South Sound 911

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System Name South Sound 911
System Type Project 25 Phase II
System ID 1E7
Connect Tone N/A
Wide Area Communications Network BEE00
Network Access Code varies by site
TRBO Color Code ?
Band 700
County Pierce,King
State Washington
Ownership Public

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  • Some talkgroups on this system may be using P25 Phase II TDMA modulation, which can only be monitored using a P25 Phase II capable scanner or receiver.
  • Click HERE for a list of scanners capable of monitoring those talkgroups.

NAC Information by Site

Site Site ID Site NAC (hex) Site NAC (dec)
West (Tacoma) Simulcast 1 0x1E1 481
Core (Orting) Simulcast 2 0x1E2 482
South Simulcast 3 0x1E3 483
Top Hat IR (Independent Repeater) (West Seattle) 4 0x1E4 484
Three Sisters IR (Independent Repeater) (Buckley) 5 0x1E5 485

System Description

South Sound 911, or the Combined Communications Network : Single Countywide Communications System Network (CCN:SCWCS), is comprised of the following elements:

A 21 site microwave network.

A P25 Phase 2 TDMA 700MHz Motorola trunked radio system with 21 sites, 38 channels and 74 talk paths.

A 3 site simulcast VHF network (FCC Call Sign WQVI727) that specifically covers the State Route 410 corridor from Enumclaw to Cayuse Pass with 3 repeater channels and 1 simplex channel for fire/EMS, law enforcement, and inter-agency mutual aid communications.

An UHF data network supporting Pierce Transit Operations through their TRAX system with coverage in Thurston, Pierce, King and Snohomish Counties.

A county-wide 11 site simulcast "VHF Overlay" network (FCC Call Signs WQWR930 & WQXQ550) designed to provide paging, station alerting, and mutual aid communication with outside agency first responders.

In partnership with the US Geological Survey, a Next Generation Integrated Lahar Warning System providing monitoring and detection of impending lahars, initiation of the Lahar Warning System Alert and Warning, and remote delivery of volcano information to researchers.

A final element slated for implementation in 2018 is a Distributed Antennae System (DAS) in the Pierce County Jail improving in-building voice and data coverage. DAS-like coverage will also be located in other county offices as the need arises.

700 MHz Network P25 Phase 2 Trunked System

Site Locations:

Core Simulcast (WQPM841 & WQHJ937):

West Simulcast (WQRK643):

South Simulcast (WQPM835):

IR (Independent Repeater) Sites:

SR410 VHF Network

FCC Call Sign WQVI727

Site locations are:

Grass Mountain-Google Maps link

Crystal River Ranch (4 Miles east of Greenwater)-Google Maps link

Crystal Mountain-Google Maps link

System Channels / Frequencies in use:

150.7900/131.8 - Greenwater/Crystal Mtn Fire (simplex) (MED Channel. See NTIA footnote US216 for more information.)

154.7100/100.0 - Washington State Patrol (repeater output)

155.6400/179.9 - Pierce County Sheriff - Greenwater LE (repeater output)

154.9500/179.9 - SR410 Mutual Aid (repeater output)

410 VHF Coverage Map

As of winter 2019, WSP still uses Seattle South and Greenwater Fire uses PCF Echo 1 in the SR410 Corridor. This is expected to change but not yet clear as to when.

VHF Overlay Network

East Site locations (FCC Call Sign WQWR930):

Spanaway - Tower site at Central Maintenance Facility, Pierce County Public Works

Mineral - Mineral Hill Tower site, 2 miles SE of Elbe

Eatonville - Tower site 2.3 miles SSE of Eatonville at Pack Forest

Orting - Spar Pole Hill Tower site, 5 miles SE of Orting

Edgewood - Co-located at water tank facility at 12224 48th St E (Paging/Alerting Only)

West Site locations (FCC Call Sign WQXQ550):

Dupont - Co-located at water tank facility at 1350 Foreman Rd

Key Peninsula South (Home/Lakebay) - Tower site at 17908 16th St SW

Gig Harbor - Spring Hill Tower site, 8809 SR16

Tacoma - Pierce County EOC, 2501 S 35th St

Key Peninsula North - Fire Station 45, 12310 Wright Bliss Rd NW (Paging/Alerting Only)

System Channels/Frequencies in use:

151.3550/162.2 - "MAC" First Responder Mutual Aid (repeater)

153.8900/131.8 - Pierce County Fire Delta 1 - County Wide Fire/EMS Paging/Alerting (simplex)

154.1600/131.8 - Pierce County Fire Delta 3 - Fire/EMS Mutual Aid (simplex)

155.3700 - Law Enforcement Radio Net (LERN) - LE Mutual Aid (simplex) (Spar Pole and Mineral Hill Sites Only)

South Sound 911 dispatchers are able to patch VHF channels to talkgroups on trunked systems as needed to meet operational communications needs during incidents.

Talkgroups not listed in database

Washington State Patrol (unknown use/not encrypted) - 59196

Pierce County Sheriff's Department Tac 3 (encrypted) - 40115

Pierce County Sheriff's Department Tac ? (encrypted) - 40114

Pierce County Sheriff's Department (encrypted - mostly Detectives & Admin) - 40120

PCLE 11 (county-wide/multi-agency tactical channel - encrypted) - 40923

Unknown talkgroup used by South Pierce Fire - 40304

Unknown talkgroup used by South Pierce Fire (encrypted) - 40315

Pierce County Public Works (Mostly Offender Road Crews) - 40602

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