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Shelby County Government

911 Christian-Shelby Joint 911 / ETSB (CSJETSB)

  • Receives about 32,000 calls per year (average 190 a day.)
  • Shelby County ETSB merged with Christian County in ... Dispatch center is located in Christian County.
  • See Christian County Wiki Page

EMS Agencies

  • Findlay, Bethany and Windsor all have local services (2022)

AMR Abbott EMS

  • Has 1 unit serving the area. Paged/Dispatched on 155.58 203.5 by County.

Shelby Area Ambulance Service

  • Bought by Decatur Ambulance Service, DAS is closing 8/30/22, seeking a replacement EMS service now
  • 3L23 Pana Ambulance ? (heard 155.58 203.5 3/14)


HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital (Shelbyville) Facebook

  • formerly Shelby Memorial Hospital

Municipalities and Districts


Heartland Fire Department

  • 155.7 Repeater with 158.73 input (NFM at Bethel) WQVL913


Findlay Fire Protection District/Ambulance

  • Serves 70 square miles and is located in the heart of Lake Shelbyville. We provide fire, EMS, and Lake Fire and Rescue services. We respond to calls in Eagle Creek State Park and on Lake Shelbyville. Our district is mostly rural and farming areas
  • 155.34 10-50W mobiles for MERCI EMS-to-Hospital patient reports WRZQ828 Issued 12/23


  • Located in Shelby and Christian Counties

Moweaqua Community Ambulance Service

  • Disbanded 4/30/18 and was taken over by Decatur Ambulance Service. DAS out of business 9/22 Article


Shelbyville Fire Protection District

  • 152.45R is a business band frequency, licensed to Musser, Rick E (Heard fire assistance w/ Findlay)


Stewardson Fire and Ambulance Protection District

  • BLS Region 3

Tri-County Fire Protection District (Beecher City)

  • Serves Fayette, Shelby and Effingham counties

Call signs

Findlay Fire Protection District/Ambulance


  • Special Response Trailer 8 (2005, 400' 2 1/2" Fire Hose)
  • Tanker 7 (2004 Sterling)

--3rd out on all intown or rural in district structure fires. --2nd out on all structure fire out of district. --2nd out on all grass, field, or timber fires in or out of district. --2nd out on all vehicle and farm accidents in district.

  • Brush/ Rescue 5 (2003 Ford F550)

--1st out on all Brush, Grass, and Field fires in or out of district. --4th out on any structure fire intown. --5th out on any rural structure fires.

  • Engine 6 (2001 Smeal/ Freightliner Pumper)

--2nd out on all structure fires in district.

  • Rescue 1 (2000 Ford F-350 XLT)

--ALS Unit

  • Lake Rescue 9 (1999 SonicJET Fire/ Rescue Boat_
  • Engine 11 (1994 Spartan Chassis)

--1st out on all structure fires in or out of district. --1st out on all vehicle or farm accidents in or out of district. --1st out on all in district shoreline rescues and EMS calls on the lake.

  • Tanker 3 (1983 Chevrolet)

--5th out on all intown structure fires. --4th out on all rural structure fires. --3rd out on all rural out of district structure fires. --3rd out on all grass, field, or timber fires in or out of district.


Tower Hill Community Unit District 6

  • Served mostly by Pana School District 8
  • 152.3 Base/Mobile Tower Hill School Ops/Buses [Expired 7/05] FM WQQ534

Central A and M Community Unit District (Assumption/Moweaqua) 

  • 464.65 Repeater (Assumption); 463.675 Repeater (Moweaqua) DMR WQRD746

2/23 - New application 0010407666

  • Moweaqua SHELBY at Central A&M High School - 451.775 Repeater (DMR) WRWF751
  • Assumption CHRISTIAN at Central A&M Middle School - 452.05 Repeater (DMR) WRWF751

Call Signs/Fire Pager Tones

  • Abbott EMS - 288.5/810.2 (155.58 confirmed 4/12/23) (Possibly medic 22?)
  • 2672 - ??? (heard on scene, 155.58, 4/12/23)

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