Sumner County Public Safety

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Sumner County Public Safety TRS
System Name Sumner County Public Safety
System Type Project 25 Phase II
System ID 00A
Connect Tone
Wide Area Communications Network 92937
Network Access Code 00A
TRBO Color Code
Band UHF
Ownership Public
FCC License WRCR733
City Various
County Sumner
State Tennessee

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Welcome to the Sumner County Public Safety collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in Sumner County, Tennessee.
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  • Some talkgroups on this system may be using P25 Phase II TDMA modulation, which can only be monitored using a P25 Phase II capable scanner or receiver.
  • Click HERE for a list of scanners capable of monitoring those talkgroups.

Agencies Currently Utilizing the System

  • Sumner County Emergency Management Agency
  • Sumner County Emergency Medical Service
  • Sumner County Sheriff's Office
  • Sumner County Emergency Communications Center
  • Gallatin Police Department
  • Gallatin Fire Department
  • Hendersonville Police Department
  • Hendersonville Fire Department
  • Millersville Police Department
  • Millersville Fire Department
  • Portland Police Department
  • Portland Fire Department
  • Westmoreland Police Department

Sumner County Radio ID's

General Radio Identifier Template:


X Agency
 1 Sumner County EMA, EMS
 2 Sumner County Sheriff
 3 (Sumner County ECC?)
 4 Gallatin
 5 Hendersonville
 6 Millersville
 7 Portland
 8 Westmoreland
 9 Radio Service
Y Department
 0 Law Enforcement
 5 Fire/EMS
Z Radio Type
 0 Console
 1 Mobile
 2 Portable

Sumner County Emergency Management Agency

101xxxx County EMA Mobiles
102xxxx County EMA Portables

Sumner County Emergency Medical Service

1500001 County EMS Dispatcher 1
1500002 County EMS Dispatcher 2
1500003 County EMS Dispatcher 3
1510065-1510093 County EMS Medic Ambulances (Rig number 65 to 93 - does not correlate with assigned Medic number)
1510901-1511910 County EMS Medic Supervisors (Unit number 901-910 - correlates with Medic Supervisor number)
1520011-1520612 County EMS Medic Portables (Medic number 01 to 61 - correlates with assigned Medic number)
1520901-1530902 County EMS Medic Supervisor and Supplemental Portables - correlates with assigned Unit number)

Sumner County Sheriff's Office

2000001 County SO Dispatcher 1
2000002 County SO Dispatcher 2
201xxxx County SO Mobiles (Unit number)
202xxxx County SO Portables (Unit number)

Sumner County Emergency Communications Center

3000001 County ECC Incident Dispatcher 1
3000002 County ECC Incident Dispatcher 2
3000003 County ECC Incident Dispatcher 3
3000004 County ECC Incident Dispatcher 4

Hendersonville Fire Department

5500001 Hendersonville Fire Dispatcher
55100x0 Station x Base Radio (Station number 1 through 6)
5511xxx Command Mobile
55130x1 Engine x Mobile (Engine number 1 through 6)
5513261 Reserve Engine Mobile
55150x1 Ladder Truck x Mobile (Truck number 3 and 5)
5516011 Dive Truck Mobile
5518011 Rescue Truck Mobile
5519xxx Misc Mobile
5521xxx Command Portable
55230xy Engine x Portable y (Engine number 1 through 6, Portable number 1 through 4)
55250xy Ladder Truck x Portable y (Truck number 3 and 5, Portable number 1 through 4)
552801y Rescue Truck Portable y (Portable number 1 through 4)
5529xxx Misc and Extra Portable

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