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East Central Dispatch Center East Central Dispatch Center is a quasi-government entity (operated by a joint municipal agreement) that provides 911 police and fire dispatching for various municipalities in eastern St. Louis County. They began operations in 2004, and operate out of the Richmond Heights Public Safety building.

Physical Address: 7447 Dale Ave., Richmond Heights, MO 63117

Phone: 314-645-3000

Currently, East Central Dispatch provides police and fire dispatching for:
- City of Brentwood
- City of Clayton
- City of Maplewood
- City of Olivette
- City of Richmond Heights
- City of Rock Hill
- City of Webster Groves

Dispatching is done on the SLATER system:


  • EDP - Emotionally Disturbed Person (psych case)


Talkgroup Use Radio Name Departments
55327 (D81F) North Police Dispatch (encrypted) ECDCPD N Brentwood (1200s), Clayton (1900s), Richmond Heights (7200s), Olivette (6400s)
55328 (D820) South Police Dispatch (encrypted) ECDCPD S Maplewood (5300s), Rock Hill (7400s), Shrewsbury (7600s), Webster Groves (9300s)

Fire All fire departments follow the area fire apparatus numbering system: Brentwood (2500s), Clayton (3200s), Maplewood (3100s), Olivette (2700s), Richmond Heights (2100s), Rock Hill (3400s), and Webster Groves (2000s).

Fire dispatch is on the SLATER talkgroup 54701.

Talkgroup Use Radio Name
54701 (D5AD) Fire Dispatch EC DISPF
54702 (D5AE) Fire Main EC MAINF
54723 (D5C3) Fire Tactical 30 FTAC30
54724 (D5C4) Fire Tactical 31 FTAC31
54725 (D5C5) Fire Tactical 32 FTAC32
54726 (D5C6) Fire Tactical 33 FTAC33
54727 (D5C7) Fire Tactical 34 FTAC34
54728 (D5C8) Fire Tactical 35 FTAC35
54729 (D5C9) Fire Tactical 36 FTAC36
54730 (D5CA) Fire Tactical 37 FTAC37
54731 (D5CB) Fire Tactical 38 FTAC38
54732 (D5CC) Fire Tactical 39 FTAC39
55802 (D9FA) Fire Tactical 83E (encrypted) FTAC83E
55807 (D9FF) Fire Tactical 93E (encrypted) FTAC93E


East Central has two talkgroups for use in coordinating incidents/events between fire and police units within East Central.

Talkgroup Use Radio Name
54135 (D377) East Central Dispatch Center Interop 1 ECDC IO1
54136 (D378) East Central Dispatch Center Interop 2 ECDC IO2


4/23/15 - 10 AM - ECD center cut-over to SLATER full time for the Police side only. At this time they are NOT simulcasting or using ANY of their old VHF frequencies. Consider them abandoned. ECDC: Police Dispatch North - Brentwood, Clayton, Richmond Heights, Olivette ECDC: Police Dispatch South - Maplewood, Rock Hill, Shrewsbury, Webster Groves

4/28/15 - 9 AM - All agencies dispatched by East Central have migrated to SLATER.

SLATER: East Central Fire: Dispatch - Dispatching of calls only, no tones (simulcasted on old VHF fire dispatch but dispatcher only traffic, not patched, no truck or portable traffic is simulcasted) East Central Fire: Main - main response channel


Old VHF: East Central VHF Fire Dispatch - tones and dispatch traffic only. Dispatches simulcasted on 800 fire dispatch from dispatcher only. No other traffic simulcasted or patched. East Central VHF Fire Main - no traffic, not simulcasted, not patched consider abandoned.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.05500  KNAX731   412 DPL  ECDC Fire B/U Fire/EMS: Backup (simulcast on SLATER TG 54701)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
155.79000  KAF575   BM  173.8 PL  ECDC Interop Interop  FMN  Interop 

  • 153.86000 KNCV288 BM 123.0 PL ECDC FDResp1 (OLD) Fire: Response
  • 153.92000 KNBV304 M 103.5 PL RHts PD c2c2 (OLD) Richmond Heights Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 2]
  • 154.37000 KNAX731 BM 412 DPL EDCD FDResp2 (OLD) Fire: Response
  • 154.80000 KNCV288 BM 123.0 PL ECDC North (OLD) Police: Dispatch - North: Clayton/Olivette/Richmond Heights
  • 155.62500 KAB954 M WbGrvPD c2c3 (OLD) Webster Groves Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 3]
  • 155.85000 KNCV288 M 123.0 PL Clytn PD c2c (OLD) Clayton Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 2]
  • 158.91000 KAB954 M WbGrvPD c2c2 (OLD) Webster Groves Police: Car-to-Car/Tac [Ch 2]
  • 158.94000 KBJ204 BM 026 DPL Olvt PD c2c (OLD) Olivette Police: Car-to-Car FMN Deprecated
  • 159.90000 KAD543 BM 412 DPL ECDC South (OLD) Police: Dispatch - South: Maplewood/Shrewsbury/Webster Groves
  • 465.51250 WPLV535 M ShrwsPD c2c (OLD) Shrewsbury Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 2]


Clayton Police

Clayton Fire/EMS



-Clayton Fire: 32XX series units -Clayton Police: 19XX series units

  • 158.82000 KNCV288 BM 88.5 PL Snow Plows [Canceled 3/16]



Maplewood Fire: 31XX series units Maplewood Police: 53XX series units

  • 154.37000 KDP976 BM 412 DPL ECDSP - Fire: Response [Expired 5/15]

Richmond Heights

Richmond Heights Fire Department


  • Fire: 21XX series, Police: 72xx series
  • 154.37000 KNAX731 BM 412 DPL ECDSP - Fire: Response
  • 158.88000 KNBV304 BM 412 DPL Public Works [Expired 7/16]
  • 153.92000 KNBV304 M Public Works [Expired 7/16]



  • Fire: 18XX series, Police: 76XX series
  • 465.51250 WPLV535 M Police: Car-to-Car FMN

Webster Groves

Webster Groves Fire/EMS


Fire: 20xx series, Police 93xx series

  • 467.26250 WPWQ698 M Utilities Department [Expired 1/13]
  • 467.28750 WPWQ698 M Utilities Department [Expired 1/13]
  • 467.78750 WPWQ698 M Utilities Department [Expired 1/13]
  • 467.86750 WPWQ698 M Utilities Department [Expired 1/13]

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