Sheppard Air Force Base Wichita County (TX)

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Sheppard Air Force Base (SPS)
City: Wichita Falls
County: Wichita
State: Texas
ARTCC: Fort Worth

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Welcome to the Sheppard Air Force Base (SPS) aviation article, the Air Force Base located in Wichita County, Texas.
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Emergency and Support Services

  • Security Forces, fire department, medical, civil engineers, and other base support services are on Site 1-009 of the United States Air Force (3D6) trunked radio system.
  • Some (or all) fire department radios are capable of operating on the City of Wichita Falls 800 MHz P25 trunked system and county and state VHF fire frequencies.
  • The fire department, and possibly the other emergency and support services, have conventional backup frequencies that have not been discovered and submitted to the database.
  • There are many unidentified talkgroups used at Sheppard listed at United States Air Force (3D6) Unknown Talkgroups by Site.

Unidentified/Unconfirmed Frequencies

The following frequencies are not listed in the database. If you can confirm them please submit the information and remove them from this list.

Aviation Frequencies

  • Some of these may be MOAs or IR/VR training routes in NW TX or SW OK.
  • A list of local channel presets is on page 15 of sheppardafbi13-204.pdf
Frequency Mode - Description
126.5250 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
138.1000 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
139.8250 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
140.0000 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
140.1250 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
140.3500 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
140.3750 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
140.4000 AM - 80th FTW Ops? Victor 9?
140.4250 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
140.4500 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
140.9250 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
141.4250 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
141.7750 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
142.2000 AM - 80th FTW Ops? Victor 22?
142.9000 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
143.8750 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
148.0500 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
148.1750 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
149.2500 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
149.5250 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
229.0500 AM - Base Ops? 80th FTW Command Post?
246.9000 AM - 80th FTW Ops?
264.0000 AM - MOA Discreet?
311.0000 AM - Command Post (unknown if still used)
321.0000 AM - Command Post (unknown if still used)
343.9500 AM - Arrival Discreet
346.2750 AM - Arrival Discreet
353.7750 AM - Arrival Discreet
392.1000 AM - Blue Departure

Other Frequencies

Frequency Type Tone - Description
142.2750 BF CSQ - SCADA
165.1375 BF CSQ - SCADA
407.3750 BF 186.2 PL - SCADA
  • The following were voice channels on the original trunked system (before transitioning to the San Antonio Military SmartZone and later USAF 3D6 systems). It is not known if they are still used.

Old Frequencies

Military Operating Areas (MOAs)

MOAs used by the T-6
Sheppard 1 MOA Sub Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Sheppard 2 MOA Sub Areas 10A 10B, 11A 11B, 12A 12B, 13A 13B, 14A 14B

MOAs used by the T-38
Hollis MOA Sub Areas Hollis A, Hollis B, Reed
Washita MOA Sub Areas Pine, Oak
Westover 1 MOA Sub Areas Dundee, Stover, Vera, Goree
Westover 2 MOA Sub Areas Steen, Elm, Oliver, Brazo, Dumont
MOA info from share the air


As of 9/15/10 the following are common call signs used by military aircraft while training and or passing through the area. Some of the call signs are assigned to Sheppard aircraft, but not all. This list may not be 100% correct and call signs could change without notice.

BLADE T-6, BAJA T-38, BANGER T-38, BEAR T-38, DOZER T-38, HAMMER T-38, KENT T-38, MADCAT T-38, MUSTANG ? (Navy Ft Worth)?, SNORT T-38

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