Richland County (WI)

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Richland County, Wisconsin
County Seat Richland Center
MABAS Division Division 150
WSP District Deforest
WISDOT District
DNR Enforcement District
FBI Division Milwaukee
FBI Resident Agency
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Law Enforcment Numbering

Unit ID User
61-78 Richland Center Police
8xx Richland Sheriff
902-903 Viola Police
904 Lone Rock Police

Fire/EMS Unit Numbering

Unit ID User
30 Cazenovia EMS
32 Lone Rock EMS
33-35 Richland EMS
36-37 Viola EMS
38 Boaz First Responders
39 Ithaca First Responders
201 Blue River EMS
275-276 Muscoda EMS
3xx Cazenovia Fire
5xx Lone Rock Fire
6xx Yuba Fire
7xx Richland Center Fire

Pager Tones

Fire & EMS Paging on 154.355MHz
Department Tone A Tone B Department Tone A Tone B
Richland County Weather 1472.9 1881.0 Richland County MABAS 1082.0 701.0
Blue River EMS Boaz First Responders 634.5 746.8
Cazenovia EMS Cazenovia Fire
Ithaca First Responders 569.1 457.9 Lone Rock Fire 847.1 1433.6
Muscoda EMS Richland Center Fire 2259.9 1669
Richland EMS 592.3 847.1 Viola EMS
Yuba Fire 634.5 788.5 Baraboo EMS 1472.9 1881.0

P25 Radio ID's

5330000 Richland County PSAP
81005XX's Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81055XX's Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81105XX's Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81155XX's Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81205XX's Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
81255XX's Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
82XXXXX's Wisconsin DNR