. Finished products leave Wood River through pipelines and by rail, barge and truck.

Facts and Figures

  • HISTORY: Built in 1917
  • LOCATION: Roxana, Illinois, about 15 miles northeast of St. Louis, Missouri
  • SIZE: 2,200 acres (approx.)
  • WORKFORCE: More than 1,100 employees (including on-site contractors)


  • Transportation fuels (gasoline, diesel & aviation fuel)
  • Petrochemical feedstocks, Asphalt, Coke

Modes of Transport

  • Pipeline, Barge/ship, Tank truck, Railcar