Saskatchewan P25 and Trunktrackers

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Trunktracker Information

  • This M/A-COM P25ip System's control channels use Multi-Block Messaging for Explicit Group/Voice Channel Grants.
  • All tower sites share the same system ID of HEX#00A/DEC#10 and the same WACN of HEX#0000A/DEC#10.
  • These scanners will decode and trunktrack this system when set to P25 Auto Mode;

The Radio Shack Pro-96/Pro-2096 will not decode the multi-block messages sent by the control channels so they will only trunk to a single channel on a site and never trunk to any of the sites other channels so the scanner will only hear about 20% to 25% of the voice traffic on a site and they will show the group IDs in use. The BC250D and BC785D can not decode the 9600-baud rate control channel so they will not trunktrack this system. The scanner must be able to operate in P25 9600 baud Explicit Mode = P25 Auto Mode.

Pro-96/2096 Trunking Information

  • To trunktrack this system the Pro-96/Pro-2096 must have custom extended tables programmed with Win96 software. These Radio Shack scanner models require a different set of custom trunking tables for every tower site in the system unless a site is used over again at another location in the Province. Channel #1 is 138.0150 and the last channel #300 is 139.5000. The TX offset is variable so the PRO96Com control channel decoder will have to be used to get the TX offset of each channel used on the site. This is found in the dump from the control channel and not on the site information page that shows the incorrect value of -1.60000. The correct values can then be added to the custom trunking tables you are programming. With all this information you should now be able to program in any tower site in the Province. These Radio shack scanners can not do multi-site trunking. Do not load more than one trunked site. They will lock onto the first control channel programmed in and stay there until the signal is lost.
  • TX Frequency Range 138-139.5000 MHz
  • Offset is variable up to 4 MHz. Use Pro96com to get this value for each channel add this to the custom tables
  • RX Frequency Range 140-143.50000 MHz
  • Base = 138.000 in all cases
  • Step = 5.0 in all cases
  • Channel spacing is 15 KHz
  • This single table may work for all the P25 system sites: Slot 00 low Chan 00 High Chan 4095 step 5

Pro-96/2096 Custom Extended Tables

  • The Offset of each channel is not listed use Pro96com to get this value for each channel used.

Site #001 Regina Downtown

10-005 (A-5) Regina - SaskPower Head Office138.510000a 138.675000a 138.795000a 139.035000a 139.140000c 139.245000a

Slot Number Low Channel High Channel Offset
00 00 102 #?
01 103 135 #?
02 136 159 #?
03 160 207 #?
04 208 228 #?
05 229 249 #?

Site #002 Pilot Butte

10-002 (A-2) Alsask138.450000a 138.555000a 138.780000c 139.275000a

Slot Number Low Channel High Channel Offset
00 00 105 #?
01 106 153 #?
02 154 174 #?
03 175 198 #?

Site #071 Fort Qu'Appelle

10-071 (A-47) Fort Qu'Appelle138.240000a 138.465000a 139.095000c 139.305000a

Slot Number Low Channel High Channel Offset
00 00 48 846
01 49 93 891
02 94 219 717
03 220 261 753

Site #081 Moose Jaw

10-181 (A-B5) Pasqua138.030000a 138.210000a 138.360000a 138.720000a

Slot Number Low Channel High Channel Offset
00 00 06 #?
01 07 42 #?
02 43 72 #?
03 73 144 #?
04 145 168 #?
05 169 192 #?

Possible Firmware Issues ?

  • It appears that version 1.4 firmware is unable to trunktrack this system. Version 1.3 firmware seems to be required until/if RS issues any further fixes (thanks VE5WIL)
  • All firmware versions only change how the voice messages are decoded and have no effect on how the control channel is decoded.
  • The CPU in the radio would have to be upgraded to decode the explicit messages sent by this system.

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