Supreme Radio Communications (Bloomington)

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 Trunked Radio System
NameSupreme Radio Communications (Bloomington)
OwnerSupreme Radio Communications
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CountryUnited States

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TypeLTR Standard

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Welcome to the Supreme Radio Communications (Bloomington) collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in McLean County, Illinois, United States.
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The Supreme LTR system in Bloomington is an LTR Standard. The LTR Passport portion no longer is in use. The system originally utilized four 454 Mhz frequencies (see below) but those are no longer used. There is some conventional repeater usage of their licensed frequencies two.


LTR Frequencies

  • a listener reports that on 460.850 he heard LTR Traffic on 0-09-01x (possibly 011), then heard CWID and GRE Detected HR:09.

LTR Passport Frequencies
The frequencies formerly part of the Passport system are listed below. There are no longer the 2-second repeater clicks on any of these and some are now part of the Capacity Plus system (see below).

  • 460.850
  • 461.4625
  • 461.7625
  • 462.1500 (now part of the Capacity Plus system)
  • 461.1500 (now part of the Capacity Plus system)
  • 463.2375 (now part of the Capacity Plus system)

New Capacity Plus System
Some of the frequencies have switched to the new Supreme Capacity Plus system. The data beacon channel rotates and has been heard on the following frequencies

  • 461.1500 data clicks every 2 seconds
  • 462.1500 TRBO data heard
  • 463.2375 data clicks every 2 seconds

Other Notes:
These frequencies are licensed to the same company and could be part of the either the LTR or LTR Passport. It is doubtful though since none of these frequencies have the LTR 15 second or 2 second idle bursts (although not all LTR systems have the bursts turned on).

WPRY235 452.47500 452.40000 452.25000          
WPSE344 461.41250 461.71250 461.96250 463.21250 463.48750      
WPWT951 464.97500              
WQBX471 452.36250 461.48750 461.88750 463.23750  

The following frequencies had previously been listed as LTR-Passport. Only a few of these actually have 2-second idle bursts and those have been included in the database. These frequencies previously listed in the database are included here pending verification.

001 1 LTR Passport 01 461.76250  02 452.33750  03 453.01250  04 461.46250 
                   05 463.56250  07 452.36250  08 461.48750  09 461.88750  
                   10 463.23750  11 463.63750  13 463.87500  14 464.80000  
                   15 461.15000  16 462.15000  17 463.97500  18 460.85000    

Depreciated Information

The Supreme system used to be comprised of four frequencies in the 454 MHz band.

100 Confirmed Regular LTR Repeaters 01 454.05000 02 454.17500 03 454.20000 04 454.30000 

Site 100 - LTR Regular Talkgroups

  • 0-01-115 unidentified (voice version)
  • 0-03-104 unknown water company
  • 0-03-123 unknown property management company
  • 0-03-170 unknown computer company

Note: it appears that the users of the old system have somewhat remained the same on the current LTR Standard system (TGs -115 and -104 have retained their same usage).

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