Pierce County (WA)

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Primary Radio Systems in Pierce County

In November 2011, voters in Pierce County approved Proposition 1, a 0.1 percent sales tax increase to fund the consolidation and collocation of 911 centers in the county, including the construction of a new public safety communications center (PSCC), known as South Sound 911. Proposition 1 also funded the construction of the county's regional radio network, the Combined Communications Network - Single Countywide Communications System Network (CCN:SCWCS).

Most of Pierce County's public safety agencies are on the following radio systems:

CCN:SCWCS Radio System (known here on RR as 'South Sound 911') - Wiki Article

Tacoma/Puyallup Public Safety Radio System (PSRS) - Wiki Article

Click here for South Sound 911's list of which agencies are on which radio system.

Tacoma Police Department

Tacoma PD Unit Numbering:

  • Ruston 1-7 = Ruston PD
  • Robert Day = shift 2-man car
  • Frank Day = shift 1-man car
  • Baker = Swing shift 2-man car
  • Paul = Swing shift 1-man car
  • Henry = Graveyard shift 2-man car
  • Mary = Motorcycle unit
  • Nora = Graveyard shift 1-man car
  • Union = Graveyard shift 1-man car
  • William = School Security Units
  • X-Ray = Pro-Act Units (Plainclothes/Plain cars)
  • Lincoln = Lieutenants
  • Sam = Sergeants
  • David = Detectives
  • Ident (or Ida) = Forensics/Crime Scene Units



Police are dispatched by Pierce County Sheriff on Pierce Sheriff East (South Sound 911 Radio System) as "Eatonville XX"


Police are dispatched on Pierce Sheriff West as "Fircrest XX" (SouthSound911 radio system)

Gig Harbor

Police are dispatched on Pierce Sheriff West as "Harbor XX" (SouthSound911 Radio System)


Old police tactical 3 453.4250


Amateur Radio