St. Louis County (MO) East Central Dispatch Center

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East Central Dispatch Center (Richmond Heights)

Area Wide

Police - Unit IDs: Clayton 1900s, Richmond Heights 7200s, Maplewood 5300s, Shrewsbury 7600s, Webster Groves 9300s, Olivette 6400s* (*began 7/10/06) Fire (151.055) Shrewsbury 1800s, Webster Grovers 2000s, Richmond Heights 2100s, Maplewood 3100s, Clayton 3200s

4/23/15 - 10 AM - ECD center cut-over to SLATER full time for the Police side only. At this time they are NOT simulcasting or using ANY of their old VHF frequencies. Consider them abandoned. ECDC: Police Dispatch North - Brentwood, Clayton, Richmond Heights, Olivette ECDC: Police Dispatch South - Maplewood, Rock Hill, Shrewsbury, Webster Groves

4/28/15 - 9 AM - All agencies dispatched by East Central have migrated to SLATER.

SLATER: East Central Fire: Dispatch - Dispatching of calls only, no tones (simulcasted on old VHF fire dispatch but dispatcher only traffic, not patched, no truck or portable traffic is simulcasted) East Central Fire: Main - main response channel

Old VHF: East Central VHF Fire Dispatch - tones and dispatch traffic only. Dispatches simulcasted on 800 fire dispatch from dispatcher only. No other traffic simulcasted or patched. East Central VHF Fire Main - no traffic, not simulcasted, not patched consider abandoned.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.05500  KNAX731   BM  412 DPL  ECDC Fire Fire: Tone-Outs / Dispatch (simulcast on SLATER)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
155.79000  KAF575   BM  173.8 PL  ECDC Interop Interop  FMN  Interop 

  • 153.86000 KNCV288 BM 123.0 PL ECDC FDResp1 (OLD) Fire: Response
  • 153.92000 KNBV304 M 103.5 PL RHts PD c2c2 (OLD) Richmond Heights Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 2]
  • 154.37000 KNAX731 BM 412 DPL EDCD FDResp2 (OLD) Fire: Response
  • 154.80000 KNCV288 BM 123.0 PL ECDC North (OLD) Police: Dispatch - North: Clayton/Olivette/Richmond Heights
  • 155.62500 KAB954 M WbGrvPD c2c3 (OLD) Webster Groves Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 3]
  • 155.85000 KNCV288 M 123.0 PL Clytn PD c2c (OLD) Clayton Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 2]
  • 158.91000 KAB954 M WbGrvPD c2c2 (OLD) Webster Groves Police: Car-to-Car/Tac [Ch 2]
  • 158.94000 KBJ204 BM 026 DPL Olvt PD c2c (OLD) Olivette Police: Car-to-Car FMN Deprecated
  • 159.90000 KAD543 BM 412 DPL ECDC South (OLD) Police: Dispatch - South: Maplewood/Shrewsbury/Webster Groves
  • 465.51250 WPLV535 M ShrwsPD c2c (OLD) Shrewsbury Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 2]


Clayton Police

Clayton Fire/EMS



-Clayton Fire: 32XX series units -Clayton Police: 19XX series units

  • 158.82000 KNCV288 BM 88.5 PL Snow Plows [Canceled 3/16]



Maplewood Fire: 31XX series units Maplewood Police: 53XX series units

  • 154.37000 KDP976 BM 412 DPL ECDSP - Fire: Response [Expired 5/15]

Richmond Heights

Richmond Heights Fire Department


  • Fire: 21XX series, Police: 72xx series
  • 154.37000 KNAX731 BM 412 DPL ECDSP - Fire: Response
  • 158.88000 KNBV304 BM 412 DPL Public Works [Expired 7/16]
  • 153.92000 KNBV304 M Public Works [Expired 7/16]



  • Fire: 18XX series, Police: 76XX series
  • 465.51250 WPLV535 M Police: Car-to-Car FMN

Webster Groves

Webster Groves Fire/EMS


Fire: 20xx series, Police 93xx series

  • 467.26250 WPWQ698 M Utilities Department [Expired 1/13]
  • 467.28750 WPWQ698 M Utilities Department [Expired 1/13]
  • 467.78750 WPWQ698 M Utilities Department [Expired 1/13]
  • 467.86750 WPWQ698 M Utilities Department [Expired 1/13]

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