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  • I cant seem to login to the site. What am I doing wrong?
  • "What services are provided without charge on this site?"
    • See the Free Services article for a specific list of free services available in this site
  • "I purchased a subscription, so why am I not listed as a contributing user?"
    • Answer: There are a number of reasons why, however the most common include:
      • You made your donation with a Paypal e-check, which requires a few days to clear Paypal before you are granted access as a donating users.
      • You mailed in a check, which takes a few days to go through the mail and clear.
  • "I subscribed, and now I see an entry called MyRR. What is this?'"
    • Answer: This is the page you get that shows what states, counties and other items you have selected for review. It's a quick way to keep an eye on only those areas in which you have an interest.

RadioReference Web Service

  • ''How do I use the Web Service?''
  • ''What do I need to do to access the Web Service?''

RadioReference Database

  • ''In the Radio Reference Database, What are Location Based Attributes and how are they interpreted?''

Location based attributes are used to specify when a frequency or talkgroup is used in a portion of a region (northern part of the city, South County, ect.) rather than the entire region. Please see the Location Based Info article for more information.

  • ''What are Tags, and what purpose do they serve?''

Tags are used to group frequencies and talkgroups by services; eventually one will be able to query the database by location and service, giving much more accurate results. See our Tags article for the valid values for this feature.

  • ''How do I categorize data when adding tags to the database?''
  • ''What standard abbreviations are recommended for adding data to the database?''

See our Database Administrator Handbook for guidelines on abbreviations, tags and other issues encountered when adding tag and service information to the database.

  • ''How can I dynamically pull data from the database into my website?''

Please see our API article for more information.

  • ''How can I find out more about the conventional data in the database?''

Please see the Common Conventional Programming Questions article

  • ''How can I find out more about the trunked data in the database?''

Please see the Common Trunking Programming Questions article

  • ''How can I order the RR CD? I am traveling where the Internet is hard to connect to''

Please see the RR CD Apr2009 for where you can order the CD and what software works with it. Here is the October 2008 release of the CD

  • ''Why is the data for my local federal/military system missing? It was there some time ago''

There was a time when federal or military systems that sent a note to the webmaster had their data removed due to security concerns. This policy was changed in 2008 - please see the Restricted Info article for more information

  • ''How can I interpret the various radio service codes in the database?''

Please see the FCC Radio Service Codes for the link to the glossary for these codes.