Uniden Scanner Test Modes for the XT and P2 scanners

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Before We Begin

  • The usual warnings apply; RR is not responsible if you damage your scanner, use at your own risk, etc.
  • Some of these cause the scanner to lock up. If this happens remove the battery / power, put it back in then turn it back on. Make sure your scanner is backed up using your software of choice before you do any of this.
  • You can find support to discuss these at the Uniden Tech Support Forum

Keypad Entries

Test name Keys BC346XT BCD396XT BCT15X BCD996XT BCD325P2 BCD996P2
Frequency Step Test 1+5+9 X
Scan Rate Test 1 1+9+SCAN X
Firmware Version 2+5+9 X
System Tests 1+8+9 X
NWR SAME test (LOUD) 2+3+NO X
Loopback test with RH96 0+NO+HOLD X
Battery Save Test 1+4+8 X
Key Touch Test 0+3+SCAN X
Load Test Freq 1 2+9+SCAN X
Init Memory 1 2+9+HOLD X
LCD Pixels 0+1+9 X
Frequency Counter 0+3+HOLD X
On Air Cloning test 0+1+2 X
Band Scope mode 5 0+YES+HOLD ? ? ? X ? ?
Backlight Test 2 HOLD+RESUME X
Birdie 5 Khz test 3 0+1+5 X
Contrast and color test 4 3+9+HOLD X
Boot Mode for Flashing Firmware 6+L/O X
RS232 PC Test 0+1+HOLD X
Close Call 0+2+HOLD X
0+4+HOLD X
0+7+HOLD X
Key Touch and Backlight test 0+6+HOLD X

  1. Erases Memory
  2. Press the Hold/Resume while powering on. This cycles through all the colors that the display can show, then goes to the normal power up.
  3. Press Scan to Exit
  4. Turn the Tuning knob to select a contrast level. Press it to select a new value. So Contrast Level 1 thru 15 can cover a range of 1 to 31. Some of these are very light so you may wish to leave it the way it is. Vol Knob controls brightness if you press it. SQ Controls color if pressed. This function also adds P25 Adjust Mode and P25 Adjust level to the Settings menu
  5. See the 996XT Band Scope Function Thread for a discussion on this function. See the following sections from the Easier to Read manuals for a description on how to use this function.